"bait cars" catch thieves in act - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-14
A thief jumped into a car and started driving away thinking he had made a lot of money.
He may think he is going to a chop shop to sell parts.
He should think about it again.
Thanks to a new one, hi.
The Tech system was donated to a dozen US police departments by Allstate Insurance, and the suspect was as good as the one caught because he was actually in a "bait car.
"To attract cheaters, the police put such cars into areas with high car theft rates.
What the bad guys don't know is that when they get on the bus and start driving away, the police are watching and listening to their every move through remote video and audio.
The police then closed the car, locked the doors and windows, and issued a car alarm from a distance.
Then they rushed in.
The cars are also equipped with GPS tracking systems.
Google Cloud service disruptions missing connadik's mother, Virginia Beach shooting protesters, interrupted reports from Harris authorities that bait cars had made significant progress in car theft.
On Wednesday's morning show, Nashville's head of the car theft task force, Mike Fisher, "stole" a bait car with Harry Smith, showing the audience how it works: click here to view the demo.
The bait car has developed for more than ten years.
Early on, at the scene of the vehicle, only one simple cut-off switch was activated with a remote switch.
Fisher said his unit has been using "bait" technology for four years, but only recorded videos, and the car theft rate has dropped significantly where bait cars are placed.
They will get the latest technology soon.
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