air stuck in subaru power steering pump - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-11
air stuck in subaru power steering pump  -  new car alarm system
I put an electric steering pump on a customer and it still makes noise.
What can I do to get the air out of the system?
This is a 1997 Subaru inland and the replacement pump is the Subaru part of the factory. A.
Subaru power steering system is unique to some extent, unlike most cars, they sometimes suck air into the power steering system if you turn off the engine instead of discharging the liquid.
Over time, the air will drain itself-
Although I have seen some technicians design an adapter for the vacuum pump and apply the vacuum to the pump shell while slowly turning the steering wheel. Q.
I have a dispute with my neighbor.
He said that you always check the transmission fluid in the car while the engine is running.
When I check the transmission with the engine off, the oil ruler reading is full.
If I check the fluid while the engine is running, the fluid will also be displayed as full.
What is the right way? A.
Most cars that still have an automatic transmission oil ruler need to check the level in the event that the engine is fully warmed up and running.
Whenever you have questions about maintenance, please consult the owner's manual. Q.
I have noticed that the check engine light will light up when the humidity is high, especially during driving heavy rain.
This car is a 1996 Honda Accord sedan with four cars. Cylinder engine. Any thoughts? A.
The first thing you need to do is have someone check the computer failure code.
Once you have the code, it should be easier to find the reason to check the engine lights.
A possible problem is quality. air-flow sensor. The mass-air-
The flow sensor is a sensor affected by humidity. Q.
I have a Toyota Corolla and the car alarm rang when I locked the door.
What could be the cause of this? A. The TVIP (
Toyota car invasion protection)
The system is quite complex.
It uses a series of sensors that detect door openings and broken glass, as well as electronic control units that suppress starter operation.
Toyota has a very specific maintenance strategy that needs to be followed in order to properly diagnose and repair the system.
The problem may be the control unit, the sensor, or the line. Q.
I took my 1988 Ford. 150 on a "two-
"Hour Tour" on weekends ".
I didn't have any problems along the way, but once in New Hampshire I had to jump --
Start the van to keep it going.
Then, on my return trip, just as I stopped at the toll station in hockset, the van was just dead.
I want to restart it but nothing-
I mean absolutely no, not even a dangerous signal.
I stopped and jumped-
Restart, but the cable gets very hot.
I called AAA and dragged the van home.
I had the Van sit for a few days to "cool down" and then restart without problems. Help! A.
The first thing I want to see is the battery cable.
If one of the battery cables is very poorly connected, this could be the root of your problem.
Particularly suspicious of the negative battery cable connected to the engine block.
I 've seen a lot of cases where this cable is almost completely disconnected from its connection. Q.
I have a Jeep of 2008 and a four.
Cylinder engine and CVT transmission.
I stumbled on 4-
About 1,000 miles of wheel drive, about half of which is 65 miles70 mph.
Do you think there is any damage to the transmission?
It seems to drive normally now, but makes me realize it's in 4-
The wheel drive is a faint smell of burning from the brakes. A. The four-
Like many vehicles, the wheel drive system with a continuous variable transmission in the Jeep uses a brake system to increase traction.
When the wheel sensor detects a slip, the anti-slip
The lock brake system will activate one of the brakes to restore traction.
The brakes may overheat slightly during this period. Q.
I have a 2000 Mercury mink and every time I start the car it makes grinding noise before it finally starts.
I got home last weekend and turned off the car for five minutes to try to get started.
It made a grinding noise and then completely confused me.
It won't start at all.
It only makes a click, and it has been doing so since then.
What is the problem? A.
From your description, the start-up motor gear drive can wear out.
When removing the starter for inspection, a good technician will also check if the engine flywheel is likely to be damaged.
If the tooth on the flywheel is damaged, the transmission needs to be removed to correct the problem.
John Paul is the public affairs manager of AAA New England south.
You can contact him at jpaul @ aaasne. com.
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