A rebel UDA unit is re-arming in a grim warning to rival drug dealers. - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-27
A rebel UDA unit is re-arming in a grim warning to rival drug dealers.  -  what is the best car alarm
Rebel UDA forces are being redeployed
A stern warning to rival drug dealers.
Independent southeast Antrim has issued a warning that Carrick dealers are threatening their own lucrative business, which will be difficult
Even beat their own people for trading.
Camera shy Carrick commander Clifford Aines, desperate to control the booming drug trade in the seaside town, ordered four of his men to be beaten.
In the brutal punishment attack, the victims were all broken by their arms.
Cocaine is Carrick's currency and until recently, UDA has also played drug shows on tap 24/7, but there's been a lot of so-called loyalty blues lately --
A calming agent that mixes ecstasy and grams of his life-
Drug Business threatened
Blues are more often associated with Belfast, especially North Belfast UDA, but sources tell us that this drug that can lead to severe depression is widespread in Co. Antrim town.
After the famous "only fool and horse" role, hardcore is also known as the "trigger" and he is angry at the impact of his business.
When he knew his own dealer was stopping him, he ordered four of his men to be beaten.
Within hours of being beaten, all of them went back to the streets to work for the iron.
Now, the trigger adds loyal blues to his list of drugs sold. WashedWell-
We were told by the community sources placed that the drug was sold by "boxload.
But iron's attempt to reaffirm his authority could backfire.
He tried to get rid of direct involvement in UDA trade by appointing a new commander.
The man, who is known as the world of Sunday, is currently awaiting trial on serious criminal charges and is responsible for maintaining rank and file matches.
He also talked about another retired veteran, Udas, to consolidate his position.
We also know the identity of this man, who is a former jailer and is released under the Good Friday Agreement, who is believed to have washed the hands of terrorist organizations, but he was sent back to prison.
Our source said: "There is no doubt that the trigger is still pulling strings, and the new commander is the body of his dog, who is using him to focus on the business.
"Carrick udad buys drugs from criminal gangs in northern England, especially Manchester and Liverpool, and then they are smuggled into Northern Ireland in a car.
Before heading north, the gear was either via Lahn from Scotland or via the ferry route from holhead to Dublin.
We know that they are able to buy cocaine for £ 300 an ounce and then sell it for £ 700 an ounce.
Sources told Us that profit margins could be as high as 500 depending on how much they cut drugs.
They used their links with drug gangs in the UK to rearm and have brought some clean pistols.
"They have been taking the word out.
Military rise, they are indeed tools, but it has nothing to do with anything but money.
"Hardcore is a greedy jerk who will do his best to protect his cash flow.
"At the recent memorial Sunday ceremony, he said, Irons stressed that away from major political parties, all UDA personnel traditionally participated.
Our source said: "He's there with a bunch of his drug dealers and he only cares about money.
"While hardcore is despised by his own men, as long as he continues to pay his share of profits to Brigadier General Gary Fisher at sea, his position as UDA boss in Carrick is safe.
Handing "The trigger can be a simple thing, but as far as Rathcoole is concerned, he keeps his nose clean and Fisher will never move him when the money flows.
"However, there are more and more question marks in the intimate relationship between triggers and the police.
Sunday World has spoken to some well-placed loyal sources in the town who claim that information about the UDA drug trade has been passed on to PSNI, including details of known Member addresses, where cars register and sell drugs.
No action was taken against him, and now the members openly question his actions, particularly the recent incident, and he orders his men to report to a licensed premises outside Carrick.
Everyone was there, but hardcore and his six drug-trading runners made excuses to go to a bar in Lahn.
"He ordered all the people to go and then disappeared," said a member present . ".
"The lads are looking forward to the police.
"He was allowed to operate with impunity, which raised questions not only within the community, but within his own organization.
Independence of Ireland
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