5 tips to keep your car safe from burglars - gps car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-28
5 tips to keep your car safe from burglars  -  gps car alarm system
Technology equipment may allow thieves to enter your car without breaking any windows into your car, for example, imitating your key chain, or disabling the electronic equipment of your car through an electro-magnetic wave.
Phantom car-
A Montreal police investigation found a Laval Street where four different car owners broke into and robbed their vehicles the same night without any signs of damage.
Three neighbors in dolard d'astlettedes-
The same activity was reported by Ormeaux, although they all said they definitely locked the door.
Here are some ways to reduce this risk: 1.
If someone can enter your vehicle, don't leave valuables in the car, if your tablet is stored in your suitcase, or your GPS is hidden in your glove box,
They now have access to both areas.
The solution is to take everything valuable from your car. 2.
Choose your parking space in the well
Maybe it's an area with a camera.
Both measures are a deterrent to thieves.
The two people we interviewed in Laval said that since their car was broken into last summer, they had installed cameras near the front door. 3.
Disable your car electronic key system, which can become inconvenient, but it is less inconvenient than the theft of your car.
If you have your dealer or mechanic cancel the ability to open the car in a distance with a key chain, then the thief will no longer be able to capture your key chain signal. 4.
Install an additional alarm system most vehicle alarm systems are associated with their locking mechanism
So if the thief manages to disable your lock, they will also bypass your alarm system.
If you want to take additional measures in terms of protecting your vehicle, please
Market alarm system is installed.
It stays active even if your lock is stolen. 5.
Carve your window or windshield. It's more helpful than simply breaking in and stealing your stuff to stop the thief from wiring your car.
Police in Montreal say thieves are likely to avoid vehicles marked with obvious marks on the glass surface.
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