automotive tech a la carte: upgrade your ride with these technology add-ons - car alarm and remote start

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-29
automotive tech a la carte: upgrade your ride with these technology add-ons  -  car alarm and remote start
Summer is the best time of the year to put the office, classroom or any of the other four --
The walled Alcatraz just locked you up and we thought we would encourage you to take the open path and discover what it means to be alive-please don't walk through all James Franco in 127 Hours!
What better way than in your trusty wheels?
What are you talking about?
Your car has been better. you don't have the money to buy a new one now?
So, why not clean up any number of these high stations?
Additional car technologyons.
The car you are riding now may not meet the standard, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way.
The speeding ticket is terrible, but so is speeding.
So, if you're going to decorate some of the Garmins, you 'd better avoid handing over these precious funds to this person.
Police can be tricky at times, which is why it's time to compete fairly with some of your own latest on-board technology.
We're certainly talking about radar detectors, and one of the more robust models on the market is the Cobra XR 9470 ($130).
Of course, the name sounds like an action movie in its 80 s, about a hero with a moustache, kicking the Roundhouse on the face of any bad guy who dares to hinder his pursuit of justice, but this is not the case. XRS is 14-
This will help ensure that your car will not be held with a digital radar/laser detector.
It has a full 360-
Degree laser detection radius, an intelligent mute system that can automatically turn itself off, it can hardly be detected through counter radar detectors, and a voice alarm system that can send out upcoming radar traps
A radar detector must be added to your technology Library.
Because let's face it, the only thing better than breaking the rules is not being caught. Drive safe.
So you ride without a fancy-
Navigation system?
This is a shame.
There is no need to panic, though-or let the bank add one more.
While more and more cars are packaged in navigation systems, they tend to be expensive.
So if you want to improve the technical level in your wheel group and avoid getting lost in the process, why not choose nü vi 3590 LMT like Garmin ($290).
Garmin's flagship GPS device has 5-
Inch touch screen display, free map update for life!
Nüvi also integrates with Android phones via Garmin's Smartphone Link app and offers live
Update traffic and weather in a timely manner through the company's real-time service.
Want to avoid getting lost?
NewView 3590 can even remember where your car is parked.
In addition, 3D map rendering of buildings and landmarks helps to navigate in new areas, while Garmin's real speech recognition technology makes it more natural to ask and receive directions.
Not all cars have spare cameras, but once the auto industry and government regulators stop arguing and set a clear deadline for the proposed government authorization, they should also end up doing so.
You have a lot of choices before that.
Option 1: do nothing.
Option 2: Buy a new car with a spare camera.
Option 3: buy a spare camera yourself.
For debate, let's say you tend to Option 3. Good choice.
Reversing cameras make it easier to drive cars, especially off-road vehicles.
But the best thing is: you don't need to buy one for hundreds of dollars.
Koollerton's rear view backup CMOS camera was actually stolen for $15. You get a high-
Definition, a 120 degree View camera directly connected to the car's license plate.
In addition to a guide to help you get back to the last parking spot, there are seven infrared LED sensors that can help you provide visibility at night.
$15, you probably won't care if someone stole it in the end!
Keep in mind, though, that you need to provide your own LCD screen to match koollerton's settings.
Of course, there are many reasons to love technology, especially car technology, but what we personally like most is precisely the degree of laziness it brings to all of us.
So if inserting a key and turning it to start your whip proves too much work, or getting on the bus and pressing the button to start your engine is too daunting, why not take out a remote car launcher and start with your palm.
The VIP 5901 remote control comes in handy here (
See what we did there? ).
In addition to the moonlight as a car alarm, the VIP snake acts as a remote car starter, capable of starting the engine, air conditioning, and heater to the preset level-even before you step into it.
Like rich people.
Normally, proximity sensors will only appear on the most inconspicuous cars, but they will slowly drop off the ladder.
Of course, if you don't want to spend your money on a new set of wheels, why not install some on your own?
Tadi Brother's wireless dual parking backup sensor system is a great choice.
You have four sensors.
You can also choose a total of eight.
It is connected to the rear of the car and helps detect incoming objects.
In addition to issuing intermittent sound warnings on nearby objects, the system also has a color table that visually shows the distance you hit.
Did we mention it was wireless?
Just plug it into any 12 v power supply and drive.
While most of the items on our list usually include technology that adds safety or convenience to cars, it's just pure fun to include Go pros's Hero 3: White Edition.
Next time you go to carve some canyons and lure those slippery switches, why not install Hero 3 on your hood and capture it with glorious 1080 p?
Built in Hero 3 support-in Wi-
Fi, so you can directly control the playback stream and to Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.
It may even bring some crazy traffic for future generations.
For many reasons we love the dash camera and will be remiss if we don't thank Russia for the reductionthan-
Well-established legal systems and seemingly endless highway craziness as they are becoming more and more popular. While dash-
Cams has not yet been discovered in the United States. Who says you can't be the leader of the car trend?
Enter the road view camera. It’s a dash-
The installed camera provides a complete 260-degree front viewing angle and a 130-degree rear viewing angle camera.
Also, it records the movements around you at decent 30 fps.
Part of it is the GoPro, part is the black box DVR, part is the backup camera, all packaged in a $110 affordable package.
It also supports up to 32 gb of micro SD cards for hours of driving shots.
Imagine the answer to the 21st century disposable camera in your glove box when you enter the Fender next time --bender.
It can save you a lot of money.
Post-car technology la carte: Upgrade your journey with these tech plug-ins
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