book review / another modest proposal: game control - lionel shriver: faber pounds 14.99 - car alarm control

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-30
book review / another modest proposal: game control - lionel shriver: faber pounds 14.99  -  car alarm control
They say death is the last big taboo, and they insist on saying it, though it adds overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
A similar request was made for the population issue, and similarly, it appeared that the request had been withdrawn in the act put forward.
For example, you may hear the beeps from all corners of the green movement asking when you will catch net hemp.
But for decades it has been actively accepted by Paul Elsie, whose warning call is now nothing more than a car alarm that won't shut down.
Why should we learn to stop worrying and complacent about population bombs?
Part of the answer is that economic and social liberalism has been integrated to eliminate this problem.
The free economy makes us accustomed to thinking that growth itself is good, and that more people mean a bigger market;
A liberal consensus on population growth
Not the population itself.
As the poor become less and less, they will slow down.
Another reason is that Lionel Schrever's novel.
We can't really understand a string of zeros. we are used to the image of poverty in the third world.
This is a familiar scene when schlever's heroine, family planning worker Eleanor Merritt, faces beggars in Nairobi.
In fact, most of the residents of big Western cities now encounter non-extreme versions every day.
Calvin Piper, the black sheep who entered the demographic community, fired these people and considered the numbers.
His business is to cut some of these zeros by any means necessary, and he has great ideas about them.
Between these two typical male and female ways of looking at the problem, there is inevitably a sharp chemical reaction.
This is a scene with some hope, but although Shriver can weave imaginative yarn, she is so happy about it.
Gentle advice like Piper's needs, the last thing is mild treatment.
It is believed that Merritt will agree with Piper's plan and even conditionally ask that we all accept the terms of the issue and seize the fear contained therein.
If these demands are met, we are tempted, like Merritt, to think about unimaginable things and unleash the potential of a wonderful comedy.
But the tone needs to be closer to drilero or hile than it is now.
The problem with game control is that it is fun but not surprising.
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