$220k will buy you this meticulously restored 1966 shelby gt350h - car alarms for sale

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-06
$220k will buy you this meticulously restored 1966 shelby gt350h  -  car alarms for sale
Say you have $200,000.
You have $250,000 in your bank account and you are looking for an informed investment.
We know you're one. world)
We thought you 'd put your money into a car.
You have a few options.
First of all, you can buy a brand new car and when you can sell it for more money, you hope it will be collected in the future.
You can also find a random retro machine, but it should stay in your garage forever.
Then, in the end, you can buy this awesome Shelby gt900h from 1966 and have a lot of fun before you decide to sell it.
Interestingly, the car was originally sent to the Hertz rental team in San Francisco and spent a lifetime on the west coast.
This is one of about 50 cars painted with Ivy Green and is currently in mint condition after a full restoration.
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At present, the engine of the car is 302, but it also provides an original engine of 289.
In terms of transmission, a five-
The speed manual is currently installed, but the original four
Also includes automatic speed.
The suspension function has upgraded components installed for track use.
Visually, this Shelby is from R-
Models such as front valves, rear packaging trays and R-
Model style wheels.
The original 10-
Also includes spoke wheels.
The seller said the current California-based car had recently been professionally evaluated for $220,000, but perhaps he would also take it a little less.
Worth a try!
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