6 weird things that show up in every sitcom - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-11
6 weird things that show up in every sitcom  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
Over time, all sitcoms will begin to rely on old metaphors and recycled plots.
Whether it's editing programs, a very special episode, or a terrible spoof, we see the same thing over and over again, and it's almost certain that the Earth will always do it, until the sun sets.
But sometimes repetition is so strange that we can't help but wonder if anything else has happened here. . .
Santa Claus is a real and magical existence. . .
No one found the other numbers ridiculous.
The simple sitcom has a Christmas series, and Santa Claus shows his reality clearly.
However, they do not seem to rewrite everything that these characters know about reality, but rather regard it as part of their daily lives.
Living in a world where no one can laugh, they are very comfortable, the romantic tension between friends has lasted for many years, and magic is definitely one thing. In , Mr.
Sheffield hurt his ass on Christmas Eve, while the nanny and Co.
In the hospital, a crazy old man wearing a Santa suit was thrown on the bed next to him.
The nurse certainly didn't believe the man was the real Santa, but when the midnight bell rang, he mysteriously flew out of the window, and when he sang "HO, all the characters look up at him!
"Those people should scream," No! NO!
No one will believe us!
Because their whole understanding of everything is broken.
Instead, they are warmed up by the Christmas spirit that lives inside each of us because a pilot laughs at them from the sky.
In episode 2 Forever, a madman who claimed to be Santa Claus was taken to the city center, but gradually discovered that he knew everything about everyone's childhood until the last intimate detail. .
Again, this is the second episode, and they have identified that this court exists in the world where Chris Klinger wants the judge to take over the real Santa Claus.
The next 191 episodes take place where all the characters in the show know this. In (
In the first season! )
After Brad and Randy told him that Santa died before he was born, Mark began to question the existence of Santa.
"Wilson" then appeared dressed up as Santa Claus and gave gifts to everyone in advance, thus restoring Mark's faith.
When St. Nick left, Tim said it was really good that his neighbor did something, but Jill pointed out that Wilson was behind the fence as always.
Who is such a holy Santa? ? ?
Mark stared at the sky in surprise. . . In a near-
"Identical twist" is a Christmas episode nearly 30 years ago. Santa Claus visited the Drifters and brought them gifts.
They all thought it was the captain who dressed up to cheer up, but when Santa walked away, the captain entered immediately. . .
From another direction!
The Sacred World Health Organization.
Santa Claus is even true in a episode of f g, a show that won 22 Emmy Awards. A normally non-
The crazy character screams late into the night, "No God, no Christmas. . .
No fucking Santa!
"Suddenly, the snow began to fall, and he looked up to see how wrong he was.
Santa flew over his head and laughed at him.
Seriously, this really happened. On . .
Every character has a legitimate reality.
The experience of crushing and then continuing for the rest of their lives is completely unaffected.
In the follow-up episodes of these shows, none of the characters will turn to the other one at a time and say, "the very crazy Santa Claus has always been real, right?
Take your little two. dates-for-the-
From the point of view of dance?
"In a episode in March 1990, where five cars had been crashing into the house, Stephanie decided to drive his car without Joey's permission. In a wacky mix-
The car maker probably never expected that she had mistaken the "R" on the radio shift and put things back directly into the kitchen.
In a episode later in the same year, Eddie (
Apparently not watching TGIF before him)
He also drove a car against his parents' wishes and drove directly into a house.
But driving home is a sitcom tradition decades ago.
In a post-80 s episode, Ricky Schroeder's grandfather crashed the car into the house.
Mary managed to drive the whole damn car, which prompted people to discuss whether the old man should continue driving.
These people managed to translate the tiniest misconceptions into 22 minutes of awkward hijinks, but they lived in a car they knew that everyone was killed by speeding while watching TV at their own home.
Some of the things about laughs seem to attract vehicle manslaughter as this happens again when London is driving into a building.
Not only does this happen when a stupid child or an old idiot is driving.
Sometimes the characters in sitcom do this on purpose, just like this jealous lover on the post-90 s show.
And another jealous lover.
There are a lot of questions about creative bankruptcy here, but the most urgent thing is: How fast does a person drive through a house?
As any mythical nemesis will tell you, the answer is "any speed is OK as long as it is a node of love.
"Basically, every 90-year-old black sitcom has a pool of all the odd specific events that appear multiple times in multiple sitcoms, which is probably the weirdest and most
The first time it happened in episode 1990, "When Eddie Winslow beat his friend in the pool, he became cocky.
He took this arrogance to a local pool hall where he was quickly squeezed out of $250 by a Texan named Boyd Higgins.
Urkel then tries to win back the money, but Urkel has only magical advantages in chess, science, basketball, poker and bowling.
He sucks at the pool.
Fortunately, Carl showed up and it happened that while this was never mentioned before, he was actually a world --
Pool players.
He shot one shot after another, and then handed the clues to his grandmother at home. grandma invested four times in the bank in order to win the money back.
The children and the swindlers learned a valuable lesson. . .
Is the last person to push hustle someone in a series of push stles a good person?
In a show that aired three months later, Will drove Uncle Phil's Mercedes to a shabby pool hall where he began to crush a group of locals and become funny and arrogant.
He then dropped $300 against a local scammer named Charlie Mack and had to use his uncle's car as collateral.
Then Uncle Phil showed up and it turned out to be. . .
Wait a minute. . . a world-
Pool players?
He won the money with one move after another. plus $600)
, Teach kids and cheats a lesson: Good People Are cheats with money when credits start.
Half a decade later, in the 1996 episode, a child named Bullethead crushed some locals and learned a lesson --learning cocky.
He eventually lost the school's money for field trips to two swindlers named Raven and Jody.
This prompted artists Steve Harvey and Cedric to win back the money by putting on African costumes and pretending to be ignorant Rwanda tribe members who had never heard of the pool.
They won all the money back with stunt footage montage and learned the same lesson: only gambling in the pool and with people who are worse than you.
In 1995, several episodes of the main characters were pushed hust in the pool hall.
Queen Latifa's pool skills have won back all the money, but none of all the quirky characters Martin knows is a secret world --
Pool players.
It's probably because his wig keeps falling off while playing, not because of the choice of writers.
Still, it was the only black sitcom in the post-90 s, and one of the characters lost the money to pool sharks without winning back money through a magical lucky environment.
As ever, it remains an irrefutable bastion of realism.
Sitcom world sitcom there are many monkeys in the universe that operate according to their own internal logic, but they overlap on a specific gag: at some point in your life, monkeys will be part of your family or group of friends.
This is strange because monkeys are not part of the American urban landscape.
In fact, in 19 states it is not legal to have a monkey unless you are a zoo.
This makes many sitcom stories not only stupid, but also stupid.
The monkey plot in sitcom is divided into several categories.
Monkey is one of the classics. from-the-
A zoo episode is like the time when Kramer has to apologize to a episode.
At the end of the day, they brought a chimpanzee home, which was lovely, but that's why we no longer call them Orson's third child.
The zoo's ego is effective because it gives the show a credible atmosphere.
The zoo exists in the city, so the animals may have to be temporarily placed in a non-Zoo home
Zoo keepers with unpredictable vulnerable children
But what's really strange is that we often see characters in sitcoms treating monkeys directly as pets.
Monkeys are not great pets.
When they tear off your eyes, they poop, throw poop and scream frantically, which is why New York absolutely does not allow them as pets.
Ross is here, with little Marcel.
Jenna is with her Gibbons. son.
According to Illinois law, Urkel ended up getting a pet ape, meaning his home was classified as a research institution or a zoo, this is just the most ridiculous thing that happened on that show.
An abyss of diarrhea that is over-popular
There is also a pet monkey and the monkey. . .
* In addition to visiting monkeys and illegal pet monkeys, there is a more dangerous quirky plot: the Evil Monkey.
This is the worst episode of a episode where a monkey villain robbed Marshall on a bananapoint. has a knife-
Waving an assistant monkey trying to murder Craig and Hal.
At school, Anne's chest was so scared that she was a stolen animal monkey living in a vent.
Of all the parables that are overused, this is the easiest to forgive because the monkey is the best.
After all, if you had a chance to replace someone at your job with a monkey, wouldn't you do that?
They are silly, they look funny in people's clothes, and it is easy to be killed by monkeys in the first 50 ways of death.
Stupid characters suddenly become smart. sitcom has a helpless character. it is impossible to be stupid.
Some writers would eventually suggest that in the course of writing hundreds of episodes, the gang had to spend the night in the haunted house or inherit a horse race, "if they become smart?
"It's like the plot, it's a more online version of the classic Daniel Case Book.
This happened in a episode where they found crayons that had been present in Homer's brain for more than 30 years.
He became very smart when they removed it, but also a bit like a fool, so everyone started to hate him except Lisa.
So he did the only thing that made sense: he put a crayon back into his brain and made it dumb again.
Let this more soul
Crushing, he did so after connecting with Lisa about the loneliness caused by their unconnected intellect.
Yes, in a beloved, Long
In this comedy cartoon, the father killed the only one who understood his daughter so that he could enjoy the beer more.
This is not the only time this smart-then-dumb-
It's frustrating again.
In one episode, Patrick was found to have had a coral that served as his brain for years, making him the slowest aquatic creature at the bottom of his bikini.
At first, he was happy with his newly discovered wisdom, but when it started to make his friend miserable, he pulled his brain out and put the coral back in place.
The point is that everyone hates smart people, so try to be silent.
Even made a version of the plot in which monkey Gunther decided that his intellect took too much responsibility, so he voluntarily reduced his mental power.
The utilitarian philosopher John Stuart Mill has a famous question: is it better to be a dissatisfied Socrates or to be a completely satisfied pig?
It's a complicated question and worth discussing with people and pigs you know, but as you can see, cartoons vote for pigs every time.
1 character is always stuck in the elevator (
Usually helps with delivery)
If you find yourself in the elevator with an eccentric neighbor, monkey or pregnant woman, take out f.
The elevator will be stuck between floors.
A sitcom actor gets stuck in an elevator every eight minutes, sharing a room with a pregnant woman.
Like in the episode of the earthquake, Zach and his friends threw a baby shower for him.
To avoid physical testing, Belding's wife.
Unfortunately, when the earthquake happened, they just got into the elevator and eventually they turned the place into a delivery room.
This has happened for generations.
In the episode of the Elevator Story, lovely racist Archie Bonk was trapped in the elevator with several non-white people, one of whom began to roll out a baby.
There was a slight change.
In a episode called "fire", the fire alarm sent the entire crew home in advance, except for herb and Jennifer, the woman he sexually harassed in the show to laugh.
They ended up trapped together in the elevator, and while she had no children, Herber admitted to spreading rumors that he had sex with her.
It is less sticky than giving birth, but also disgusting.
In Porko II, Nell Carter hosted a meeting for her weight loss group PORKO, a surprising episode of titles. Yes, PORKO.
The team leader showed up and they all laughed at his recovery. But oh no!
Soon, members of PORKO found themselves stuck in an elevator and could not handle all of their handling weights.
In the end, Nell convinced their leaders not to commit suicide and everyone agreed to lose £ 2 pounds a week.
Kids, that's what TV used to be.
In the blizzard episode, Lady-
Dan was trapped in the elevator and. . . a gay man! ?
Can you imagine being stuck in the elevator with two Sumo players? ?
In the episode of "earthquake", the author of "can!
"Okay, wait, this is not right.
In a episode of The Melancholy of birth, Christine and two men were trapped in the elevator to give birth.
They tried it a few times, but, the industry leader who captured the actors in the elevator, finally delivered the first elevator baby!
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