barbie arduino car alarm - car alarm remote

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-22
barbie arduino car alarm  -  car alarm remote
Background: Barbie got a really nice convertible from her boyfriend Max Steel, but every time she parked it on the beach, Ken and his friends drove her car around
She decided it was time to install a car alarm so that if Ken or anyone broke her car, everyone would look at him and the police wanted to arrest him as well.
My daughter and I thought we could help Barbie solve her problem.
The scope of this project includes everything an actual car alarm will do. 1)
Turn the alarm system on and off using remote control 1. 1)
Beep when alarm is on or off 2)
Alert when on and vehicle collision 3)
Run a short time before turning off the alarm (
Unless it hits again)4)
Override the alarm if an unexpected collision (
Alarm system shutdown stop alarm)And -
Yes, you can use it as a real car alarm and we used some minor modifications: 1)
Passive buzzer (+ -S)** 2)tilt switch (
Tried the ball but Mercury works better)(+ -S)w/LED 3)button(for tests)(
S and 10 k pull-down)4)IR detector (+ -S)w/LED 5)
Remote control 6)
5 AA batteries powered to GND and VIN pins on the sensor board (
You can also connect to the DC port)! ! !
Do not power with battery and USB! ! ! 7)
Arduino sensor shield v4. Note :(+ -S)
Sensor is required (Voltage)-(Ground)and S (
Sensing/signal pin)
Our infrared transmitter is make it: the robot remote control infrared transmitter is from the radio cabin, but after a little testing, you can use any infrared transmitterg.
The "extra" button on the TV remote control. (
I promise Barbie won't care. )
This is a good reference for infrared receivers: Some of these parts come from the "37 sensor kit" all over the line: add a two-color flashing LED display when the alarm is armed (RED)and not (GREEN)
Write and test for Arduino uno1. 6.
First, we need to prepare the Arduino board.
On our device, we have Arduino sensor shield installed to easily access all pins on the Arduino through the central part of the motherboard (sets of 3 pins)
V and Gnd for each signal pin are also provided and can be used as needed.
At this point, you can also load the code on the Arduino.
Available on Github: Barbie car alarm code, or download to your computer by clicking on the code link below.
After loading, disconnect the power of the Arduino.
Next connect the motion sensor switch, the passive pager and infrared receiver on the board are as follows: the pager is connected to pin 8, it needs to be grounded, the V motion switch is connected to pin 6, it needs to be grounded and V. The infrared receiver is connected to pin 11 and it requires ground and V for the LED and receiver.
Test Optional: The button switch is connected to pin 5 with a pull-
Reduce the 10 k resistance between Gnd and 5 and other switch wires to v1)
Connect the power to the alarm clock. 2)
Armed the alarm by clicking the button in the upper right corner. (double beep)3)
Swing tilt switch. 4)
Click the button in the upper left corner to unalarm. (double beep)
Note: it will not be armed again if the system is armed (no double beep)
If it is disarm, it will not disarm again (no double beep)
Since it was just an interesting project for me and my daughter, we didn't go out of our way to install it.
Eventually, it will come out and become other projects elsewhere.
Having said that, you will notice a lot of blue painter tapes.
Stick something for the time being and don't leave residue when you decide to remove it, which is great.
You need to put the battery pack, Arduino board, pager, infrared receiver (
Somewhere outside the car! )
And motion sensors (
You can adjust the tilt until the right place. )
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