3 solutions to electronic car theft, a continuing threat to high-end toronto automobiles - gps car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-28
3 solutions to electronic car theft, a continuing threat to high-end toronto automobiles  -  gps car alarm system
After a great dinner in central Yorkville
In April, Danny Gulis and his wife drove back to their home in northern Toronto, stopping their Whitehorse Lexus.
Can't sleep around 2m.
Goulis walked to their living room and looked out the window to see that their car was still parked outside.
An hour later I went back to bed and "I looked out of the window and there was no car," said Gulis.
Police in Toronto said in an email that they believed gulliis was the victim of an electronic car theft, particularly a relay theft.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Toronto office reported a new method of electronic theft in December, describing how thieves are now using high
Technology gadgets that deliver fob signals
Even from your home.
On-to-outside equipment or vehicles covered-
The motherboard diagnostic system can steal it without a key.
Car theft in Toronto has risen, stealing 4,000-
In addition, Toronto police said last year that since December, cases of electronic theft of luxury cars around the city have surged by 90.
Between 2017 and 2018, today's figures are consistent.
In the 53 divisions where Gulis is located, the number has risen by 240.
"How can you take a car without a key? " he said.
"I don't even know it's possible, but it's obviously possible. "Det. Sgt.
Daniel Sabadics, who has 53 departments, said that there are more and more criminal organizations with provincial and international "tendrils" and they can access the technology.
He said they ship the cars overseas, usually "a considerable amount" to the continent ".
The phenomenon of electronic theft has enabled some car owners and security experts around the city to find ways to protect themselves.
Here are some of their solutions.
In March 2019, thieves at the auto aftermarket tried to steal the Toyota Highlander car of Vaughan resident Lisa desvini.
"It's terrible," she said . "
"We were scared.
Any little noise you hear outside, you run to the window.
"York Regional Police said they noticed a significant increase in the theft of electronic cars from more than 80 SUVs that had been stolen from residential lanes using the overtaking method over the past year.
Police in New York and Toronto say Toyota and Lexus cars are the most common targets for these crimes, but de Wigness says an after-sales market alert saved her.
She said that when the thief bounced off her driver's side handle, lifted the factory alarm and allowed access to her car, the second alarm began to ring and the perpetrator ran away.
For the sake of safety, desVignesdecided decided to add another after-sales product.
It adds three layers of security that can be used separately or in combination.
First of all, there's an extra key chain-
There's a signal that can't be intercepted.
If the engine is not near the car, it will turn off the engine.
Again, the car will be closed if her iPhone is not nearby.
Finally, if the driver cannot enter the programming code in the added keyboard, the vehicle will not be able to start.
Deswignis said to her that the security measures were worth several hundred dollars.
"It's a big ticket project and for the weeks after I purchased this car, someone would think it's a free game . . . . . . I was depressed.
"The GPS systems of Durham, Halton and Peel, although police say they haven't seen a lot of electronic theft, the owner of the unlimited company in Washington --
A car safety company in Brampton
David Korak says his clients suspect they are victims.
"There is no evidence of the trailer and there is no evidence of breaking the door," he said . ".
The alarm and the ignition.
So he recommended GPStracker.
"It's not necessarily proactive, but it's instant.
"Once the vehicle moves, you can program the tracker and send you text messages or emails," he said . ".
The client can set the device to send an alarm only at certain times (such as when sleeping normally) or at certain distances.
New GPS devices can be hidden anywhere in the car, and hopefully they can be undiscovered there, Corak said.
He said: "without revealing too many secrets about where we hid them . . . . . . You can sit on it, for example . ".
Easy solution, says spolice, any deterrence will increase chancethieves will not target your car, such as steering wheel club, on-board diagnostic port lock, smart radio-
Frequency recognition (RFID)
Car anti-theft devices can even park the car in the garage.
Michael Boulianewith, a Toyota Motor Company with Lexus, said that some of their vehicles are also equipped with GPSsystems, and all models are equipped with the "smart key function to temporarily disable keys
"Gulis has come up with his own low now. tech solution.
He kept the key in an old Christmas can to block the signal of the key chain
Basically a temporary Faraday cage was built.
After testing, it works, he said.
"A dollar solution.
If I know, right?
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