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at arm\'s length  -  best car alarm system
Roger Sheller lives in two comfortable houses.
Bedroom home in Westwood. He has a high-
There is an emergency button technology alarm system next to his bed.
He has a car alarm system that will scold you if you are too close to his BMW.
He insisted that there was a can of pepper spray on his wife's key chain.
Just in case, 39-year-
Old Sheller put a gun in the house.
"To be frank," he said, "I know nothing is foolproof, but then I feel safer.
"Sherer was never a victim of crime, but like many other angels, he shaped his life around fear.
Statistics show that violent crime has declined in major cities, including Los Angeles.
But at the same time, $13-billion-a-
A year of vigorous development of the security industry.
Experts agree that even the most complex alarm systems can be disabled, but they also point out that,
Defense products and alarm systems do provide a sense of security that can serve as a deterrent.
Here are some samples of the latest items you can buy while looking for yourselfprotection.
* Home alert: Jack Ross, vice president of SOLA, said they are so popular that security companies have actually opened up the home market
Security guards in Los Angeles
Ross says a very basic system that provides sensor monitors and cabling at the front and back doors, with low installation costs and a monthly monitoring fee of $20 to $30.
This is what Ross calls a "cheap date", which is basically ineffective because thieves rarely come in from the front door.
He suggested spending between $1,500 and $5,000 to connect all the entrance doors, fix the key window, and install motion sensors.
For an emergency, the extra allowance is an emergency button, preferably to be heard.
* Car alarm: $99 and you will get a basic alarm.
If you really want to stop someone from driving your car away, buy a hood lock for $300 to prevent thieves from disabling the alarm.
Another option is to disable the system by the startup program. *Anti-
A solution (for about $250)
Is a system that will disable the vehicle after the thief is driving the vehicle for about two blocks.
When the driver's door is open, the best system is automatically activated and must be disabled by pressing a certain number of switches. *Anti-
Code grab system: they are the antidote to the electronic "code grab" that records signals from the garage door
Car alarms and other remote devices.
Once the signal is recorded, the thief plays back and turns on any locked signal.
Consider a system that rotates or skips the code whenever the remote is pressed.
Cost: over $300.
* Odor rape deterrent: This small capsule is touted as a non-violent deterrent to rape and attack.
When the victim was in danger, all she did was squeeze the capsule, which smelled so bad that the attacker had the hope of running away.
With the appearance of rohypnol, so-
The capsule, known as a rape drug, was advertised as the last defense.
Stop Rape (
The active ingredient is Ding sulfur Tan)
Self-defense products sold through the Internet (
* Pepper spray: Pepper spray is probably the most popular selfdefense item. It is cheap (
Usually between $10 and $15)
, No license or training required, easy to find (
Hardware and pharmacy)
Non-lethal, can be sprayed from a distance, and is actually effective if used properly.
The idea is to reduce the attacker to eyes with cough, suffocation and tears within 30 minutes.
For more money, fogs. -
Pepper spray with dye-
Will bleed your attacker.
Eyes and purple or green.
* Stun guns: these are batteries-operated hand-
Handheld devices that produce an electronic discharge of 65,000 volts, resulting in painful muscle cramps, to 200,000 volts, will make your attacker dizzy and have no muscle control for up to 10 minutes.
They are surprisingly cheap (the 200,000-
The Volt model costs $50), scary-
It seems to be painful for attackers and non-lethal.
But you have to hit the bad guy with a gun.
* Air Taser guns: just last year, these Taser guns were limited to the use of California police.
Now, you can buy a Taser for just over $200. held baton-
Like using compressed air to launch two connections to 15-foot-long wires.
The hook penetrated the clothes and quickly fainted the attacker, depriving him of his ability for up to 15 minutes.
But if you stand too close or too far, the Taser gun doesn't work that well.
* Personal alerts: These little alerts are placed in the palm of your hand, very, very loud.
Most of them are activated by pulling a secure plug and retail for only $10.
* Bottom line: If you're single-minded
Defense, Sgt says, is trained at least on any device you use.
Reed Mott, head of crime prevention at the Los Angeles Police Department.
But, he added, "If a self
You will feel more comfortable after carrying the defense.
Part of crime prevention is awareness and manners, and you are unlikely to be a target if you feel safe.
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