99 Thoughts I Had While Watching the Original Trilogy for the First Time in 2015

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-09
To prepare for Star Wars: Episode 7: Force awakening, I recently watched the Star Wars trilogy for the first time. Yes, in 2015.
Full disclosure: I have a lot of opportunities to watch the original trilogy as a child.
When I was about 6 years old, I remember going through about 7 minutes of Star Wars: Episode 4
When I turned to my father, I said, \"This is boring.
Can we see it again?
Fans of HardStar Trek, this is definitely the reason why I am not willing to cross the dark side. (You heard me. )
But when I heard itJ.
Abrams directed the new Star Wars. . .
There\'s no denying the fact that when those films were first released, I did watch the second Star Wars trilogy.
Like all of you, I was shocked and shocked by the JarJar Binks. For this long-
The long-awaited movie spree, I watched the remake of the original Star Wars movie, and I fully agree with many of you that there is no need to make all of these CGI stupid.
Star Wars: Episode 4A New Hope1.
We have no brakes!
Wait, the movie is wrong. 2.
Brother, the side corner is sweet. 3.
Those white robots. sorry—
The assault team must have crushed this round of laser tag. 4.
He must be a regular man. 3PO. 5.
Why do Druids sound like Gus?
Cinderella and Disney\'s Gus have them now. . .
This is Disney\'s plot! 6. R2-
D2 just woke up and landed in the horror house of Toy Story Sid. I hope Wall-E is there. 7.
C-sexual tension3PO and R2-D2 is amazing.
People on the Internet put these two [Checking. . . ]
Of course they will! 8. Good job, Luke. (
Note: Don\'t let Luke fix anything for you. )9.
I like desert animal puppets.
We need more puppet desert animals. fi movies. 10.
What a fucking drama queen? 3PO is. 11.
That blue lightsaber is cool. 12.
Oh, you need a young and strong person to help you save the universe, definitely recruiting a guy with no experience.
This is always good for business. 13.
\"Sand People always ride single files to hide their numbers. \"It\'s a genius. 14.
Cool, the Klingon battle bird has reached the Death Star. 15.
The torture machine will return Princess Leia to you. . . her old nose! I can\'t watch! 16.
They don\'t offer robots in the tavern, and Luke tells them to go outside and stand up for your friends, man. 17. Why did Obi-
Wan had to resort to violence and why he could not use force to make them want to leave them alone.
Oh, Hello, Han Solo. 19.
I had to go back for a few seconds because I was temporarily distracted by Han Solo\'s study. 20.
\"Be careful with your mouth, child, or you will find yourself floating at home. \" Oh, snap!
Humor in outer space! 21.
Luke is the most annoying rear-seat driver. 22.
The Millennium Falcon is traveling through my Windows 95 screensaver. 23. Oh my God, R2-
D2 will invade the host. 24.
\"Boring talk anyway. . . \" BANG!
Han Solo is my favorite star-weary. 25. Uh-
Oh, the Wall is closed.
Know who will really come in handy now. 26. The way C-
3PO manages him and R2-
D2\'s temporary escape was either genius or cloned from the stupidest commandos in history. 27.
Oh, cool, William screaming!
Is there anything else in the movie 28?
Dear Darth Vader and Obi.
Wan will compete for who has the largest Schwartz. 29.
\"I can\'t believe he\'s gone. . .
The man I know for three days. \" -
Luke of Obi. Wan Kenobi30.
Han Solo is a man named Princess Leia \"sister\", which is a bit ironic. \"31.
I wish well-off Nick
In this X-
Wing Fighter scene
Let\'s kick the tires and light the fire, big dad. 32.
So Death Star, a planet.
The dimension space weapon that was able to destroy the planet has an exhaust pipe that apparently leads directly to the core, which is just a bad building. 33.
How did Chuba card not get a bachelor\'s degree: B.
All deducted points are only due to C-3PO.
He\'s the original jar. Jar!
\"Star Wars\" episode 5 \"Empire counterattack\"
There are so many stars in the background, it doesn\'t seem strange, but there is nothing closer than the other stars, they are all millions of light years away.
Woki with safety goggles. .
This is just the best. 36. Oh no, C-3PO is back. 37.
Oh, cool. Luke tripped over the ball again.
Wait, just Obi-Wan. 38.
I would like to know if Hope Solo\'s parents are fans of Star Wars. 39.
Han Solo, You Kid, flirt like that. 40.
\"Laser brain\" is an excellent insult.
We should use it more. 41.
She\'s kissing her brother! ! ! Ughhh gross! ! 42.
How do we know that Darth Vader is not making faces under there?
Darth Vader\'s command chair has no backrest.
This is a pending death star work injury lawsuit. 44.
Why would Darth Vida\'s fighter choose to use a walking \"tank\" that looks and moves as slowly as a camel, and why none of them use hovercraft 45.
Darth Vader has a bad attitude. 46.
Han Solo has just fixed it by banging the Millennium Falcon like an old Nintendo.
If it doesn\'t work, he might try to blow in the cartridge. 47. Oops!
Don\'t worry, Luke.
Just put R2 in a bag of rice. 48.
I hope they will not encounter any unusual rodents in this swamp. 49.
R2 is good.
Apple note: Please make iPhone 7 with any material. 50.
To be honest, every woman wants a villain as sexy as Han Solo. 51.
\"If I were to you and C-
3PO interrupted us. I\'m going to take him off. \" -
My second husband, Han Solo. 52.
I can\'t believe the Millennium Falcon has been in a sock puppet all the time. 53.
The guy who lost the Millennium Falcon in pursuit and apologized to Darth Vader was a dead duck. 54.
Yoda will make a great and ruthless decision with his clever, clever lines. 55.
Did Luke really go 5 feet metres away and sit on the ground and plop?
Yes, apologize. Dead duck.
I don\'t want to think about what will happen to that intern who got the ass Vader\'s Starbucks order wrong.
I don\'t want to think about the barista who misspelled Darth Vader\'s name. 57.
When we heard the car alarm, I and chewy showed the exact samereaction. 58.
Why did he fix C? 3PO (
Scenes that could have been deleted: when android started talking, Chewbacca complained and regretted this stupid decision. )59.
Another bait for Leia. Luke is the prize.
Someone must have a preference for one of his children. 60. \"I love you. \" \"I know.
What did you just say?
They turned Han solo into a huge chocolate bar. Mmmmm. . .
Han Solo chocolate bar. 62.
I guess there is no \"mute\" mode for r2. . .
It\'s a bit frustrating when you try not to attract the attention of the stormtroopers. 63.
C-no \"mute\" mode3PO either.
What is the warranty for the \"annoying, overly polite, rickety android\" Class:.
All points deducted are only because of the ofC-3PO.
Star Wars: Episode 6
Looking for more money oh sorry for the wrong movie.
Star Wars: Episode 6
Returns jedi64.
Why Darth Vader has been handing over responsibility to the emperor while speaking to a subordinate who has shown weakness. 65.
What is Jabba smoking66?
Oh, old, \"torture android by burning the bottom of his android foot\" approach. 67.
Jabba eats live food.
He\'s kind of like Ursula, isn\'t he?
Does everyone serve Jabba because they are worried that he will eat them.
He just carried C-3PO!
I can\'t hate this slug bug. 70.
Wow, this party is really dead.
Everyone fell asleep at the party.
When you know it\'s a good party. 71.
Han Solo tastes like a carbon stone. 72.
Does Jabba have a skimpy bikini, just lying there, with all sorts of sizes, or does he prefer that all his slaves are 0s73.
Leia is the best shooter of all the warriors in this trilogy, including the Stormtroopers, how she made herself fall like this, and she apparently has a plan to escape. 74. Wait a minute. . .
This seems familiar. . . . . . 75.
Use Force, Luke. .
Or you can use the old \"trick of sticking chicken bones in his mouth \".
This is always effective in cartoons. 76.
Red shir, sweat stream sweaty\'s zoo keeper cries for the defeated monster. . .
I don\'t feel well now. 77.
Finally, the other purpose of R2 is: R2-
D2, holographic information delivery and beverage tray. 78.
Oh, my God, I don\'t know that Audrey II is a Tatooine. (
Thanks. extra CGI added. )79.
Oh my God, the iphone automatically corrects \"Tatooine. \"80. Yes!
Action lightsaber!
William screaming again. 81.
A little choking. . .
Oh, this is just the death of Leia choking Jabba.
Why did none of the other slaves think of it.
Yoda, kill time with age jokes83.
Yoda was just ecstatic.
He is 900 years old.
Luke is a big guess.
It must be the way she kisses you, like Marty McFly and Lorraine. 85.
Why there is only one long nail in Leia. 86. Cool helmets.
Luke and Leia are finally right. 87.
How Luke and Leia did not trigger a forest fire in Redwood National Park in all these explosions. R2-
D2 goes through with a circular saw.
He\'s like a real high
Tech Swiss Army knife. 89. C-
3PO is the God of Ewoks, which is a good sign that these Ewoks are not too bright. 90.
Is Darth Vader really in love with this crap91 \"I want to join you, father?
The emperor was not fooling around. 92.
Han of course knows how hot-wire something. 93.
This table \"I love you\" has been turned over, that\'s it. . . romantic. 94.
\"I won\'t beat you. \" . . .
So what have you been doing for the last 5 minutes?
Interesting fact: Another talent for the emperor is the ability to transport bills and Ted through time. 96.
Once again, there is an air axis leading to the heart of the new Death Star.
You think they will upgrade the design. 97.
Oldazs Vader is not like Hayden kristens at all. 98.
A muqin!
I bet it\'s fun every time. 99.
Why do all the puppets and monster movies end up at a huge dance party and I\'m looking at you too, the maze. Grade: B+.
All the points deducted are because. . . you know.
I am eagerly looking forward to the Star Wars: The Force awakening released on December. 18. . .
More importantly, Han\'s film.
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