2010 is end of the road for Dodge Viper - basic car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-27
2010 is end of the road for Dodge Viper  -  basic car alarm system
When I was 25 years old, I was lucky enough to drive the most interesting car.
Also, as a car critic, Dodge VIP is a surprising sports car that Chrysler launched in the late 1992 s.
My recent experience with the VIP snake (
Maybe it's my last time.
It is the 2009 SRT10 convertible that Chrysler recently offered to test.
This is the end of the production line as the production of the VIP snake has now stopped and the only new remaining is the inventory of the Dodge dealer.
This model shows how far the viperer snake has gone on the road for 18 years, from a basic, bare muscle car, with little skill, like a real sports car, there are coupe and convertible versions, there are a lot of changes from road to roadready to track-ready.
Under the hood of all 2009 and 2010 models-
Including my testers. is an 8. 4-liter, 10-
600 horsepower and 560 feet horsepower cylinder engine
Torque pound.
It is connected to the latest version of the VIP snake short-throw six-
Speed manual transmission and rear
The wheel drive is standard.
With this power system, the VIP snake can start from scratch.
Reach 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds, with a maximum speed of 202 miles per hour.
Although it is much more sophisticated than the original Vipers snake, it is still not the kind of sports car that performs best through tight curves.
But on the straight track, it's a vehicle that lets the driver's heart beat and adrenaline run.
While our testers are completely street legal, I strongly recommend running any truly dynamic VIP snake within the track range where it can be done safely, there will be no conflict with the traffic police.
The reserve price of my 09 sports car is $88,590 (
$930 plus shipping).
$1,100 plus 6-spoke forged-
Aluminum Wheel (
Front 18 inch, back 19)
Federal gas company $1,700
The total price is $92,320, which is a huge tax.
2010, the basic price of the convertible is $90,255, and the basic price of the coupe is $91,005.
The EPA rating is a rather tragic 13 mpg city/22 highway, although even if these numbers are hard to get in addition to excessive ginger driving, this is usually not the case when someone is behind the wheel of the Vipers snake.
The appearance is the color of all these cars --bright red.
The official name of the color is "VIP snake red transparent coat ".
The interior is black and includes a suede microfiber seat with leather trim.
Advanced Multi-stage front airbag, motion suspension, speed-
Sensitive Limited
Slip rear differential, a 3.
07 shaft ratio, exhaust ports on both sides, four-
Wheel anti-lock disc brakes and power racks-and-Small gear steering.
Inside, the VIP snake is equipped with convenient facilities such as leather.
Tilt steering wheel and shift knob in package, a great 310-
Compact watt audio system
Air conditioning, power windows with express delivery, cd player and seven speakers
Speed drop function
Keyless entrance sensitive power door lock with remote control, power supply
Rear adjustable pedal
Window defrost, power trunk release, and convertible-top cover.
External features include black soft top, highintensity-
Discharge headlights, fog lights, colored windscreens and power mirrors.
Although Chrysler has not officially said that there will be no fifth-generation Vipers, the production of the fourth-generation Vipers will be over in July.
The last assembly line in Detroit is off the line, where these unique and beautiful sports cars are hand-made
Is a special edition with a couple in ArpWayne and .
They already have the world's largest collection of individuals, more than 40 of them.
But their latest one is what Chrysler calls the "ultimate factory customization," a 2010 Coupe, created by D'Ann Rauh with Dodge's designers.
It has the characteristic of bronze.
Hand-crafted gold exterior paint and special leather interiors by Venzano, Michigan, the company specializes in the production of custom-built Vipers snake interiors.
It also includes copper racing stripes on the hood, showing the layout of the racing yard, where the poisonous snake is the main competitor.
A member of the Chrysler Street and Racing Technology team painted these layouts into stripes, which created many high
Performance Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep with SRT name.
The VIP snake of Rahs also includes dark graphitepainted, five-spoke, forged-Aluminum wheel.
Chrysler decided to abandon the VIP snake as part of its cost.
Spending cuts during last year's bankruptcy restructuring.
There are rumors that the fifth generation may be in 2012, but Chrysler has never confirmed that.
It is reported that the company will produce another kind of VIP snake.
It's like a sports car, but the name is different.
While the VIP snake hasn't been long enough to build the reputation and followers of Chevrolet Corvette, it has always been a favorite for people who like muscle cars and can afford such a big fee
Ticket items like this
Mainly baby boomers.
In the last run of the VIP, Chrysler built 50 "final" 2010 models in the Coupe, sports car and ACR (American )versions.
They are equipped with special exterior paint, black center stripes with red contours, and unique badges, black leather interiors with red stitching, special red decorations on the dashboard and a numbered dashboard plaque, indicates which one is each of the 50 dashboards.
Of these 50 models, there are 20 sports cars, 18 sports cars and 12 ACR models.
The price is as high as about $115,000, although the basic price of 2010 vipers is only over $90,000 and can be exchanged for $91,000.
According to the three independent designs developed in cooperation with the three long-term dealers, the highest-selling VIP snake dealers are provided with another 50 special 2010 models.
They are designated as "exclusive dealers ".
Although I 've never been a huge fan, I really hate seeing the Vipers snake leave --
I prefer sports cars with better road handling than the original power.
But it's easy to understand why people like vipers snakes.
My first drive was on a Chrysler media show in Santa Barbara, California.
In December 1992
The first model came as a sports car with no side windows and roof, so it was not suitable for bad weather. With its 400-
6 horsepower engine
Speed manual gearbox, the original model can start from zero60 mph in 4.
For seven seconds, the top speed is 180 miles per hour.
This is a fairly basic car without any amenities.
Not even air conditioning.
But it offers an exciting driving experience.
Perhaps the VIP snake is not enough to allow the "New Chrysler" to continue production.
But cars like this are well worth it in terms of prestige and reputation for automakers --
The main reason why GM has almost kept production since it launched Chevrolet Corvette in 1953.
With that in mind, does Chrysler really have the ability not to come up with a newer and better Vipers snake
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