app-solutely: waking up to the rock - auto alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-11
app-solutely: waking up to the rock  -  auto alarm
It's never been so interesting to get up early!
When you let Dwayne Johnson go, "beeps, beeps.
I can do this all day!
Beep, beep, "why not?
Not all the fun in reality.
With the excitement of rock fans, I downloaded the app when it started.
I am me, and I forget it very conveniently.
I finally started using this app until last week, at least to see if it can do things that hundreds of other apps can't do-let me get up early.
Why should I be an early morning person?
This way-most successful people get up early;
They finish more work in a day and success won't hurt them!
Now, I want to lose a few pounds (
Actually not just a few).
The only way I can do this is-get up early like a rock, fasten sneakers, walk a few miles, before I start jogging and then wish to run. Sigh!
By the way, there is no snooze button for Dwayne Johnson's rock clock.
Because, you know, Stone is not needed.
My favorite feature in every alarm app is snooze.
So with a lot of ifs and buts, I forced myself to set the alarm clock for 5a. m. on day one.
It turns out that I like to wake up and hear the beeps of rock . . . . . . However, the next day, when he insisted on complaining to my ears with a pleasant "let's do this", it didn't seem so interesting!
How does a person stir up so much enthusiasm with just four hours of sleep?
Let us face it;
I am a very unhappy person in the morning.
But I am determined to stick to it and try to use the app on the third day as well.
This time, Dwayne sang a more pleasant "Good Morning Sunshine" in a low voice.
By the way, the app has an interesting rock time feature-an automatic alarm clock that syncs and rings with the rock alarm clock as early as 4 years old. 15 a. m.
On certain days, then again at 3. 45 a. m. on some.
Obviously, this rock is a very early riser!
I must admit that I dare not test this feature yet.
Let's wake up at 5. m. first.
No matter how much I complain about it, the app does seem to be doing its job-however, I insist on closing it over the weekend.
On the other hand, the application needs to run all night to function properly.
One night I slept until 7 when I forgot to leave it on. m.
Because the alarm clock didn't ring.
For enthusiasts, Dwayne also has inspirational videos every other day, playing after the alarm clock rings in the morning.
Will I continue to use it?
Maybe if I could hear Dwayne croon every morning instead of the annoying beeps.
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