best buses in mumbai: cause of alarm: best saw one mishap daily in 2016-17 | mumbai news - times of india - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-21
best buses in mumbai:  cause of alarm: best saw one mishap daily in 2016-17 | mumbai news - times of india  -  what is the best car alarm
Mumbai: number of road accidents involving the best bus in 2016-
According to the latest statistics released by the ministry, 17 people were 383, of which 22 were killed and 265 were injured.
Transport activists and members of the best panel of experts said the number of accidents was "shocking" and that there should be "zero tolerance" for any bus accident ".
Statistics show that many buses were damaged by reckless driving in 121 collisions.
Statistics say as many as 125 accidents and collisions are serious.
However, the best officials said there was nothing to panic about, as the total number of accidents in the past year included 258 minor accidents.
The number of deaths has also decreased over the years.
"If you compare a fatal accident to an accident on 2012 --
On the 13 th, it has dropped by 30%.
"This is a good sign," said a senior official . ".
Data show that in 2012, 30 deaths occurred in the city.
This figure fell to 21 in the last fiscal year.
However, traffic activists say bus drivers need to be disciplined because many of them are blatantly violating traffic rules and driving recklessly during rush hours, resulting in accidents.
Most of the victims of the accident were pedestrians or cyclists who were hit by the left and rear, officials said. One side of the bus.
In some cases, the bus collided with other vehicles, causing serious damage and the bus had to stop at the side of the road for repair.
This also affects services on busy routes.
According to a traffic activist, several drivers acted recklessly and were barely concerned about other drivers.
Ravi Raja, an opposition leader and member of the best Committee at BMC, recalled that the driver was speeding through his car without considering road safety.
"We have raised this issue many times at committee meetings.
But the government doesn't seem serious about controlling the threat, "he said.
One of the best officials said, "in many accidents, it is not the driver's fault, it is the driver's fault.
In addition, we analyze all drivers on a regular basis and do zero-
An accident record for a long time.
He added: "another important step is to deploy drivers with five years of experience to lay buses on busy routes.
"The driver is rewarded by taking the bus from the depot on time and returning to the depot on time.
"This incentive has to stop," said activist Irfan Machiwala . ".
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