bed bug alert: iphone app finds oubreaks near you - car alarm with remote start

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bed bug alert: iphone app finds oubreaks near you  -  car alarm with remote start
If you are worried that bugs will keep you at home, the iPhone app developer will provide you with a solution.
Bug alerts were released about a week ago and users can search and report bug outbreaks in their area.
On the way to the movies, worried you would itch?
I'm going to book a hotel room, but I'm afraid you're going home with a suitcase full of pests? For $1.
99, you can download the app and search for any location in the country to see if someone reports an infection, or search for a directory to find an outbreak near anywhere you plan to go.
Search for New York City, for example, and you'll start to see all reported outbreaks on the map.
Adam kottkin, CEO of the company Apps Genius Corporation behind the app, said he lives in New York and launched the app after hearing all the bugs
Movie theaters, hotels and points of interest are everywhere around the city.
Over the past few months, the famous Waldorf Hotel, the iconic Bloomingdale hotel, and several cinemas and retail stores have been accused of bed bugs.
"We are in a big fashion now.
I think we have gone beyond the epidemic at this point, "he quipped.
"I was frightened because I didn't have better words to go to the movies, to the public places sitting in someone else's seat, to take public transport.
"When he realized the central database of bug outbreaks that were not mentioned in the news reports, reported to the Ministry of Health or listed elsewhere, he decided to create one.
"I think no one on the road knows what's reported around them, and unfortunately they're almost everywhere when you see Manhattan," he said . ".
He said his staff collected pest reports from various sources across the country and combined them with users --
Submit reports to provide geographic information to users
Database of markers for bug outbreaks.
SUsers can check out the top 10 cities with bug issues or search for reports anywhere in the country.
Kottkin said his staff tried to verify the legality of the user
Based on the report, delete the report if it is inaccurate.
The app has been downloaded thousands of times over the past week, and Kotkin says even he is surprised by thousands of reports from bug victims.
"People don't realize how bad it is," he said . ".
"I think it makes the user know more.
"Bug Alert" is just the latest iPhone and iPod Touch app from the Apple App Store.
Take a look at the other few below: this is one of the main downsides of a collective dinner: The check is here and everyone is struggling with payments, cash and IOUs in a chaotic card conflict
But a new version of PayPal's iPhone app is trying to eliminate the pain of splitting bills.
The app was released to help PayPal and iPhone customers transfer money by simply bumping their phones together.
PayPal, an eBay company based in San Jose, California.
, Let registered users send money safely through the Internet.
Established on 1998 (
Acquired by eBay in 2002)
It has more than 78 million active accounts in 19 currencies.
Its new application relies on the technology of Bump Technologies, which creates a way to share contact information by putting two phones together.
The company says the app uses the phone's sensors to "feel" the bumps.
The exchange of information is secure and occurs immediately.
PayPal's new app can be downloaded free of charge from Apple's App Store.
Once someone logs in with her credentials and identifies the recipient (via e-mail address)
, She can use a friend's mobile phone transfer to buy concert tickets, group dinner, birthday gifts and so on.
The "split Check" feature factor in Tip and tax then helps the user split and pay for meals for up to 20 people.
"Today, you left the house with three key things: your mobile phone, wallet and key," Osama Bedier, vice president of PayPal platform and emerging technologies, said in a statement . ".
"PayPal remittances allow consumers to access their wallets through their mobile phones.
With PayPal, the wallet lives in the cloud-the phone is just one device that customers can use to access it.
"If the fear of flying keeps you down-to-earth, Virgin Atlantic has a new iPhone app for you.
The application launched in partnership with developer Mental Workout is based on (Named after name)
The airline's "No Fear flight" course has a 98% success rate, the company said.
The app is available for iPhone and iPod Touch, including relaxation and fear therapy exercises, FAQs, and videos explaining flying from start to finish.
It even comes with the "fear attack button" in case of emergency, as well as breathing exercises and quick tips.
Sir Richard Branson said: "Our first iPhone app will bring the benefits of our successful flight to millions of people around the world who are now using mobile technology to improve their lives . " The president of Virgin Atlantic said in a statement.
"The app will reassure many travelers that they will be able to prepare for their first Virgin Atlantic flight. "At $4.
99, it's more expensive for the iPhone app.
But Virgin Atlantic said its recent fear-free flight course, as proof of the app's sound-based program, helped Whoopi Goldberg overcome her fear of flying.
"This project has been successful. I'm a skeptic.
I haven't been flying for 13 years, but after finishing their project, I understand that although my fear is true, there are many things I don't know, or there was a mistake that they were able to clarify, "the actress said in a statement.
"So what happened? I now fly.
That's simple.
VIP SmartStart promises to remotely unlock, start and warm your car from almost anywhere in the world.
The app, launched by car safety and remote start-up system designer director Electronics, can be downloaded free of charge from Apple's App Store.
Although the remote start-up system of the car usually has limited linesof-
Thanks to your iPhone, not the original remote control, communicating with your car over the phone's network, the system has "almost unlimited range," said VIP ".
"We think customers will find a wide variety of unique and personal value Vipers SmartStart," said Mike Simmons, parent company of Electronics, executive vice president of instruction, International Holdings Limited for the protection of children, said in the statement.
"Whether it's helping her husband, he locks the key in the car, or locks the key and wallet firmly in the car while she jogs with her iPhone, we want to hear about some of the uses we never expected.
"Once the VIP SmartStart hardware is professionally installed on the car, the iPhone can also be used to unfreeze windows, cool the vehicle in warm weather, unlock the trunk or start a panic alarm.
But even though the app is free, the hardware that really makes it work with your car is quite expensive.
Only paired with one of the two VIP SmartStart systems that cost $499 will the system work (
For those who have not yet remotely started the system)and $299 (
For those with remote startup).
The first year of the service was free, but then it was $29. 99 a year.
Bad ball or sweetheart?
An iPhone app claims it can help singles tell the difference.
Date Check is launched by Intelius, an information commerce company, and users can conduct instant background checks on potential dates through their mobile phones.
Once downloaded on the iPhone, the app can search for public records with only one name or mobile number.
If you activate the app's dirty detector, it scans the criminal record to determine if anyone is accused of possession of drugs, assault and beatings, sexual offences, drunk driving and other offences.
If you click net worth, it looks for information about ownership of the House and the value of the property.
It can also view social networking sites such as LinkedIn to provide employment and education information.
"The Date Check is like you have a private investigator in your wallet," John Arnold
Intelius's founder and executive vice president of business development said in a statement.
"Getting strangers into your life is a huge risk, and in the age of Internet anonymity, a simple online search is not enough to tell you everything you need to know.
The company said the application "provides a safer way for singles to interact . "
"But although the app itself is free, the cost of these services can be up to $40 depending on the type of search selected.
The date check is available for download at the Apple App Store, and the Android and BlackBerry versions will also be available soon. Soda. Coffee. Water.
Next time you go to the movies, take all the movies.
As long as you have this iPhone app around you will know when you can escape to the bathroom without missing the best part. RunPee (yes, really)
The promise is small-
Best friend of film director.
The app offers all the movies that are currently playing in theaters and tells users about the distance from each "pee time" to the movie, the line of tips they listen to, and even what they miss. (
When you are on your way back to your seat, you can click a button to interpret the text that provides a short outline. )
"This idea comes from watching King Kong.
"Made in 2005," said Dan Florio, creator of RunPee, referring to Peter Jackson's three marathon races --
Hour blockbuster
For most of the time in the film, he said, he was eager to get out of trouble.
"I 've been thinking, I hope they can kill this ape so I can get to the men's toilet," he said . ".
Like a good fan, he waited until the end but didn't notice a good three --
The order of minutes he can use.
"I could have gone to the men's toilet on site and I could have enjoyed the end of the movie, which would have been better," Orlando, Florida. developer said.
When he walked out of the theater and saw the person waiting in line to enter the theater, he wanted to share his secret.
But he was a little shy, so he kept silent.
The idea was in a state of relief until August 2008 when he launched RunPee. com.
He said he watched about 80% movies to find the best "pee time" but added that his family helped him.
Anyone interested can submit ideas to the website.
In 2009, he developed the iPhone app in partnership with brothers John and Sam Shahidi and Jordan Palmer, the Cincinnati Bangladesh quarterback.
No data has been downloaded yet, but frorio says the site's traffic has jumped from about 30 unique visitors per day last year to about 3,500 visitors per day.
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