3 killed, 9 wounded in lafayette, louisiana, movie theater shooting - what is the best car alarm

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3 killed, 9 wounded in lafayette, louisiana, movie theater shooting  -  what is the best car alarm
Police say a gunman who stood up and shot in a film in Lafayette, Anna State, 20 minutes later killed two people and wounded nine others.
Lafayette Police Chief Jim Croft saidyear-
When the police arrived at the scene in about a minute, the old man committed suicide with a pistol.
According to Craft, the victim's age ranges from a teenager to 60.
The Gunners sat at the 16 th Grand Theatre "like everyone else" and then randomly shot at the screening of the movie "train wreck" around 7: 30. m. CT, Craft said.
He added: "The information we have now indicates that he is a person, that he is sitting alone, that the first two people he shot were sitting in front of him . . . . . . When he stood up and started shooting, people began to rush out.
It looked like he found the police coming in and he turned around and ran against the crowd and fired a shot.
Officials said the gunman had a "criminal history" but refused to release his name immediately.
"We don't believe there's anyone else involved," said Colonel Luis Anna.
Michael Edmunson told reporters.
He added that there were about 100 people in the theater at that time.
Edmonson told reporters that authorities had found what they thought was the gunner's car and called the bomb team after the "suspicious" items were found.
Katie Domingo, who was at the theater at the time, told the daily ad that "an older white man" began filming 20 minutes before the film began.
"He said nothing," dominguo said . ".
"I didn't hear anyone screaming either.
"I'm on my way to Lafayette right now.
Please pray for the victims and their families at the Grand Theatre. —Gov. Bobby Jindal (@BobbyJindal)
On July 24, 2015, Keifer Sanders told MSNBC that he was in another theater when the "screen turned black" and the alarm sounded and the audience was directed out of the emergency exit. Gov.
Bobby Jindal praised the behavior of the two teachers in the theater who performed what he called heroic behavior when the shots rang: One teacher jumped down to protect the other teacher, maybe he said the second set Farah rang the fire alarm.
"Both teachers were shot and killed.
Second, her life was saved, and despite her leg being hit, she was determined to pull the fire alarm to help save the lives of others, he said.
Craft said at least one shooting victim had been discharged from the hospital by Thursday night and another was undergoing surgery and was "in poor condition ".
Her family called one of the injured allist Vettel Martin.
"All we know is that she is injured and she is in the hospital," her uncle said . ".
Another family member assured worried friends on Facebook that "Mom is fine, no bone damage, no artery damage, just soft tissue wounds" and she should be fine.
Relevant information: Police officer: The gunman was arrested;
Police said investigators knew the identity of the gunman but did not disclose it.
Craft said the suspect has a criminal history but has not been there recently.
Edmund said a dog-reminded backpack was found in the theater.
Investigators are trying to determine the motive for the shooting.
"What brought that guy in, why did he go in himself, why did he go in to the theater, why did he decide to pull out his weapon to hurt someone --
Two people were actually killed . "
"We need to find the answer, but it will take time to do that," he said . ".
Anna State Police, Anna State University
Police at Lafayette, the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are assisting local police.
Police have deployed to other theaters in Lafayette, Craft said, just in case.
"I know a lot of us are shocked and shocked," said Jindal, who soon went to Lafayette.
"I think I speak for every mom and dad who just wants to hug their children.
Jindal added: "It was a bad night for Lafayette.
It was a bad night for Luis Anna.
It was a terrible night for America.
Train Wreck, a romantic comedy starring Amy Schumer, wrote on Twitter: My heart is broken, all my thoughts and prayers are with Louis Anna—Amy Schumer (@amyschumer)
On July 24, 2015, a week before the shooting, 12 people were shot dead at a theater in Aurora, Colorado. He was found guilty on that day, when achiley said his attack was cruel enough to consider the death penalty.
James Holmes was convicted of 165 murders, attempted murders and other charges after shooting a Batman movie.
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