5 birds with abilities that put superheroes to shame - good car alarms

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-30
5 birds with abilities that put superheroes to shame  -  good car alarms
Come on, name a good bird.
Theme superhero
We even kill a villain. They all suck.
Whether you choose Robin, Penguin or little known C-
List the characters, their power is likely to be running away, or it really looks and sounds stupid.
However, this is just a lack of imagination for their writers.
After all, when you see all kinds of bird abilities in nature, it's easy to spot some superhero talents. For instance . . .
The owl is a combination of daring and Wolverine. What's so special about owls?
Can they turn all the way?
Can they swallow the whole mouse?
This is a good example because obviously the owl can't do anything if the comic book is our guide.
Although there are a few owls
With superheroes and villains as the theme, they tend to be Batman counterfeits without power.
Even a superpower usually has some rather sad and useless power, such as Owlman's "ability ".
"Well, we can only say that comic writers need to open a damn encyclopedia from time to time.
We mean, we're dealing here.
Besides having the best night vision of all birds, the owl also has.
Round pattern of feathers above?
Yes, it's like a dish, focusing on the sound and giving them the best directional hearing in the world.
What's even more strange is that these feather patterns are OK, not joking.
How does this work?
Let's say this: an owl can hear a mouse stepping on a branch from a distance of 75 feet.
Owls also have an incredible feeling, which means they can detect the height of the sound as one ear hole is higher than the other.
All of this is to precisely locate the exact location of the owl prey, which actually works well and the bird can be in-
Flight correction for victims.
Remember, we're talking about night hunters. -
They use this finely tuned hearing to capture prey that the owl can't even see.
So, basically, what we see is a flight of daring, but with a series of built-in-
A wolverine with a blade in his hand.
To prove how handy these forces are in the fight against crime, we would like to show you the video below.
Imagine that the rat is a crime: in order to make things worse for the criminals, the Owls also happen to have special jagged feathers that make them fly silently like stealth fighters.
Also, they are the lowest among all birds, meaning they can fly very slowly if they need or carry a lot of cargo.
The owl superhero doesn't need to zoom in like Superman or swing like a spider --Man --
He just slid slowly, silently over the area, heard everything, cast ominous shadows in the night sky.
Hell, if the bat signal can raid the evil and take them away, he will be his own bat signal.
Oh, if you're inspired to be an owl now
Based on all this theme superhero, there is an owl who has come up with a kick
Your ass name :.
Harpy Eagle can and will crush you. While still able to fly, its power is almost what you can get.
It has a broken grip.
If this is a meaningless number for you, let's say this: the grip power of ordinary people is about 60 pounds.
The typical dog bite clock is only 320.
Freaking can only chew you at 400 pounds per square inch.
The bird beat them.
But for sure, even a bird with a grip that would make the chin of a wild dog feel ashamed is just a bird?
What can it do to a complete person? grown man?
Tear off a finger with its small claws?
Actually, considering that its claws are as big as those, more than that.
Harpy eagle through 5-
It can sink into almost anything it wants.
Let's not forget it has a razor
The pointed mouth will make a Japanese swordsman hang his tools in shame and then retire in the quiet life of running a small Qing bar.
To take this home, harpy eagle likes to show its strength by crushing the monkey's skulls and then eating them.
That said, if they don't take the poor prey straight away like they do with this sloth: Wait, are we talking about superheroes?
Because we're just going out on a limb, assuming that a super entity based on it doesn't necessarily have a good fight.
Lyrebird is the greatest MimicThe in the world and the greatest audio imitation in the world.
In addition to copying songs from other birds, it can also replicate car alarms, building equipment, gunfire, dog calls, musical instruments and even sounds.
We're not talking nonsense about "Polly wants cookies" parrots.
This thing can be copied like a live recorder.
It can imitate you better than others.
This is because lyrebird has the most advanced vocal cords in the world, because it has no lips to help shape the sound, which makes people more impressed as a bird and everything.
Lyrebird does it all with its throat.
In addition, their memory of recording and storing these sounds is impeccable.
In 1969, for example, a seven-stringed piano song was recorded and given to a scholar named Norman Robinson.
After filtering, he was surprised to find that the bird was singing two popular tunes. . . .
Watch: St ** t.
There is a seven-mouth bird in the forest imitating other birds. . .
Finally, imitation is.
Why is there no comic book character based on this thing?
Its practical application in general superhero and/or evil antics is still huge.
How much business do we do by phone?
If the detective could imitate the voice of the offender and call his associates to discuss the recent evil activities, how good would he be?
Trouble on the road?
Give this guy a megaphone, he's a siren, a bunch of angry dogs, gunshots, velociraptor, anything.
And, come on, the name is, man! He's a hero? The Lyre! A villain? The .
Gannet is a giant. . .
With the air bag, Gannett is elegant, if fairly stupid --
A seabirds that live similar to other marine birds. . .
Or, if it weren't for it, it would.
You see, the pond goose is different from its peers in its hunting habits.
Like many seabirds who depend on fish for a living, it tends to fly high and pounce on prey.
Unlike other seabirds, however, it does not involve issues such as "personal safety" or "terminal speed. " Gannets can --
Do it constantly--
Hit the water at a speed of up.
This is especially impressive when you consider that water guarantees hitting the sea at this speed is not different from the fact that you first bump your face into a cement block.
The reason determines that the effect should turn the bird into a feather pancake dinner for the fish it is trying to catch.
However, gannet quickly disappears in the sea surface and in our weak laws of physics.
It's by having an extra-thick, helmet-
Like a skull that can withstand an impact.
And, just because you'll never be invincible when you're playing kamazawa for a living, the bird's neck and shoulders will be further overcompensated.
These can be inflated at will to absorb the shock that will kill almost any other animal.
In fact, the pond goose hit the water very fast and did not even need to scratch the fish with its mouth ---
It just shocked them in the shock.
Then, if it is still hungry, it will repeat the whole death decline again. And again.
So, yes, we have the potential of a hero here who can be hit like any other hero.
Imagine him diving.
Deal with an escaped criminal from a nearby roof and then be completely unaffected.
You hit him as much as you want.
He has a facial airbag and a skull like a stone.
Gannet sneers at your little attack.
Ostrich is a super animal. Kicking T-
Rex is an ugly creature, but fortunately it is not a good thing to fight crime. This 300-
Pound birds bring huge volume and the ability to run at speed.
Big deal, right?
Of course, it's a bit fast, but there are other animals, the cheetah.
But the problem is that the cheetah's stamina is not well known and in fact runs out of gas almost in an instant.
On the other hand, the ostrich can move on.
Still, this list alone is not enough.
Because when you hit a crime with a name like "Powerful ostrich", speed can be very convenient, and sometimes you have to fight the enemy and fight back.
So, let's talk about its terrible giant bird claws and how it can launch them hard at you to crush your organs.
The feet of the ostrich, in "just" 4 inch metres, face the evil man alone, such as the Harpy Eagle, leaving something that is needed.
But the ostrich also has additional attack options at the end of each wing, and these feet will be kicked horribly by the ostrich.
You can already get tips on how powerful the legs of this thing are (
Is 300 pounds heavy, can run like the wind)
, And use said legs to get the maximum lethal kick to turn them into jackhammers that can be used.
So how will this be translated into the superhero field?
First, getting the Ostrich power means that your uniform needs some serious creative tailoring, and second, it gives you the ability to kick straight forward with one force.
From this point of view, a professional heavyweight boxer can hit at a speed per square inch.
So the Ostrich bird legs are about two.
Mike Tysons played their best knockout at the same place at the same time.
With the exception of a nice soft boxing glove, all the influences will be with those 4-inch talons.
Did you forget those?
No ostrich.
Really, the only problem with the strength of the ostrich is the stupid ass name/costume you will stick. Although . . .
Studies have shown that the ostrich is more or less direct, which may even help.
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