beware! consumer reports says this tesla and 9 other cars are most unreliable - car electronics system

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-29
beware! consumer reports says this tesla and 9 other cars are most unreliable  -  car electronics system
Buyers value factors more than others when buying new cars ---
Price, appearance, even color.
But if reliability is a major issue, the consumer report magazine is offering some advice on the model you might want to avoid.
As reported by the owner, the magazine cited 10 models as part of its 2017 reliability report, which could have some big problems.
The Independent Magazine says this year's study includes reports of 640,000 car owners.
In terms of reliability, here are the 10 largest dogs, as well as the magazine's comments on them, listed from the worst. 1. Tesla Model X (tie)
Luxury electric SUV-
A ground-breaking car, known for its Falcon door opened up in the back seat ---
Wrong due to physical problems--
But not its power system.
The faulty areas include hardware, paint and decoration, and climate control systems. The jumbo-
Large luxury SUVs are having problems with power equipment, transmission and climate control.
The electronics, power equipment and electrical systems of the luxury crossover car annoyed some owners.
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Cadillac is the latest: Consumer Reports show Tesla's rating of brakingMore: Tesla has improved in the consumer report survey-
But what about Model 3?
The drive and drive system of this popular compact car is very clumsy.
There is also a problem with this small device in terms of transmission, and the climate system is also a problem.
The brakes, power equipment and internal equipment of this quirky compact car did not impress the owner. Automotive Electronics.
Family crossover SUV in-
Automotive electronics, power equipment and their drive systems.
The redesigned model has a blank display and a rear
The magazine quoted the owner as saying that the seating entertainment system may not work.
"Small" transmission problem, in-
Automotive Electronics and drive systems are causing trouble on this issue.
Failure of brakes, steering/suspension and power equipment, owner Reporting Failure of drive system
The car electronics, noise and leaks of this luxury SUV.
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