'absolute living hell': clive man at wits end after three burglaries at home in a week - car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-17
\'absolute living hell\': clive man at wits end after three burglaries at home in a week  -  car alarm system
Hawke's Bay man, Marcus Louisson, said that he has experienced three burglary breaks in the past week, including a terrible house invasion, and his life is "living hell ".
The thief has taken away both his underwear and the remote control of the alarm system, which makes him worry about whether he will be targeted next, or when. At 6.
At fifteen o'clock A. M. on Saturday, February 23, luvason was drinking coffee at his home in Clive Gould Street, and two cars were parked in his driveway.
Assuming they were orchard workers, he went to meet them but was struck up by four people.
"As soon as I opened the door, two Maori came to the corner, one of them dressed in red --
They are definitely gang members . "
They asked for drugs and money, he said, but when he said he had no drugs and money, there was a "scuffle" and they threatened to "beat" him.
"There were two more when I managed to get rid of them, so there were four, and I couldn't deal with four men, maybe one, but not four.
Louisson, in his 60 s, fled to his neighbor's house, woke them up in the process and called the police.
During that time, the "cheeky" thief ransacked his home and, within four minutes of the vacant house, escaped with his wallet and Rolex watch.
The night before, Louisson was targeted by someone he thought was taking the remote for his alarm system.
The offender also stole items including a $6000 coffee machine and bicycle, and even personal items including all his underwear and handkerchiefs.
Louisson's cabin was targeted on Thursday night and a ship and tools were taken away.
"It's an absolute living hell and I can't control anything of mine anymore," Louisson said . ".
He plans to move in with his sister and doesn't know what the future of the house he has owned over the past six months will look like.
"I am just the end of my wisdom.
A police spokesman said they received complaints about burglary at Louisson's address.
They say they have "investigation lines to follow up" and will keep in touch with the victims as the case progresses.
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