amazon alexa will now listen for strangers in your house and keep it safe from burglars - top car alarm systems

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-04
amazon alexa will now listen for strangers in your house and keep it safe from burglars  -  top car alarm systems
Alexa is listening.
Now she will let you know if she doesn't like to hear it.
Amazon has announced that its Echo speakers can now be on guard in your house while you are away, and on guard against anything unpleasant.
For example, if a microphone in a smart speaker hears the sound of breaking a glass or the sound of a smoke detector going off, they record the sound and send it to its owner.
All of this is done using the same artificial intelligence that powers voice tools and other intelligence of Echo.
The feature, called Alexa Guard, is just one of a range of new features that Amazon has announced as part of a major event to host about 70 updates.
They include other software tools such as "no frustration settings" that allow new devices to be set up without fiddling with controls.
The guard function is set up by saying something to Alexa, like "Alexa, I'm leaving ".
At this point she will start her watch or hearing and report anything unusual.
In addition to listening, Alexa can turn the lights on and off at random, making it look like someone is still at home.
It will be connected to the alarm system of companies such as Amazon.
Make sure all of these tools work together.
In addition to listening to suspicious noise, Alexa will also check if the user is whispering.
If so, it will also start listening and make sure it doesn't wake people up.
Amazon says both listening features depend on advanced artificial intelligence, which has been trained in detail to recognize and respond to sounds.
Other Alexa new features announced at the same event include hunches.
Let the assistant know how you use your house and warn you that if you seem to be out of direction as usual-for example, if it sees you going to sleep but your guest room light is on, it will remind you and ask if it needs to be closed.
With the internet down, Amazon has also introduced local voice control so that devices can still be controlled.
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