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by:Kingcobra     2019-09-23
A proper Merc for Mazda money | Adelaide Now -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right 0A0871E9-1636-49F4-9041-2E36E2BB5333 burg  -  prestige car alarm
Not long ago, a famous car
Especially a famous European car.
For the Japanese, money means buying the old one or forgetting the old one.
But luxury car brands are no more immune to the temptation of new money than fashion designers, who are moving up but haven't fully reached the affordable line of sales among new C-buyers
Series 3 or class 3.
Just because our imported suv or Hatch takes us as fast as the traditional large Australian family sedan does not mean we spend less on choice.
Volkswagen's starting price for golf is $22,990, but more than half of the golf courses sold cost more than $35,000.
That's why Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Lexus all have entrants priced at $20,000 or more under the luxury car tax (see panel ).
The latest is Mercedes B-
Courses launched this week.
Five are bigger.
The door hatch brings new levels of safety and complexity to the small vehicle sector.
To test the idea that these new affordable Europeans can compete with the best in Asia, we are here to compare it with another newcomer, sales are expected to exceed 1400 in the first full month. Mazda's range-
Gasoline, CX-
Luxury travel SUV for $43,200. The base B-
Course plus $38,950-road costs.
If we seem to be comparing apples and oranges, consider CX-
5 is the most car
Like a small suv and B-
Class is a compact person and freight carrier, which means it is attractive to buyers of small SUVs and small cars, not just those who follow the Samsung badge.
Higher riding
Mazda's latest technology comes from Japan. Its 2. 0-litre Skyactiv-
The G engine is comparable in terms of power output, and the internal features are elegant, although it lags behind in the bet on condoms.
Mercedes is counting on this fact.
The temptation of three peoplepointed star -to sign-up empty-Neighbors in the middle
Generation X family
People who climb the corporate ladder. --
Buy a Mazda CX
5 luxury travel and standard equipment including power driver seat, adaptive Xenon headlights, front and rear parking sensors, 10-
Bose sound system and 19-speakersinch rims. Opt for the B-
Class and Wheels fall back to 16 inch and the front seats and six speakers are moved by default by muscles instead of motors.
The other side is a larger satellite navigation display with hi-
Res graphics set in piano
Looks like a scaled black surrounddown iPad.
The dashboard itself has a vents borrowed from the $470,000 SLS supercar, and the steering wheel is taken directly from the $160,000 CLS snack bar.
The seats are more comfortable with parking assist software to access those small spaces.
Both models have enough rear legs and head space to comfortably protect the basketball players, although Mazda has a slight advantage here. --
When the owner buys the first famous brand car, the biggest question is whether you can afford to drive it.
Legend runs a European-
Cars made are more expensive than cars made in Japan or South Korea.
Let's break it down.
Suppose the annual trip to 95 ron gasoline is $15,000 km.
$60, $91. 50, the B-
The price of fuel is $1464;
CX-of droplets-
The FWD model is $1440 and the AWD model is $1552.
Official fuel use for Merc 1. 6-
The turbocharged gasoline engine is 6.
1L/100 km using 95 ron fuel and Mazda 6. 4L of 91RON.
Suppose the average annual mileage of 95 ron gasoline is $15,000 km.
$60, $91. 50, the B-
Fuel and CX-cost will be $14645 $1440.
The service interval on Merc is now 25,000 km or 12 months, whichever comes first.
Mazda insists on 10,000 km or 6 months.
So, in theory, if Mercedes's service costs can double the cost of the service, then the frequency of these services will be half the cost of the service. --
Option simulation is the biggest form of compliment, and Mazda varies from the manual of mercedes to the option software --
As part of the package upgrade, based on security improvements.
"Tech pack" is currently only available for sale with the Grand Touring model.
The $1990 spending adds to the blind spot and lane departure warning system, as well as the front light high beam control system that automatically darkens the approaching driver.
Mercedes-Benz has six options for B-Class. Load a top-
All specifications are available and can cost more than $60,000.
PRICE From $1490-$2990.
Two of them are more useful for $12-$2990 in merchandise packaging
Speaker Harman Kardon sound system with 10 gb hard drive, 7-
Inch Satellite navigation screen and reversing camera, as well as driving assist package for increased lane departure and blind spot warning system and adaptive cruise control for $2490. --
If keeping home safe is a priority then B-
Class will be a No. brainer. Collision-
Avoid alerts and pre-
The safe box is included in the starting price.
The first one will alert and pre-
If the sensor detects that the car is about to be rear, load the brake-
End the other, the seat belt of the second system pressure, and close the G-of the window-
The troops were high enough to convince the software that the crash was coming.
Immerse yourself in options and B-
Class can have a condom piece to compete with any car in the Mercedes series, whether it's adaptive cruise control and headlights, blind spot warnings or software that keeps the car lane.
Imitation is the biggest form of compliment, and Mazda varies from the Mercedes manual to the selection software --
As part of the package upgrade, based on security improvements.
Regular Mazda CX-
5 The Grand Tour is not lazy in terms of safety. There are a series of active and passive measures that can reach a total of five-
Star crash safety story--
Features * Mercedes-Benz B-Class: 5. 8-
Inch screen with iPod USB and Bluetooth connection, six speaker sound system, parking sensor, electric parking brake, cloth seat * Mazda CX-5 GT: 5. 8-
9-inch touch screen
Speaker sound system with iPod, USB and Bluetooth connection, satellite navigation system, reversing camera, leather seat. --
B up a level. -The seven-
The speed automatic transmission is very smooth and occasionally fails
When it accelerates from a nearby station, it can look for a gear --
Really outstanding.
Thank God it won't stop-
Start the traffic so most car owners don't notice. The run-
Flat rubber groaned for a moment on the rough chip surface, but it was not terrible and noticeable, mainly because there was no wind noise on the body at a legitimate highway speed.
The steering has been dialed-
Family Service
It is light and precise without providing a lot of feedback.
The power output may not be large, but the basic engine is enough to drag four adults if it is not at breakneck speed. Claimed 0-
The time of 100/hour is 10 kilometers.
4 seconds, but if the buyer buys the B200 gasoline model for another $4000, 115 KW/250Nm-
But it's the same.
1L/100 km fuel use.
300Nm torque and 4 for diesel engines.
7 L/100 km fuel use, make it a garbage option if B is going to cover a lot of kays. --
Last B-
Class leads the compact prestige segment, a better car to buy in less cash in every area.
This is a very practical load luger, and Mercedes is already forecasting the short term.
While working to meet global demand, there is a long-term supply problem. --
All three well-known brands are competing for a bigger share of the small car market.
Audi's A3 hatch and-
BMW introduced Q3 SUV, BMW has 1 Series and X1 cross, Mercedes Benz has B seriesClass.
Last year, Mercedes won the sales competition in this field, but two
The month gap between the old model and the arrival of this model means that despite the forecast of at least 2500 of sales, the company will still try to stay ahead again in 2012.
The Audi A3 starts at $41,200 and the BMW 1 Series starts at $39,593. --
Their size--
* Mercedes-Benz B200 * high 1557mm * WB 2699mm * track 1552mm/1549mm * Turn 11.
0 m * weight 1425 kg * rear leg space 976mm * Function 5. 8-
6-inch touch screen
Speaker sound system with iPod, USB, electric parking brake * Mazda CX-
5 * width 1840mm * height 1710mm * WB 2700mm * track 1585mm/1590mm * Turn Round 11.
2 m * weight 1482 kg * rear leg space 997mm * Function 5. 8-
9-inch touch screen
Speaker Bose sound system with iPod, USB and Bluetooth connection, satellite navigation, reverse camera-
Price $29,990 * Engine 1 Audi A1 attraction *. 4-litre 4-
90 KW/200Nm cylinder 6-cylinder turbo gasoline
Speed manual, front-
Wheel Drive * Body 3-
Door Hatch * thirsty 5.
3L/100 km (95 ron), 124 g/km CO2 "is the cheapest way to own a distinguished German car. "--
PRICE From $36,990 * Engine 1. 6-litre 4-
100 KW/220Nm * TRANS 6-cylinder turbo gasoline
Speed Manual, after-
Wheel Drive * Body 5-
Door Hatch * thirsty 5.
7L/100 km (95 ron), 132g/km CO2 "brings people's budget to the brand "---
Lexus CT200h * price $39,990 * Engine 1. 8-litre 4-
100 KW/142Nm * Cross-continuous variable transmission * Body 5-cylinder, motor
The door hatch is thirsty.
1/100 km (95 ron), 95 g/km CO2
Prius is more notable than donating cars.
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