6 freak natural disasters that were the stuff of nightmares - best car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-30
6 freak natural disasters that were the stuff of nightmares  -  best car alarm system
We must begin to accept that our planet needs neither US nor US in particular.
How can you explain the many abnormal natural disasters that have killed millions of people in history?
Of course, some may call them random acts of God, but we prefer to see them as revenge.
Here are some strange ways Mother Nature is trying to get rid of us.
A lake kills 1,746 people in front of a neighbor of a serial killer who may tell you that he is quiet, humble, always silent, or all of the above.
So it may not be surprising that the lake is a serial killer of nature.
They were all very nice and calm until one day they couldn't breathe a bunch of people.
Lake NIOS in Cameroon is a crater lake.
Due to volcanic activity, it stores a large amount of carbon dioxide under the surface.
This is usually not a problem because the fluidity of the water is usually removed before the toxic substance bubbles.
But Lake Nios is still-
You might say it's your own.
So gas has been piling up underwater for hundreds of years, waiting for an excuse to tear it apart.
No one knows what caused it, but the lake exploded on August 21, 1986. -actually .
A column of water columns broke out in the air, followed by gas enough to cause genocide.
Emit thousands of tons of carbon dioxide at 60 miles an hour, while a small car
At the same time, water fell in the tsunami.
1,746 people died when the air cleared.
There are 800 residents in the nearby town of Nyos, and only 6 have survived lakesplosion.
In 2001, French scientists finally found a way to make sure Lake NIOS never kills again.
At the bottom of the lake there are now pipes that deliver a steady stream of gas far away.
In addition, an alarm system was installed to warn lakeside village in case the silent killer came back and gave them some time to sprint 15 miles to avoid becoming a lakeFart is dead.
A hurricane in the Great Lakes region killed hundreds of people and crashed dozens of ships. We know that something unexpected may happen in the Great Lakes region.
Lake effect snow--
The area has its own weather and temperament.
But we tend to ignore how bad it will be because everyone warns us that our accent is sweet.
But even all the "Hey, now" in the world can't save these Midwest people during the White Hurricane of 1913.
Also known as the witch of November "(
Central and Western C-word)
The winter storm is different from the captain on the Great Lakes.
This is a "tropical cyclone" that happens when Blizzard inserts the ice column into the low point
The pressure center of another major storm front in the neighborhood has created a terrible wind --
Huge waves, huge waves.
Even the most experienced sailors are not ready for the impact of a hurricane with a snowstorm.
Over a long weekend, there were more than a dozen major shipwrecks, the largest in the United States. S.
So far, the inland maritime disaster.
Cleveland and other major cities nearby are buried in the snow.
When the white hurricane four ends
The number of deaths in the day's Carnival exceeded 250.
But there is a glimmer of hope.
Because everyone was caught in their pants. around-the-ankles off-
It has made rapid improvements in shipping Communications, storm preparation and weather forecast.
When Hurricane Sandy merged into her own super storm a hundred years later, it proved to be particularly effective.
However, due to the lessons learned from 1913 "white Hurricanes" and the simulations performed by forecasters years later, Sandy is no longer worse. Like, -level worse.
Britain exists only because of a deadly tsunami, as the British like to pretend, they are still part of Europe.
In most of the UK's existence, there is not even any water that separates it from the mainland.
In order to make it an island, a group of cave people had to drown.
In ancient times, the land on Earth was a close family.
This is the case in the UK. Until 8,000 years ago, Britain was only a peninsula at best.
At that time, the English Channel, the Irish Sea and the North Sea were all land, and the umbilical cord of European mothers.
However, as the last ice age waned and the ice cap melted, the region began to develop a gentler, wetter climate that they like to complain about today.
Britain's low lands began to flood slowly but intentionally.
This is not a major issue for about 5,000 hunters
The gatherers who live in the area, in any case, walking around is their business.
But, about 6100 kilometers away, it is believed that some kind of huge landslide occurred somewhere in Norway, causing Britain to suffer a heavy blow.
This is bad news for anyone with limbs, because as one geologists said, "anyone standing on the mud at the time will be dismembered.
"The northeast of the county was most seriously affected, 33-foot-
The big waves destroyed everything on the road and everyone.
In Scotland, scientists have recently discovered the remains of the moment when this incredible event happened: an ancient layer of sand crashed in a clay bank that should have been continuous.
Water flows 25 miles inland, instantly forming the three major bodies of water we mentioned earlier.
Those who survived the migration to an inland area far enough were immediately cut off from contact with the mainland.
If they are like their offspring, it would be good for them.
A hole was opened under a man's bed and swallowed him while he was sleeping. We all saw an amazing image of a huge chase that suddenly popped up on social media ---
This is almost always the case in Russia.
But, without warning or prediction, these abnormal detestable acts can happen almost anytime, anywhere.
But since they are completely random, they seem certain. . . targeted.
A few years ago, Florida native Jeffrey Bush found a sinkhole while sleeping at home.
The hole was 20 feet deep and 15 feet wide, swallowing the Bushes and the room.
His body has not recovered at all, but after several attempts by Jeffrey's brothers and first responders, they have to conclude that he is either dead, or a great Jules Verne adventure in the depths of the Earth.
As there was no hope, the site was also so widely damaged, the wreckage of the house was removed, and the huge gap was filled with gravel at will.
Then it opened again.
In 2016, a sinkhole appeared in the same place as Bush two years ago.
Authorities have confirmed that this is the same sinkhole, and there is clearly something unfinished in this world.
This shows that filling a hole that can swallow dirt with more dirt may not be the best solution.
Basically, you're feeding this hole.
Unfortunately, the sinkhole istoo-
Common in Florida.
Much of the state has a large number of vulnerable limestone beneath its surface.
When water hits limestone, it almost dissolves, which is definitely a danger for an area that is mainly a swamp and coastline.
Florida wants America moreS.
Because if the sea level continues to rise, the whole state will disappear like Alka --Seltzer.
The blizzard of 1940 armistice days is like a snow Ninja. Some days, when you start in shorts and vests, at sunset, you squeeze into a heat in a borrowed hoodie, and there are two garbage bags for pants.
There are still a few days, like the day of November 1940, when a snowstorm spreads so fast in the Midwest that after 77 years some older Chicago people still refuse to take off their coats, just to be safe.
On November 11, the day the sky exploded over the northern United StatesS.
Starting at 55 degrees Fahrenheit (
13 degrees Celsius)
For the Midwest, it's warm enough for Luo.
Barbecue themed.
But unusually warm weather is only a precursor to the most terrible weather outbreak in American history. S.
A tornado in Iowa
The rain in the Mississippi Valley soon reached 3 inch.
But nothing is more serious than a snowstorm on Armistice Day.
Winds of 80 miles per hour are blowing towards Michigan.
The heavy rain almost immediately turned into sleet, followed by heavy snow.
No one realized it.
In a few hours, the temperature plummeted from nearly 60 degrees to the single digit at freezing point.
The surviving Duck Hunter remembers the day as one of the record kills as the Ducks try to keep f * away from the storm and make the sky black.
We say "survive" because many hunters drowned or froze to death in the same storm.
We believe that duck hunting, which has suffered heavy casualties on both sides, will not end.
No safe place.
The car was thrown into the oncoming truck due to the strong wind.
When the signal on the track is not visible.
The economy of the whole region is in trouble.
Iowa was one of the main producers of Apple at the time, but when the storm swept the state, the apple trees had begun to grow.
Global instability in 1940 (
Look at you in Germany)
The state has neither the money to grow new orchards nor the extra labor force.
So you know Iowa now, it's fast.
Growing efficient corn and soybean crops is because a storm determines that Apple is not what it is.
1 lightning once killed 3,000 people, so is it not surprising that 4,000 people we can survive after being hit by lightning? Seriously, .
There must be enough strength there to be sure to liquidate your internal organs while scorching your outer layer.
But don't make a mistake, it's easy to make lightning as deadly as blizzard, sinkhole, or gas --filled lake.
You just need to add a little gunpowder.
When guns and cannons became the new technology of murder, they also created the problem of storing a lot of gunpowder somewhere.
By the instinct of keeping it safe and out of reach, explosive powder is usually kept in the coffers of the castle or church.
But the castles and churches have one thing in common: they are usually the highest buildings in miles,-
Make a bell-
This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the Middle Ages.
Unfortunately, aware of storing explosives in the same place that is constantly hit by the Sky
Fire is a bad idea that won't be popular. One 19th-
The Century maritime magazine recorded all the serious events and concluded that lightning was a waste for European villages as it wanted to be the Emperor of France.
These explosions usually cause some casualties, damage to some property, and a New wanted advertisement for a priest.
But sometimes the results are disastrous.
In 1769, the town of Brescia, Italy, found that it was a good way to store all the firepower in one place.
Parliament has a basement where 100 tons of gunpowder is stored, so when the lightning hits the Tower of the church, it triggers an explosion and even draws God back. One-
The sixth of the city was razed to the ground, killing 3,000 people.
Hundreds of years later, the obvious folly of storing explosives in the vault has not disappeared.
On November 9, 1856, on Rhodes Island, Greece, lightning struck the spires of St. Jean's Cathedral, walked to the basement, and lit up a huge cache of prosperity --boom.
In just a few seconds, the cathedral became ruins and the city became a crater.
4,000 people were killed and most of the town was completely blown away.
For religious people at the time, it is strange that no one thinks that if your church continues to explode due to lightning strikes, this may mean that.
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