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by:Kingcobra     2019-09-01
apply physical world tactics to your online marketing strategy  -  trunk open
The biggest problem with people's online sales strategy is that they don't have an online sales strategy!
But for those who think they do have a strategy, they are often distracted by shiny objects and short-lived tactics, and tend to overdo
Everything is complicated.
The most reliable way to succeed in online marketing is to reflect the role of marketing in the real world.
Let me explain . . . . . . Imagine that you think you need a new laptop in the future.
Listen to the radio and you will hear this new laptop that sounds great.
It has facial recognition software, has a lot of voice activation functions, and is immune to all viruses . . . . . . This is exactly what you want.
But the radio ad didn't tell you where to buy it!
How frustrating that would be?
That's what many bloggers do today.
They provide a lot of information and value, but they don't have an appeal for action.
There is no way for their visitors to actually buy.
But let's say that somehow you are able to learn that this laptop is on sale at Best Buy.
So you go there, in the parking lot, you see a guy who opens the suitcase, who is selling the laptop you want for $200 cheaper than inside.
He tells you that it even has a 5 year warranty.
You just have to go back to this parking lot and he will be here. Yeah Right! ! ! !
So who will you buy from? The fly-by-night sales-from-my-
Trunk guy, or would you spend an extra $200 to buy it from a store that has been around for years and has 100 locations?
Now, if it's a shovel or an axe, I might save some money and buy it from the "trunk man", but I think it may require follow-up repairs and care and I'm going to spend extra money.
People in the trunk just don't have enough credibility.
This is, in my opinion, the majority of sales channels.
Sales attempts of some fliesby-
Night net liarBut wait!
If when I leave Trunk, he tells me that he actually owns a chain store or electronic retail store himself, I can return the laptop for warranty at any of his dozens of physical stores.
Well, if it's legit, it changes the rules of the game, isn't it?
But let's forget the suitcase for the time being and go to Best Buy.
There you can see the laptop next to all the other laptops.
Looks as good as you think, but expensive.
Would you like to know if it will go public?
Would you like to know if there is a cheaper price for Costco?
Would you like to know if there is another similar brand with a lower price?
What are you doing?
You left the store without buying.
This is what most websites do.
They show you something cool, what you want, but there is no urgency to buy. What does K-Mart do (or did… is K-
Wal-Mart is still around)?
They have "blue light specials ".
Head to the blue flashing lights and pick up the killer to trade yourself.
Now, this is the correct use of the sales funnel.
If a website can incorporate sales channels into their online strategy, they can participate in the competition.
There is a sense of urgency now.
There is a reason not to wait now, buy now.
The sales funnel can provide time-sensitive discounts and can also be used to collect email addresses to ensure that it will be purchased from you once a laptop is purchased.
So, when I apply the physical world strategy to your online marketing strategy, that's what I'm talking about.
If all you have is a sales funnel, then it's like selling from the trunk of your car.
If your site is inconsistent with the sales channel, then where is the urgency and why are they buying from you?
If you have a blog with no call for action, what's the point?
It's like having a radio ad that doesn't tell the audience where to buy your information.
But if you combine your blog with your website and sales channels, now you have created a powerful reputation accelerator whirlpool.
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