best car speed and g-meter: review of gps speedometers and g-logger app for droid and other android phones - the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-04
best car speed and g-meter: review of gps speedometers and g-logger app for droid and other android phones  -  the best car alarm
Android OS phone, like my Motorola Droid, built in onein GPS.
By using GPS for some calculations, people can come up with a variety of interesting statistics about their own movements.
In fact, professional car tests done by car magazines often use RaceLogic's box for performance measurements.
The box, however, is several hundred dollars.
Can apps on Android phones do something similar?
We will review the following applications: speed, speed view, AndroHUD, digital speed, gPC Lite, race Ace, anti-speed meter, and speedometer.
This review will point out what these apps can do in addition to speed, just like speedometer. Some can do G-
Table, automatic lap timing, data recording, mapping, etc.
So, which one is good, which one is garbage?
While the applications mentioned here are all tested, their accuracy is not guaranteed or calibrated.
Don't expect to use this to defend yourself in court in case of speeding tickets etc.
Also, because over time they "export" their measurements from multiple readings of GPS coordinates, there is a "lag" between your speed change and display ".
Professional GPS performance meters measure things at the fastest speed, usually several times per second.
The app can't go that fast.
Remember this.
Use note gps signals from satellites in space, so these programs should be widely used outdoors in order to get the best results
Open area for your Android phone to receive the best GPS signal.
In urban areas, the accuracy of the signal is much worse, and it is completely useless in places such as tunnels, garages, etc.
Reviewsspeed provides you with a variety of fonts to choose from, and provides the HUD mode available, so you can put it on the up-facing dashboard because the image is mirrored, so you can read it out of the windshield as a "projection" headUp Display (HUD).
However, it is digital and no simulation is available.
Still, there are a dozen different colors and fonts to choose from, and the speed of playing is fun.
However, it is prone to GPS failures, such as sudden peak readings at low speeds.
Landscape mode only. Rating: 6.
In contrast, 5 of the 10 speedviewspeed views are more serious applications.
It provides an analog meter with a digital reading in the middle.
It also has a speed.
Chart below the main meter.
It is also equipped with a number of settings to filter spikes and ensure more accurate readings such as "ignore readings when accuracy is less than 200"meters".
In addition, it allows people to set a speed warning of "no more than 65 miles/hour.
An alarm will be issued by the device (if set so).
Unfortunately, the log is not written to the disc and there is no record path.
Have vertical and horizontal modes. Rating: 8.
Although it says HUD, it is more like a digital artificial horizon because it displays the digital title with a "ribbon (
Jetfighter similar to the real HUD)
Plus height (
Positive and negative changes)
And speed and g. forces.
However, it only shows that there is no logging.
It also does not display the actual view through the camera.
It does provide a speed warning.
Landscape mode operation only.
Grade: 7 out of 10 digital speedometers with optional compass display (
Only two letters, N, S, E, W and combination)
It only works in portrait mode.
Rated Power: 5 with g-in 10 lb analog speedometer-
Meter, it only works in longitudinal mode and is prone to GPS failure.
When the phone is still, the speedometer will still jump up and down.
Multiple calibration did not help.
Rating: 4 out of 10 races are for track day and you can drive out to see what you can do, which has a digital speedometer with the highest speed record, and 360degree G-
You sometimes see the meter chart in the car Review magazine.
It also records the entire circle as a data record (
Sometimes seen in the Motor Trend circle test).
Very impressive app but very bad interface.
It is essentially a data logger.
Rating: the intent of the program is to provide tamper logs with 7 out of every 10 speeds
* May * help you beat resistance data for speeding tickets.
I haven't seen the data on how to tamper. It is resistant.
In any case, without giving the other party, namely, a lawyer or police officer an opportunity to check the data, it is difficult to persuade the judge or commissioner to accept the data, at least in the United States.
The intent is good, but the execution is not known.
Rating: 6 out of 10 super fun apps are more than car speedo, which claims to be suitable for almost any outdoor sport, including cycling, kayaking, running, racing, etc.
It will make a complete record of your "circle" or activity and measure a lot of things, such as distance, speed, and so on.
The Pro version claims to allow you to upload your tracking records, call "live tracking" their website and embed it on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
However, this has not been tested.
The lite version of the test did record the tracking, and so on.
However, the interface is a bit out of date. Rating: 7.
Overall, SpeedView seems to be the best general purpose speedometer used by the vehicle, but it is not recorded.
It has the best GPS spikes and GPS drift filters to ensure good accuracy.
If you need some help with the match day, try the match Ace or speedometer (pro version? ).
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