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addictions treatment raisesxa0alarm  -  what is the best car alarm
In his struggle to realize the dream of an addiction treatment center, in honor of his son, scott Oake has repeatedly talked about bringing what he calls the "golden standard" of treatment and rehabilitation to Winnipeg.
But the facility has now been cleared up in the old Vimi arena and has been linked to a company with a gold record.
Learn about Calgary-free media-
Headquartered in the new starting point rehabilitation center, which will be a model for the Winnipeg facility built for Bruce Oak, who died of heroin overdose, there is a close connection with a foundation that has been rejected by most mainstream medical experts to promote alternative health treatments.
Fresh Start will run the Bruce Oake rehabilitation center to promote its programs and hire employees and safe community partners.
However, despite the high success rate of Start, medical experts have expressed serious concern about one of their key community partners: the Energy Foundation in North.
According to the center's annual report, since 2011, Pure North has operated a clinic on the first floor of the new starting point to provide residents with free, voluntary treatment.
These treatments appear to include: vitamin D doses above Health Canada's recommended intake;
Removal of mercury alloy fillings and heavy metal reduction by chelation therapy.
Health Canada classifies chelation therapy other than the treatment of lead poisoning as controversial and unconfirmed treatment.
Many in the medical community have expressed concern about the scientific support of North health claims and practices. Dr.
James Talbot, Alberta's former chief medical officer, said the treatment provided in the pure North is basically equivalent to medical research.
"What is the important part (Pure North’s)
Don't talk about medical practice.
So it belongs to the research category, "said Talbot, who is currently a part-time professor at the University of Alberta School of Public Health.
An independent review conducted on behalf of Alberta's Ministry of Health found that there was no independent study on vitamin D use in pure North and concluded that there was not enough evidence to support its "preventive" claimHealth Project.
In addition, long, a nutritionist in Canada-
On 2015, long-time critics of pure North wrote to former federal health minister Ona Ambrose raising concerns about the so-called "Cherry"
Evidence of "non" use
Support the promotion of profit on vitamin D doses that are high enough to pose a risk to health.
Bruce Holstead, operations director at Fresh Start, told free media that they were "not worried" about the voluntary treatment North provided to residents ".
He stressed that no one in Winnipeg has been exposed to Pure North as a community partner, but that new start-up employees will seek organizations that will be able to provide the same level of service and care at the Calgary facility.
In its initial response, Pure North said there was no discussion with new Start about becoming a community partner at Bruce Oak rehabilitation center.
Pure North declined to have the opportunity to respond to a follow-up request seeking comment on criticism of its practice on the grounds of a court case being heard in Alberta.
The proposed Bruce Oak rehabilitation center took another step forward after the City Council voted Thursday to approve the sale of the closed vermi arena and its parking lot for $1 to Manitoba Housingin turn —
It is planned to be leased to the Oake Family Foundation.
Oaks, hosted by Canadian television Scott Oaks, wants $14. million, 50-bed, long-
The man's chronic addiction facility will save others from suffering after Bruce's death seven years ago.
The location of the site sparked strong opposition from nearby residents, but there was less focus on the model proposed by the facility.
Oaks said they would rely heavily on the addiction expertise offered by the new starting point and its executive director, Stacey Petersen.
Peterson currently appears to be the only addiction specialist on the board of Bruce Oak rehabilitation center.
In an interview with free media, Scott Oake said the family will be "as close as possible" to the new beginning --
In Winnipeg, it's basically the same project, added.
The Oaks family especially touted the high power of the factory.
About 55-
And dedication to the long termterm recovery.
The client lives between 12 and 16 weeks at the facility, but can participate for a few months (if not a few years) after graduation ).
Scott Oake initially told the Free Press that he would look at the pure North and the treatment it provides for the residents of the new starting point.
A day later, he said he changed his mind because no one was talking about it as a community partner in Winnipeg.
However, new Start's annual report makes it clear that it believes that the pure North is critical to the success of its project.
"The pure Northern project is voluntary, providing life --
"Change vitamin and mineral supplements, reduce heavy metals, replace dental amalgam fillings containing mercury, and even replace teeth in some serious cases," new Start's 2016 report said.
According to its 2015 report: "This is a pure northern health program that is provided to our residents free of charge. . .
We believe that their work has helped us to increase the number of people who continue to celebrate their first full recovery year, and then the second waiting year.
"The Alberta provincial government suddenly cut funding for the controversial private health foundation last year after it received alternative medical care from the province-funded clinic. Pure North —
Publicly condemning the cuts, calling them politically motivated
There are at least five locations in Alberta and BC.
In addition to Alberta Health Department, Talbot and Canadian nutritionists, Health Canada has also been on the record to contradict the claims of pure North.
In a press release of 2015, Health Canada specifically denied North's public statement and said that vitamin D intake was not good for health beyond its recommended dose.
In fact, it specifically advises Canadians not to exceed the "safe and tolerable upper intake level" on the grounds that there may be a downsideeffects.
When asked about the practice of removing the amalgam filler based on the belief that they might release hazardous amounts of mercury into the body, Dr.
Catherine Dale, president of the Manitoba Dental Association, said, "I am not aware of any scientific material supporting this position.
Talbot said: "Given that many of its health statements do not conform to recognized medical practices, guidelines and ethical issues governing medical research should be effective for the pure North.
"In terms of research, there are a few things that need to be put in place before this work moves forward.
The study needs to be submitted to a group of experts for peer review.
"This is to make sure that what is done is scientifically effective," he said . ".
"The second thing that needs to be in place is ethical approval.
Those involved in the study need to be aware that this is a study and give consent in a free and informed manner. "ryan.
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