boosting wireless lan signals – how can i extend the range of my wireless network - best 2 way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-14
boosting wireless lan signals – how can i extend the range of my wireless network  -  best 2 way car alarm
One of the many drawbacks of overlooking the wireless Internet via an access point or wireless router is a strict limitation of the range.
Whether it's the result of interference, thick walls or long distances, you may find that your wireless signal does not extend as you need it.
What can you do?
There are several products on the market to promote the increase in wireless range and signal strength.
But in this economy, who is willing to spend extra money if they don't need it.
First, we will consider some ways to naturally increase signal strength and coverage, and then we will discuss the upgrades that can be purchased.
First, let's identify things that easily interfere with the strength of the wireless signal. 1 – Walls Etc.
Standard wood and sheet walls can cause some interference to your wireless signal, but usually not harmful.
It should be noted that brick, stone and concrete walls, they do a better job of limiting signals.
The worst thing, however, is that there are shredded chicken on the wall.
I believe this practice was used to keep warm decades ago.
There may be wires on the wall of the old house, which will greatly hinder the wireless signal.
While you can't do anything about these problems, you can minimize the problems caused by the wall by moving the access point or router to a more concentrated location, and it has as few walls as possible between the intended user.
2-EMC and RF interference-another form of serious interference is other invisible waves that compete with wireless signals.
Today, many devices are running on the same wireless band and getting them close to each other reduces their functionality. An 802.
The 11b or g wireless access point or router is running on 2. 4GHz band.
Other devices running on this band include: microwave oven, Bluetooth, cordless phone and car alarm system.
If you think about it, you may have at least two people in or near your house or building.
Moving the access point away from these devices helps minimize interference.
Other tips for improving the signal are well known that if the signal comes from a height, it will be farther and stronger than the signal from the ground.
A large part of this is due to the fact that the waves bounce back from the ground to their intended target, rather than continuing into the vast space.
The same principle applies to wireless LAN signals.
If you want your signal to be stronger, turn it up in the building as much as possible.
Another trick to help boost signal strength is to locate all the antennas used on devices in the wireless LAN in the same way.
This means that you want the antennas in the whole building to be parallel to each other.
Antenna and signal BoostersAs mentioned at the beginning of the article, you can purchase devices that help increase the range of wireless networks and signal strength.
These devices are called wireless antennas or signal boosters.
However, it is not just anyone who will do so.
You need to make sure to purchase models that are compatible with wireless access points or routers.
The way to judge is to read the description and match the model or brand.
The most common compatibility problem is how the antenna is connected to the device.
You can find some of these wireless antennas on Amazon.
Connecting them is usually a very simple process.
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