arai clears chinese mobikes - car alarm and remote start

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-28
arai clears chinese mobikes  -  car alarm and remote start
Cosmo Blaster is likely to be the title of a new Schwarzenegger movie.
Instead, it is the brand name of 110cc 4-
China Motorcycle, remote start, mold-
Cast wheels, disc brakes and defensestheft alarm.
All of these costs are around Rs 36,000.
In addition, it will be available in Pune from next month.
Subhash Yeola, who owns Pune's exclusive sales rights, said the bike has passed all the tests prescribed by the Indian Association for automobile research (ARAI)
There is no longer any dispute.
What are the tone and voice of poor quality and pollution factors in China's bicycles?
M. K. Chaudhari, senior deputy director of ARAI, clarified that it was only approved after Monto Motors made the necessary changes that met the Indian conditions.
Similar response from regional transport officials (RTO)
Jeevan Bansod says there is no problem with RTO signing up for the bike as long as the necessary certificates are obtained.
Manufacturer Lifan established a joint venture in cooperation with Delhi
Based on Monto Motors, the latter receives the bike in a knocked down state and then re-
Assemble them at Alwar's factory (Rajasthan).
We have invested an additional Rs 50 to complete the assembly line by installing the production capacity of one lakh unit per year.
General Manager R Chibber said that so far, in the past year, we have sold about 9,000 bicycles in the country and hope to sell 10,000 bicycles per month this year (marketing), Monto Motors.
On the hammer, there is a larger capacity of bicycles with a capacity of 15cc-175cc and two-stroke single-
Bicycle for children.
Of course, Yeola is very confident that he will not hiccups.
Monto Motors is a well-known company for its Avanti Garelli mopeds.
$500 Lifan-
His reason is that, in addition to selling 800,000 engines to Mobike manufacturer Honda, the company produces 2 million motorcycles a year.
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