8 easy tricks to boost your iphone’s battery life - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-15
8 easy tricks to boost your iphone’s battery life  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
Always find yourself holding a dead iPhone for half a day?
There are some simple tricks that will allow you to charge longer.
We have found some of the best tips and tricks today to improve the battery life of the iPhone.
Find the app to delete your iPhone is built in-
In this tool you can find out which apps are running out of your battery life.
Click on the sun to enter the settings> Battery and wait for the page to load.
Next, click on the "past 10 days" option, which shows the battery usage of different apps in the past weekand-a-half.
If you scroll down, you can see apps that use most of their battery life in percentage form.
So if an app has 20% next to it, that means it consumes the fifth of all battery life in the last 10 days.
You can also switch it and display the items listed through the activity-order them according to battery usage.
So if you spend very little time on the app, but it ranks high on the use list, that means it's a battery killer.
This section also splits the time the application is running in the background.
Be careful to use a lot of batteries and apps that accumulate a lot of back-office usage time-they are particularly bad for your battery life.
Check if you need to use the battery swapHead in the Settings app and scroll down to the battery section.
Click on it and select battery health (Beta)option.
Note: this will only appear if you use the iPhone 6 or later and you have upgraded to the software version iOS 11. 3 or later.
If you're not sure what that means, here's a guide on how to update your iPhone.
Once you get into the battery health section, you will see some different readingouts.
The first is the maximum capacity, listed by percentage.
This tells you the exact charging percentage of the iPhone battery compared to the new one.
The second is the rating of the battery's performance capability, which lets you know if the battery is running effectively.
This percentage is important for people with battery life problems.
If the battery is below 80%, it is considered "worn out", which means it is time to upgrade the battery.
After completing a full charge of 500, you usually get to that point-which will take less than two years for most users.
If you are still under warranty, you can apply for a replacement battery at Apple Store for free.
Everyone else has to pay.
Some power will be turned off when low power mode is activated-
Hunger function on your phone.
Sadly, this may mean that some of the apps, tools, and features on your phone will no longer work-temporary anyway.
"When low power mode is on, your iPhone will last longer before charging, but some features may take longer to update or complete," Apple explains . ".
"Also, some tasks may not work until you turn off the low power mode or before you charge your iPhone to 80% or higher.
To turn on the low power mode, go to Settings> batteries and switch the switch on top. Turn on auto-
BrightnessIt can easily keep your phone's brightness at its maximum, but it doesn't need to be filled up often.
The brighter the phone screen, the faster the battery will consume.
So consider turning on Apple's automatic
Brightness function, no matter where you are, it will adjust the display brightness according to the ambient lighting.
This can significantly improve your battery life over time, and is a convenient way to automatically keep your brightness at the right level.
Make sure you're on Wi-
Fi network using the Internet on Wi-
The Fi connection will drain the battery life of the phone.
But when you browse mobile data, the cost of energy will grow more.
So if you can choose to use Wi-
Fi network, it is also worth switching to it.
Like Wi-this is also a double bonus
Fi is usually faster than moving data, and there are very few data caps.
Turn on airplane mode when you are not connected to any network. Again, if you don't want to get a signal, like when flying, you should turn on the airplane mode.
This will prevent your iPhone from constantly looking for the network, which may hinder your battery life.
To turn on airplane mode, just go to the settings and switch the airplane mode button at the top. Turn off power-
The hunger settings slots for different features on your phone will run out of battery life, so you can disable them to quickly reduce battery consumption.
Try to turn off the location settings by going to Settings> Privacy> Location Services.
You can also prevent the app from checking for new content in the background.
To do this, go to Settings> General> Background App Refresh and turn off the switch.
Perhaps the best advice to protect your battery from damage is to first protect your iPhone battery from damage to maximize its life.
Extreme temperatures can cause major problems with smartphones, and Apple's expensive iphone is no exception. "Low-or high-
"Temperature conditions may cause the device to change its behavior," Apple explained . ".
Cold temperatures can temporarily shorten battery life.
But the heat can make a mess of your battery life.
"Using an iOS device in very hot conditions can permanently shorten battery life," Apple Support Post wrote . ".
In hot weather, the iPhone can easily exceed the normal operating temperature.
Apple has some specific warnings about what you should never do with your iPhone today: 1)
Leave the equipment in the car on a hot day
Put the equipment in direct sunlight for a long time 3)
Use certain functions such as GPS tracking or car navigation in hot conditions or long periods of direct sunlight to play graphics
Enhanced games or use enhanced games
There are ways to reduce your risk even on very warm days.
For example, don't put your iPhone in a closed place, such as under a bed cover or in your pocket.
Also, if you feel your phone is getting warmer and warmer, stop using it and even turn it off.
Avoid using powerful applications for long periods of time.
This is especially important for gamers as game apps can cause the phone processor to heat up quickly.
This new iPhone keyboard trick allows you to text your partner in any language.
A fast iPhone "charger" can increase the phone from zero to 80% in less than an hour.
There is a genius Apple feature that will let your iPhone alarm and help you find your lost phone.
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