body found in aftermath of radisson heights fire - car alarm control

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-31
body found in aftermath of radisson heights fire  -  car alarm control
In the garage of a property in southeast Calgary, firefighters found a body, killing and arson detectives are investigating.
Emergency workers responded to a call for a car and a house in the Radisson Highland community to catch fire.
After dousing the flames, firefighters found the body in the garage.
Police say the situation behind the death is not known yet, but it is currently seen as suspicious.
The age and gender of the deceased has also not been determined, although investigators currently assume that the deceased is an adult or a teenager.
Call 911 to remind Calgary Fire Department that a vehicle fire broke out in the back lane between 12 Avenue.
And Robson creez. S. E.
About 3: 30. m.
The fire then spread to the garage and the house.
Living nearby, Sara Kwan rushed out of the back lane after being startled while washing dishes.
"I heard a loud noise," she said . "
"I was washing the dishes, so I felt a little stuffy, and then I heard the car alarm . . . . . . It's more of a horn.
Guan Yingshan saw the flames rolling out of the car.
She said: "I don't know what happened . . . . . . Neighbors are standing nearby and calling the fire department . ".
Carol Henk, a spokesman for the fire department, said firefighters were able to control the fire quickly.
"Right now, we're just making sure all the hot spots are out.
"Investigators are on the scene," Henke said . ".
She was unable to comment on the discovery of the body.
Adam Loria, an EMS spokesman, confirmed that the deceased was pronounced dead at home.
No attempt was made to take the man to the hospital.
Loria also confirmed that no one else was injured in the fire.
Guan Yingshan said she was surprised by what happened nearby.
"This is a very quiet street --
You don't usually see a truck on fire in your alley, so close to your home.
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