6 terrifying bats you won't believe aren't photoshopped - car alarm remote control

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6 terrifying bats you won\'t believe aren\'t photoshopped  -  car alarm remote control
Although bats are closely linked to the coolest superhero ever, whenever an awesome animal list is collected, bats tend to be placed at the bottom of the bucket.
This may be due to their connection to the tradition of witchcraft and night fright, or it may be due to the fact that they are only for hell once in a while.
But the only reason you're not as afraid of bats as you are now is that you 've never seen bats at close range.
Here: The leaves of GriffinNosed Bat (
The animal had no serious facial injuries and no deformation.
This is the real face of it.
Meet, defending champion of Animal Kingdom "predator without helmet"
Griffin's leaves --
Nosed bat was startled by Vietnamese researchers, who were in the jungle like Schwarzenegger --stalking face-buddy.
Lower jaw meat
The explosion through the biological face is actually a radar tool for its Echo positioning call.
Experts have been able to determine that its call has a unique frequency enough to distinguish it from other bats of the genus to make it a unique species.
For aspiring Vietnamese camping vacationers, the important thing to remove from the last sentence is :. 5Spotted Bat (
Bamboos (Euderma maculatum)
Hey, why is that rabbit wearing a hat made of human lungs?
Oh, wait, that's it.
Let's try to find a clearer picture: Spotted bats live in Texas, where everything is bigger ---
Including the evil membrane-like rodent ears.
It can also be found in dry areas in other western states of the United States. S.
Northern Mexico.
Of course, these ears are very large in size and help improve hearing, but their presentation guarantees that spotted bats won't get a call from Disney executives soon.
Fortunately, bats do not seem particularly deadly to humans (
Or at least we 'd rather think that)
, Choose to exist on.
Whether or not it's a coincidence that their ears look like a particularly creepy moth can be guessed.
However, the striking resemblance to the moth does not end: the spotted pattern on its back is very similar to the spot pattern on the famous moth. That's right --
The body of this bastard is covered with the head of death.
Note to aspiring biologists: if an animal appears to have a natural brain control device on its head, try to make sure it doesn't pose any danger to us.
Now, it's hard to believe that it's not just practicing on these moths until we get into something bigger. 4Visored Bat (
First fish (first fish)
Do you know the trend of drawing these surfaces online from time to time?
Tell us that this bat doesn't look like that one.
There are a lot of problems with that face, and we don't even know where to start.
Those giant and weird alien eyes are not even the worst part. -
Here, it's chilling with its eyes closed: it's one of a long list of horror incidents around the Amazon basin, and visored bat is naturally comforting.
This is also relatively rare, probably because it prefers to have very little sexual contact with the absolutely necessary class. .
This may have to do with this being a relatively new discovery, or the whole "extremely rare animal living in a dangerous jungle.
However, the researchers simply did not find that the idea of studying them was so attractive that it was not beyond the scope of possibilities.
Hey, in an allergic shellfish reaction, how close do I want to interact with something that looks like a beast man and Steve busemide crossing?
3maclaud's horseshoe bat (
What are we seeing there?
Can you tell me?
This is not a face.
That's not even an animal.
If you see it in the wild, you say, there's a damn mushroom, and a very poisonous mushroom --
Take a look
What is interesting is that you will lean over and take a closer look.
When it spreads its wings, it will pee on you calmly and calculated.
This particular horseshoe-shaped bat found in 2007 lives in remote eastern areas.
Its neglected facial floral arrangement is actually quite typical among the various species of horseshoe bats of the genus rhinos.
All the horseshoe bats have these leaves.
Like the bumps on their faces, the sizes and shapes are different.
This effect is sometimes relatively harmless, but it usually leads to the absurdity of Lovecraftian.
If you're lucky, you might even see a female Maclaud, offering its children the ugliest transportation ever: Maclaud girl-
BAT has two crotch
Baby bats hold on to the nipples in the first few days of life.
So, if you are in Guinea one day, please avoid using psychedelic medicine at all costs.
See a fungus.
A bat monster flew over.
Drag two smaller versions to "Whee!
"Having a clear head is a difficult enough experience. 2Tube-
Fruity bats (
Nytimene rabori)
If there are animals screaming "Photoshop!
"This is a smug.
Looks like a jerk here.
That thing is impossible except the photo.
Op construction--
We can see the bits and pieces of squirrels, seals and goats right away, just to name a few.
Hell, someone was even thrown in Santa's beard for some reason. That Shrek-
Note that the ear and nose are a difficult nose.
Maybe someone has played with filters?
We gave up.
Let's zoom in a little bit and see what the whole animal looks like: Oh, damn.
Once you're beyond yourself
The main thing that stands out for the satisfying, disturbing gaze is the function that it is named.
There is no reliable information as to why these bats take this particular cocaine on their noses --
Friendly form, but assume they use them more or less.
The special species found in 1984 are endemic to the Philippines and the Philippines.
Hunting was not a problem for them because they were too hidden to be found.
So the reason we have to assume that their number is reduced is that their sexual faces look like this: 1 hammer-Headed Bat (
Munster RUSU)
When you see the, a lot of things come to mind, all of which are variations of "what is s * t?
"The Nails and blackboards of this animal are recognized in natural order.
It laughs at everything you hold dear, with the beauty it never had
Looks like an end face designed by a toddler who ransacked his mom's medicine cabinet.
Of course, a face that only begged for special is ridiculous --
When you see the body it attaches to, the helmet is needed to become the embodiment of terror: the holy s ** t, which is the image of the devil in at least half of the world's belief systems.
You can show us a picture of that jerk in a crypto animal book between Nessie and Bigfoot's "photo" and we'll think it's the worst design of the three.
Thank God, that hammer.
The head bat is just a small, stupid herbivore. Right? ?
Of course not! The hammer-
The head bat is a real, level-
The worst vampire.
More importantly, it happens to be a continent of African origin.
They are qualified for more than 3 feet.
"These guys are.
Of course, these great Satan
Bats are also aggressive enough to drink their blood, and they are also the main suspects who cause terrible behavior.
When we talk about something terrible, let's talk about the sex life of this creature.
The whole slender nose is because--
Only a man will put on a devil's face, officially called a, which is completely a sexual thing.
Long faces can make their mating calls a lot more volume and resonance--
During the mating season, they can use the rackets produced by this "instrument" to compete with car alarms in terms of loudness and repeatability.
Because the giant Ebolaspewing, blood-sucking, devil-
What it looks like the Bat Monster really needs is the ability to scream like a dive bomber.
But this is not what you really need to know about the hammer. headed bat.
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