Abbeydale residents recount close encounters with shooter - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-08
Abbeydale residents recount close encounters with shooter  -  car alarm
A hawcs police helicopter hovered overhead as she watched the police search in the backyard for a reported gunman in the area.
When she and her husband talked on the phone about the massive presence of the police, Carol refused to give her last name, along with her two children, from the kitchen window at N, Abingdon Road, she saw the unfolding of the incident. E. home.
After a while, with a bang, she saw smoke coming out of her neighbor's garage.
Right at the beginning of the shooting.
After she got the child to the basement, she went back upstairs.
She saw from the kitchen that the garage window was broken and there was a gun pointing outside.
When the police gathered in the garage, the people inside opened fire on the approaching police.
Police have not yet identified the gunman, who was later found dead in a burned-out house. out garage.
About two hours ago, Michelle corgi came face-to-face with the gunman while walking nearby.
For the first time, she saw a man approach a blue pickup truck parked in front of the burned-out house behind the garage.
She said he was there. xa0A windowxa0Before climbing into the cab, the truck.
Coljee said: "I thought he lived in that house and I said, 'Well, it's a way to get into your truck. '".
"He came in, he was in there for a few minutes, and the car alarm rang.
The man is short and fat, about 6 feet tall, probably in the middle of him, coji said. 20s or early-
In his 30 s, wearing a white T-shirt
Shirt with gold font and black casual pants.
"I looked at him and he had such a crowbar," she said, holding an imaginary tool overhead like a weapon.
"I looked at him in case he hit me or the dog with a crowbar.
Police received a call to 100 Block on Abingdon Road on Tuesday morning as there were reports that someone was trying to break into Abingdon's home
Police Chief Roger Chaffin said the incident occurred after armed robbery and attempted car robbery at a nearby convenience store.
Subsequently, with the help of CPS tactical team members and HAWCS police helicopter, a large-scale search was conducted for suspects.
When the first shot rang, Chantelle Mcelwain was at home with her four young children.
"When I saw all the police officers going out with guns, I sent the children downstairs," she said . ".
After sending her child to a safe place, Mcelwain said she saw a man lying on the ground with police around her.
Later she learned that the injured man had been forgotten.
"I didn't know it was the police at the time, I didn't know who it was, but (the police) were by his side," she said . ".
"I heard the gunshots and I came in (living room) and the police were all running that way so (suspect) before I got into the living room, must have run between the houses there to where the garage is.
"Kevin Derek, sitting in a nearby house, was told by the police to go in and cover.
"You suddenly heard pop music'pop-pop-
Then the garage left. "He said.
"All I saw was black smoke and the garage was on fire.
Members of the CPS Tactical team came up to Mcelwain's kitchen window and then entered her home saying they needed to use her upstairs back window as a "Vantage Point ", this requires a hole in the window screen.
"He's really good, though," she said . ".
Carol said, "I mean, what you have to do, right ? " When the garage fire raged, the police escorted the family out of the House, an officer with her younger son.
"Actually, they picked him up from downstairs, so we'll get out of the House faster . . . . . . Stay away from smoke and other things so we don't breathe in smoke.
Shortly after, the suspect was found dead in the ruins of the garage.
Investigators removed his body around 6: 30. m.
Hours after fighting with the policeASIRTxa0—
Hours after the shooting stopped on Tuesday, the province's independent police watchdog conducted an investigation, and Coogee's husband was out with a dog at home when he found a jacket in the backyard, Corgi said, the police officers took evidence.
"It looks like someone has just put it in front of our gate," she said . ".
Police had been in the community until Wednesday.
Investigators can be seen talking to residents and looking for clues in the wreckage of the garage.
ASIRT is investigating the death of the suspect.
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