$18m emergency mobile phone alarm system tested - six months early - car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-18
$18m emergency mobile phone alarm system tested - six months early  -  car alarm system
Civil Defense has issued its first national emergency test to about 2 million New Zealand mobile phones this evening.
The "unique and penetrating sound" is designed to alert mobile phone users to the first national test of the new emergency civil defense alert system.
Under a contract with a developer of the technology in the Netherlands, the technology will initially take place in April 2018.
The alert test came six months after the public was confused about conflicting information about tsunami risks around New Zealand following the last November Kaikoura earthquake.
Anthony Frith, spokesman for the Civil Defense and Emergency Management Department, said the government has spent $18 million on new mobile devices
Based on the alarm system, including a $800,000 campaign to raise awareness of the first formal test between six o'clock P. M. and seven o'clock P. M. tonight.
There are only 3 out of 5 in New Zealand.
I believe there are 8 million mobile phones that can receive alerts-
Much less than originally planned.
But with the sales of new phones and the upgrade of existing phones, this number is expected to grow rapidly.
The alert directed people to receive a text message explaining that it was a test, but in a real emergency it warned people to go to higher places because of the tsunami, or leave an area because of a fire or a police emergency.
Frith said the technology has been implemented in the Netherlands and other earthquakes
Countries including Chile, Japan, the Philippines and the United States.
Many Vodafone users in New Zealand received an alert in error on October 4, when Dutch developers sent a "error" message between one o'clock A. M. and two o'clock A. M. NZ time.
In contrast, today's test is scheduled to take place between six o'clock P. M. and seven o'clock P. M. to match major TV news programs to maximize public awareness and minimize panic.
Alerts use channels separate from normal text messages and pass at the latest-
If their software has been updated recently, the phone model.
People can check if their phone is set up for the alarm.
On the iPhone, turn on Settings, select notifications, and at the bottom, you should see the switch of emergency alerts.
On Android phones, the settings for different phones are different, but can be found under settings or messages.
Although the phone display can turn off the alarm, Frith says the system in New Zealand has actually been set up so that people can't opt out.
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