5 ways to stay sane in an era of non-stop outrage - 2 way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-14
5 ways to stay sane in an era of non-stop outrage  -  2 way car alarm
Do you feel like you can kill 27 people and post their body parts to the police station?
Serial killer.
I mean, you get bored.
The whole deal for the psychopaths is.
This is the chemical that makes you feel happy.
They are so eager for excitement that they keep trying something more crazy and crazy to fight boredom.
What does this have to do with the 2017 US?
I mean, is Donald Trump a serial killer?
No, of course not. It's us. Sort of.
Hey, do you know what happens when you read something very angry online? .
Even if it is a "bad" feeling, you will immediately want to feel it again because anything is better than boredom.
People who know how to manipulate this mechanism rule the world.
Now what you need to know is: 5 ignore the title that tells you to feel the emotion this is my favorite nonsense title format and I apologize now if we have ever used it: what annoys me is "should ".
I know that 50% of Internet headlines are promising to make me feel some kind of unconscious extreme emotion. . . . . .
But saying that their thing "should" scare/rage I mean that I have a problem if I turn myself into a frightened, aimless animal.
I failed somehow. -
I don't care enough.
"Are you scared? ""No. ""Well you be.
"Well, do it yourself.
Why don't you do this, you fucking scream. m.
Human car alarm? "Enough. I'm exhausted.
Anyway, the truth is this: my insomnia does not send a refugee to a safe place and my stress vomiting does not feed a hungry child.
I can feel the anger constantly hitting the circuit in my brain.
I would panic if my phone was not in the same room.
Remember, it's their only job to upset you.
That's the only reason they say these words.
They don't want to change your mind or win your vote.
They just wanted to ruin your day.
There are many such people in the world.
The person who made the headlines when I wrote this was a man named Milo iannopoulos. He's the "alt-
In the past few months, media figures have said something about him and (
Conservative meetings attended by presidential candidates), , and .
If you want to know what he said led to all this, the answer is that it's the same to have these opportunities in the first place.
His job is to sit down every night and figure out which behaviors/statements/positions will be the most frustrating for general rational people.
This is how he put the food on the table.
Sample title of Milo column: he went to the university campus to encourage the audience and.
The most recent thing is what he said, or something like that.
Look, it's all blurred together.
It's easier to give you his formula:)
Find a group that has been abused, intimidated or marginalized in history)
Attack them in the most cruel way he can think)
Trigger protective reflections on every good bystander, which will cause them to react)
In this way, profit from free disclosure.
Iannopoulos did not believe it at all.
He is a member of a Jewish family that has aroused hatred of Jews, an immigrant who growls at immigrants, and a homosexual who growls at gay rights.
He, then Gamergate, came a few years ago as he realized there was more angry traffic intimidating female game developers.
He blindly rang every fire alarm until he finally attracted enough people.
This is an unparalleled business model. Ignoring him (
Refuse his income)
It also means keeping the money in his pocket while paying attention to him.
You end up in the ridiculous position of supporting the moral obligations of Milo iannopoulos's career.
But he's not trying to convince you.
That's why he expresses his arguments in the most ridiculous, exaggerated and inflammatory way, rather than trying to guide you through his position with any string of reasoning.
As to why he did it, what else would he do?
He is a college dropout without other skills;
His Ass won't Perfect Cold fusion and s ** t outside.
That is why he was kept away from the streets.
He has no agenda other than to catch the eye by selling you your addictive anger.
He's a dopamine dealer.
If he falls, ten other people will replace him.
If you can be controlled, you can be controlled, and of course, people like Milo have fans ---
They pay to see him and they will follow him to any exit he set up next (
There will be a lot of banners bragging about the dangerous truth that the elite doesn't want you to hear).
But they don't have to believe what he said.
They just want to see you excited.
Do you think adults use words like "libtard" and "snowflake" because they think it will put you on their side?
Trolls deliberately irritate people on the Internet because it makes them feel powerful.
Just by entering some words, they can enter your brain, change your mood, and ruin your day.
Like you're their puppet. That's power.
The feeling of strength is also high (
Ask again, any serial killer)
The higher the victims of anger get.
Especially if the target is an arrogant person.
Pearl of justice
Grab their ass with a stick, boring and boring.
I mean, not as radical conservatives as Milo.
Or Ann Coulter, or rush Limburg, or now --
Morton Downey Jr. )invented this.
When stuffy Christians complain about the evil of rock music, the other knows exactly what to do: pile up on artificial Satanism!
No matter where you find someone who has something sacred, you will find others happily grinding their boots into something sacred.
If called the power of sin, others will commit the crime as loud and laborious as possible before them.
Never to fight Satan. -
Who will believe this?
No, it's about resistance, resistance to the elite, arming all aspects of your personality to irritate the feathers of your self.
Noble of satisfaction
Well, in the minds of these modern trolls, the church has been replaced by a super religion.
Radical multicultural and paranoia is the only sin.
So the world's Milos made the bias of the cover version of the metal album--
Cartoon, loud, deliberately ground.
They think we are sullen pearls.
Holding the church lady who pretended to be better than them.
Pretend our stuff is not smelly. !
This is a Game of Thrones.
The more you condemn, the more they push the envelope.
The more severe their punishment is, the more street credibility they get ---
I remember for a while I wasn't going to buy an album that says: Your reactions are the most important because they cause reactions, which means it's important.
A lot of people just vote for Trump because he's the one who's upset you the most.
What if some ethnic minorities and trans-ethnic people were thrown under the bus on the way?
Stand up for those people.
It will be exciting to step on them.
What else is better than boring.
Understand the "flame hose for the fake face" and all this brings us to it.
It is said to be a technology effectively used by Putin-led Russia, which uses the Internet and social media to use machine guns to spray false news and inflammatory allegations to overwhelm the public, conspiracy theories.
If it doesn't matter if there is a conflict of information, it doesn't matter if there is reliable source support ---
Because ordinary people have limited ability to screen it, they only need a lot of things.
Your brain is an organ, a jelly that burns calories to get energy.
It can overwork like an athlete's muscles or the liver of your drunken uncle.
There is already about 90% of the energy to worry about your sex life, work, bills, family, friends, pets, diet, leaking bathroom taps, favorite sports teams, in fact, you still don't know who PewDiePie is and you dare not ask now.
The "Firehose" model recognizes that most people will give up at some point.
Personally, I don't think Donald Trump or his administration has carefully crafted some Putin --esque strategy.
I think Trump tweeted because he had no impulsive control and couldn't get any obvious insults to respond.
However, it doesn't matter whether this is intentional or not, because the effect is exactly the same.
That's how he took office--
He stuffed the information channels with nonsense so that others could not hear it.
The media in 2017 is the perfect landscape for this.
The news sees each tweet as an official White House press release/policy statement, each of which requires analysis, debunking and sniping responses from millions of citizens eager to fight back.
In addition to the normal flow of real news, there are six storms a day--
Executive orders, cabinet appointments, legislation, etc.
On top of that, instant angry headlines about any or chief strategist Steve Bannon said today. . . . . .
Then add a amplification process through which outlets compete with each other to see who can make their alarmist the loudest and sharpest. . . . . .
Before that, like the video they cheated two voice apps screaming at each other: if the firehose metaphor is accurate, don't imagine Trump squirting nonsense in a panic, unsuspecting crowd
Imagine a group of thirsty people fighting to suck the hose from the nozzle.
You have to separate this signal from the noise I'm writing after a full month of Trump taking office.
It was a constant whirlwind of news and reactions, and my social media channel was filled with people who were afraid of losing health care, being deported, and the marriage being canceled, or burn in a nuclear fire.
The most shocking thing, however, is that of all the noise.
Some of you are very sure that the last sentence is wrong, so your reaction will be an inner anger.
"Well, did you see the news, piplizard? "Yes, I have.
Our disagreement is that I don't think Donald Trump's Twitter is news.
I think it's noise. a barking dog in the distance.
I decided to save my anxiety when there was a legitimate policy.
"But in the last month alone, the president signed 45 executive orders or memos! " Yep, and .
He made an order to build a wall along the Mexican border, which was totally pointless.
Only Congress can fund such a wall (
That is to say, increase on the existing fence that we started building 11 years ago)
It's not clear if they have any wishes.
The order is just a piece of paper.
He might as well say it or tweet it.
Or nothing.
He signed another order requesting the withdrawal of bank supervision, but the executive order could not be revoked.
That's not how they work.
This is a piece of paper that tells the Minister of Finance to review the existing regulations at some point and perhaps suggest changes to them.
Of course, it was reported wisely by the media in a calm, fair manner. . .
There are other orders about defeating ISIS and fighting crime, which are equivalent to statements of general intent ---
Again, tweet effectively on beautiful stationery.
The only substantive order is the ban on immigration travel from certain Muslim countries, an order to change policy immediately.
I said you had to separate the signal from the noise.
That's the signal.
Lawmakers have called for action.
If you want to stay awake for the next four years, if you want to be a valid citizen instead of a confused fly jumping wildly on closed windows, you have to figure this out
You have to separate the title/tweet/video clip that stimulates you to take useful action from the title/tweet/video clip you consume to satisfy an addiction that will cost money
So, as a reference, I think the following is the noise: Trump's speech in the Black History Month.
At a rally in Florida, he
However, the whole news cycle is laughing at it all the time).
Sean Spicer has been talking about the Orlando attacks.
Every failure leads to angry headlines and countless "can you trust these assholes ? " Twitter. ! ? ! "Dopamine works.
It all amounts to Jack f * t.
We will feel that we are very good, we will not make any sharp comments, and the world will not be affected.
Twitter is not legislation.
They are not legally binding.
It's not news in my opinion, and I think it's an obvious insult: Guess what: other world leaders know who Donald Trump is.
They know it's a Twitter account he once growled about stars who shouldn't keep dating.
"But these tweets provide insight into his crazy mind!
"We all know Trump's crazy ideas at this point.
You're not following it for the news.
You followed it for entertainment.
You know what those tweets will make you feel, and you want to feel them too.
Obama is the first president of the era of "Everyone gets news from social media.
This gave birth to an entire store industry made up of false Obama angry stories.
That's how we work with Breitbart, The Blaze, Gateway Pundit, and thousands of others.
Counterfeit anti-corruption markets are breaking out in the Trump era
The angry story of Trump, to my shock, is how many smart people quickly repeat it.
No, Trump's supporters did not burn a black church in Mississippi.
The culprit is).
No, an Iraqi woman.
Her son later admitted he made it up. .
The Esquire headline "" on January 12 was accurate because the vote was held late at night, but the number of people who lost health care was inaccurate (
Not 30 million, but zero million).
They know you are addicted, so they will satisfy your habits.
Their product is "how Trump ruined the world today," and if Trump didn't happen to do anything that day, they had to make up for it.
So in addition to doing damage to your mental health and possibly falling into the political apathy of nothingness, there is corruption in your nonsense detector.
You will judge the value of the story, not whether they are true, but whether they contribute to your addiction.
Heck, how many of you have responded to the story I linked above, like "Well, it may not have happened, but there may have been many similar events.
"You are the worst.
Nuances don't excite anyone.
Well, after I'm against alarmist, make myself a little alarmist: it's new.
Citizens of former democracies did not have a small portion of the information flow impacting their brains.
They don't have a smartphone, they check every 20 seconds and try to feel something.
I personally think that a certain percentage of Trump's voters are "changing the status quo" with him, not in the political sense, but in the entertainment sense.
Because, in other words, they are boring.
"Have you heard anything about how we should use nuclear weapons?
This guy is crazy!
If nothing else, it would be interesting for you to know him!
"There is no script to manage this ongoing information overload, as this has never happened.
Personally, I don't think our brains are used to deal with this.
I think there is evidence that escalating stimuli are a disease that we are all vulnerable.
It should be terrible. ah, f**k it.
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