auto theft now driven by identify theft and fraud - best car alarm system

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auto theft now driven by identify theft and fraud  -  best car alarm system
Due to the updated reverse wiring, the days of hot wiring cars and jimmying door locks seem to be over
Theft Technology
But are car thieves more creative?
The Gulf state car theft-once the country's motor vehicle theft capital-has plunged about 90% in the past 40 years.
At the peak of 1975, Massachusetts ranked third in the country.
After California and New York)
According to statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the total number of thefts per year was 91,563, and the state was in the top 10 of car thefts until 1992.
The state ended 2013 cases of theft in 9,122 cases.
The transponder key sends a radio signal to the car to start the ignition, which causes the drop as they prevent the car from starting without equipment.
Almost every new car now has transponder keys and fixtures that are very effective, said Russ Kumar, senior vice president of communications at the Highway Safety Insurance Institute.
Other features that play an important role include technologies such as "advanced alarm system in new car" and LoJack Stolen Vehicle System
Tracking and recovery system for stolen cars-
According to Mass, there is also the OnStar system.
National police spokesman David plopio
Last year, there were 1,592 motor vehicle theft incidents in Boston, which continued to show a downward trend from 2009, when there were 2,250, far below the 28,000 in 1975, said Boston Police Department spokesman Mike McCarthy.
The rapid decline, coupled with budget constraints at the time, resulted in a massive decline.
State police will dissolve their car theft department on December 2012.
"We can have a greater impact on public safety by having soldiers carry out road patrols, rather than putting the car theft task force in an era when the number of theft is significantly reduced," said Procopio . ".
Does that mean the car in massachut is safe now?
"Now it's about forgery, fraud planning and resale of vehicles," Procopio went on to add . ".
According to a report from NICB, one of the main ways the thief works around the transponder technology is simply taking away the transponder key.
Thieves usually falsify documents to dealers or banks, pretend to be the real owner of the car, or go to the locksmith or another copy of the dealer to get the key, reported.
The thief must obtain the vehicle identification number of the car (VIN)
In many cases, the thief copied the VINs, or just made up the VINs that did not exist.
They often resell stolen vehicles in the United States. S.
The report continues, or exports to foreign countries where cars are of higher value.
Another increasingly serious problem is financial fraud, in which cases individuals carry out identity theft, forgery and loan fraud.
The perpetrator will fund the car based on the information or identity of the theft or fraud.
According to NICB's report, it may take several months for a dealer or bank to detect fraud in some cases.
"Car dealers are keen to continue selling these products to stay in operation," said Ivan Blackman, director of vehicle operations at NICB . ".
Another popular crime is renting a car.
The thief may copy the key after renting a car, returning the car, and then steal the car from the rental yard or elsewhere later.
Blackman noted that due to these new types of crimes, the number of car theft "has not fallen to the extent reported by various organizations.
He continued: "vehicles obtained through financial fraud or theft from car rental companies do not usually enter the theft database.
"Because the contract is involved, it looks like a civil case, not a criminal case," Blackman said . " He added that he had worked with car rental companies that were unable to report their case to the police as a car theft case.
Victims of identity theft must take action, submit a police report, request a credit report and deal with banks, car dealers and insurance company Eva Velasquez, the president and CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center told the insurance company. com.
Using identity theft to buy a vehicle is "a new creative way for thieves to monetize our data," she added ".
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