bid to outlaw car sirens - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-06
bid to outlaw car sirens  -  car alarm
This is the sound that every Londoner is afraid at night: the endless wailing of the car alarm.
Liberal Democrat lawmaker Norman Baker will file a private lawmaker bill banning new car alarms.
This is the first time in the UK that someone has tried to contain the intrusion of car alarms, although the New York City Council has voted to ban devices that sound for more than three minutes.
If the move succeeds, the UK will follow 33 Italian cities that have declared car alarms illegal and are expected to further ban car alarms in Vancouver, Hawaii, Moscow and Brisbane.
Alarms are already subject to strict rules: the European directive states that they should not sound for more than 30 seconds.
The maximum noise level is between 105 and 115 decibels, still enough to wake up a sleepy street.
Mr Baker said the devices were "a complete waste of time" and added: "What do people do when they hear someone shut down at night?
"Did they rush out to defend the car or call the police? No -
No one does anything except being woken up.
They are useless and very annoying.
"When the car is actually broken in, the alarm sounds as rare as the Blue Moon.
"According to Mr. Lewis Baker, a member of East Sussex, when the police received an alarm from the caller, they rarely had time to investigate.
He said anti-theft devices that prevent the car from starting are more useful.
He also wants manufacturers to focus on tracking devices that reveal the location of the stolen car to police.
But today, Chris Patience, head of automotive trust technology policy at AA, defended the alarm.
He said: "If you ask a car thief what he thinks about banning the police, he will be very happy.
"Until the manufacturer usually installs laminated glass on the side window, not on the windows that are easy to install --
Currently used broken tempered glass, we rely on our alarm.
"The AA said that since the middle
When I was in my 90 s, the design of the car alarm was greatly improved, so false alarms were not common.
Of the new cars sold in the UK, about 45 are equipped with alarms.
However, London's taste of expensive, prestigious cars equipped with alarms certainly means that the capital's share of these devices exceeds its share.
According to a recent survey, four out of every five people supported a ban on car alarms.
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