10 amazing bird video clips - the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-04
10 amazing bird video clips  -  the best car alarm
Wonderful bird video birds are a group of the most amazing species, close relatives of dinosaurs, many ancient biologists think that birds are actually birds dinosaurs;
Are birds really dinosaurs?
Since I was 7 years old, I have been observing birds, but I soon found that the behavior of birds is complex and diverse. birds have extraordinary wisdom and dexterity.
Here are a series of interesting bird video clips showing some amazing examples of bird behavior.
There are many of these amazing bird clips from the BBC's excellent TV series Life of Birds.
As a professional bird watchers, I was lucky to be able to go out and watch birds. Every day, I can see some incredible bird behavior and I'm happy when I find these cool bird video clips I'll share with you. Photos of stripes
Breasted woodpecker from Nick upton1.
A video clip of a male Paradise Bird's incredible crazy courtship of the bird shows a male Paradise Bird's amazing jungle Buji, who does his best to leave a female bird behind
Unfortunately for him, the female looks more confused than the behavior of the bird.
I hope he can be comforted by his famous dance skills;
It's incredible to see how he changed his shape when he was dancing and even looked almost like a bird. 2.
In the second part of these bird videos, you can see a group of star birds attacked by the Falcon, a group of star birds surprisingly show the formation of flying by a group of star birds. 3.
Albatross flight school-
In this bird behavior video, a tiger shark tracks teenagers who learn how to drive a albatross.
These huge birds are hard to fly into the air, but shark-infested waters provide extra motivation for fast learning. 4.
A video clip shows a male hornbill passing food to his partner at Kauai National Park in Thailand.
The female hornbill is sealed in a cave on the tree with mud, where she lays eggs and relies entirely on the male to obtain food and water;
An amazing example of bird behavior. 5.
This is probably my favorite bird video clip.
This amazing lyrebird is able to perfectly mimic the sound of the car alarm, the camera shutter, and, most importantly, the sound of the chainsaw and wood chips.
If you are not impressed with this incredible behavior of birds, then you should not disturb the birds. 6.
The bird's video clips a large number of seagulls eating a group of fish in groups.
It also attracts a group of dolphins and a group of snorkeling humans. 7.
The destruction of unattended cars by Keas in New Zealand is a unique phenomenon in New Zealand and the most famous parrot.
This species lives in snow mountains and forest forests, and they prefer to eat meat in addition to eating seeds, nuts and fruits --
Young birds, even sheep.
As with this amazing bird video show, they are also known for taking the car apart. 8.
Eagle Air Battle Super this is an incredible sight of two eagles fighting in the air and rolling to the ground;
Who will be the first to let go of "chicken "?
This is one of the most spectacular bird videos. 9.
The Hummingbird's action on the nectar feeder the hummingbird comes to the nectar feeder and displays the wonderful footage of their amazing flight technology.
These birds are really cool. 10.
As this video clip proves, the smart crow makes and uses tools the crow is one of the most intelligent birds.
In a series of experiments on bird intelligence, the female crow constantly creates a hook from a straight wire to collect a small piece of food from a glass tube.
Pretty amazing Bird video-
This is one of the most known examples of animal intelligence.
Seagulls stealing things
The reward video clips of up to ten other top ten pages are No. 11, and this is up to eleven!
After making this shot, my attention was drawn to this most amazing bird video where seagulls walked into a shop and stole a bag of potato chips!
It's incredible, it's funny, I think I have to include it here.
Bird song: biological theme and change
This book explains how complex songs evolved in order for birds to attract partners and defend their territory.
Audubon Magazine: Explain the birds
An illustrated article discussing the importance of bird swarm as an evolutionary behavior.
British Trust for bird research
Learn about some bird behaviors of garden birds, including feeding and keeping warm.
Breeding behavior of birds
This page explains some of the bird behaviors that can be confusing, such as night singing, the siege of raptors, and the bashing of people.
Gift perfect for bird lovers
A selection of bird themed gifts is really hard to know what to buy for people for Christmas, birthday or as a thank you.
Nowadays, people seem to have everything they want, just a few clicks on the Internet to get it.
However, if you buy a gift for a person who likes birds, it is actually very simple because there are many kinds of birds.
Creative theme.
Bird keepers, bird books, posters, DVDs, birds
Theme games for your birds and more
Love friends or family.
Look at these great gifts for bird lovers. Some great birds.
Related books worth reading
I personally recommend TheseI to read all of the following books in person and I can highly recommend them.
The five books are different in style and in content that is trying to convey;
These are not site guides.
Bird watching is a good explanation.
The birdwatchers began to watch the bird in order to discuss something with his father, and as the book progressed he found himself in love with the bird, even a little obsessed with beating his father in The Big Year game.
The Secret Life of Birds is an interesting book that discusses the various evolutionary features of birds. This is a well-
An interesting insight into the evolutionary ecology of birds is provided for aspiring aviologists.
While this is a surprisingly simple and fun read, it contains some real bird lover information.
"Life of Birds" is a supporting book in the BBC series of the same name.
The book, written by the authoritative Sir David Attenborough, is easy to read, but informative, with stunning stills from the TV series.
This is a book read from start to finish, or just go deep into the subject section for specific pieces of information about bird ecology.
The big year is an interesting story about three men obsessed with trying to see more birds than anyone in a year.
This book reveals the extent to which hobbies such as bird watching often drive people to go.
This interesting story can be enjoyed by birdwatchers and non-birdwatchers
Like the bird watchers, it's just a question whether you're laughing with the characters in the book or laughing at them.
The book was adapted into a film starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin.
The siburi guide to bird behavior is one of the best books to discuss how bird behavior evolves and its purpose.
David Sibley, one of the world's leading aviologists, has an unusual trick to convey detailed scientific information in an interesting way that all readers can understand.
For those of you from casual birdwatchers to birdologists, this is an essential reading.
For those of you who spend a lot of time watching birds, I think all five books will be enjoyable in a different way.
I hope you like the video of the bird, maybe this shot may have some new friends for the birds.
Please leave a comment, this is your favorite bird video clip.
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