a heartfelt valentine to the world of theatre - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-24
a heartfelt valentine to the world of theatre  -  what is the best car alarm
Hollywood Reporter)-
Daniel Handler is one of the most respected actors in South America.
In 2004, he won the Berlin Silver Bear award for starring in the Argentine film lost hug.
Now, Handler makes his debut in Uruguay's director's deadline for nobetoArgentinean co-
The film is one of the most popular films at the recently concluded Argentina international film festival.
The film is set in mondevia and may not go too far outside the South American market, but it will certainly delight any audience who happens to catch it.
This is an actor movie in the best sense.
It does not show great visual talent, but it is a sharp observed portrait of a set of characters that define very clearly their daily lives.
Our hero, nobeto. Fernando Amala)
Experienced some personal and professional difficulties.
He lost a job and now works as a rental agent in a real estate company, but his salary is only commission and his sales are not very hot.
He and his wife SylviaEugenia Guerty)
Their marriage also lost its spark.
The chaos in nobeto's life was properly symbolized by his bad car alarm, which kept crying at all wrong moments.
However, when nobeto and his wife, as well as some friends, took part in an amateur drama show, his life changed and nobeto seized the loophole in the performance.
He decided to sign up for the acting class, and although the director of the troupe was a pretentious person, the young actors in the company gave nobeto the energy.
When they were ready to make seagulls, nobeto discovered not only a new career, but also the passion and sense of mission that he had lost.
The film praised the actor's craft with cunning irony, humor and deep affection.
All the characters are alive.
Even Noble's overbearing boss at the real estate company seems to always be recognized.
We feel sorry for this grumpy old couple and if nobeto wants to rent their apartment he has to expel them.
Amaral's hangdog charm puts us on the side of nobeto, and all the other actors have shaped their characters with low-key tricks.
There was no major epiphany at the end of the film, but we tasted the tiny changes that made the oppressed nobeto regain life.
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