australia has an emergency alert system like the one that caused chaos in hawaii - one way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-11
australia has an emergency alert system like the one that caused chaos in hawaii  -  one way car alarm
Hawaii's governor, David Ige, endorsed the "pain and confusion" caused by Sunday's false ballistic missile warning text alert to the public.
Australia has its own emergency alert system and is not immune to human error.
Source: The incoming federal senator for supply Edan suggested that mobile communications mistakes that put Hawaii in a catastrophic panic could repeat itself in Australia.
Retired general Jim Moran will be sworn in to the Turnbull government next month, and Australia says there is a "similar" emergency alert system in Australia that tells thousands of Hawaiian people, A ballistic missile is on its way over the weekend.
Human error is not immune, he said.
"It's almost possible for all these complex systems --
We have similar in Australia. to eradicate (the risk of)
Someone pressed the wrong button, "Mr Moran told 2 gb.
"There are a few things you can do, but once you solve the button --
Someone will come up with another way to solve the problem during shift change
The Human Factors in our society will find another way.
Make a mistake.
"This smartphone screen shot shows a false ballistic missile emergency alert sent from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency system on Saturday.
Photo: AP Photo/Caleb JonesSource: False alarms have been revealed to warn residents that seeking asylum is the result of a government employee pressing the "wrong button.
The employee is said to feel "very bad" about inciting panic throughout the island country, and the national defense ministry is reviewing the system to install a two-step distribution process that requires two people to send a warning.
But Moran says complex early warning systems like this can always trigger widespread panic.
"When you figure out all these systems --
These systems have only been in operation since 2012 and are not very old.
But once you find a way to intimidate the whole population, people will find another way to intimidate them, "he said.
Moran called Israel's early warning system an example of "very complex", but said the system covered much smaller areas.
Similar systems referred to by Mr. Moran are called emergency alerts and described on counsel
As the national "National consistent telephone-
Emergency warning system ".
It has "24/7 intrusion capability" to send a recorded warning message to the landline according to "last known location of the phone in case of emergency" and send a text message to the phone.
The message sent by the emergency alert service should "provide information about the current emergency, what action is taken and where further information is found ". A four-year-
The old video that explains how the system works shows that to send an alarm, the issuer receives a warning and must enter a password.
There is a similar emergency alert system in Australia.
Source: emergency alarm systems are most commonly used for issuing jungle fire alarms.
While there is no specific indication of whether the system will be used to warn Australia of upcoming missiles, it covers police, fire and emergency services issues.
When it is used, it is decided by the relevant national authorities and "depends on the nature of the event ".
However, Molan said the missile threat against Australia was not a concern.
"The center of Australia is about 8000 km kilometers from North Korea, so this is just the latest missile recently tested. . .
"In theory, this can reach almost all regions of Australia," he said . ".
"But I think the probability of this happening is close to zero. . .
Why do they strike instead of the United States?
If a missile is fired from North Korea, "it is likely to be overwhelmed by US defense forces," Moran said, as long as it is a missile or a small number of missiles.
"I just can't think of any reason why they would fire on us," he said . ".
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