1967 alfa romeo spider for sale: looking pretty in red - car alarms for sale

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-06
1967 alfa romeo spider for sale: looking pretty in red  -  car alarms for sale
The Alpha Romeo Spider did what it said on tin cans and did a good job.
Naming its iconic spy "Spider" is as simple and unpretentious as the car it represents.
The Yamaha BHP 1600cc DOHC engine is equipped with two dual choke-Weber carburetor and five-
The speed gearbox, which also features the body designed by the legendary Bini Falina.
Good appearance and good mechanical performance are for good drive, especially with coil springs and disc brakes installed on all four wheels.
* Buy Guide * month's largest Alfa Romeo Spider Pini Fari classic design * popular design of the duo Alfa Romeo Spider, it changed little from 1966 to '93, year of spider production, and the original "stern "(Duetto)
The shape is still famous for its beauty.
Built in 1967, this series of I models in our classified ads have traveled for many summers, totaling up to 55,275 miles.
The car was originally green, not our first choice, but the repair of the car 17 years ago brought a color change to the red ribbon.
If you have the right Alpha Romeo color.
The interior maintains its grade, with wood-
The inner lining of the stand, but the supplier says it can be changed.
The above repairs cover all areas of the car, including new tires, impact, clutch, brakes, radiators, fuel pumps and starter motors.
These repairs are necessary due to the number of miles the car is driving, but it has always been a garage during driving.
The details in the classified ads about the removable hard top are light, but the picture shows it in good condition, which is a must if driving in the current winter.
The price of this classic Alfa Romeo is $40,000 (
31,080, 35,090 euros)
This is a low price for a car that looks well maintained.
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