'breach of trust': companies lied about safety inspections, toronto fire says - car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-20
\'breach of trust\': companies lied about safety inspections, toronto fire says  -  car alarm system
Toronto Fire Department charges several companies after building under Ontario fire code guidelines "uninspected, repaired, maintained, replaced or changed.
During a routine inspection of more than a year's three addresses, fire inspectors found that companies hired to ensure that the building was compliant with fire safety system specifications failed to do so --
Although the paperwork indicating that the work has been completed has been provided to the owner.
"This is very worrying," Deputy Fire Chief Jim Jessup said on Thursday . ".
"It's really a breach of trust.
These fire systems are designed to protect the public and respond to firefighters.
"A company hired to inspect commercial buildings at 1100 Birchmount Rd.
Advanced testing technology company
Charged with James Singh, Rauf Ahmed and Jamia talimler.
The expenses include failure to ensure that the personnel inspect, test, repair, replace and renovate the fire alarm system in accordance with the fire code, and maintain the fire alarm and sprinkler system in operation.
Keyong Tao is also accused of carrying out inspections at Harbour Square 77 and 79, as well as several people and companies related to York fire fighting: Maf-Bushra Rauf
Bar owner.
8281076 Dave Daniels, Canada Limited
And Rauf Ahmed.
At these residential addresses, the companies were accused of failing to ensure that a person inspected, tested, repaired, replaced and renovated the elevator and tested and maintained the emergency power system.
They also allegedly did not conduct an annual inspection of fire tanks and water tanks.
Penalties for violations are as high as $50,000 and/or a year, penalties for individuals are as high as $100,000, and penalties for companies are as high as $.
Jessop said that the Toronto Fire Department is now forced to conduct a more "extensive and detailed audit" of the paperwork that the owners provided by the fire company submit to the fire inspector ".
"It's hard," he said . " That allowed them to redistribute resources, he added.
Officials are continuing to investigate other properties that could be affected, he said.
Jessop warns construction owners and tenants not to take paperwork of surface value, but to really "see what their contracts require and what standards and norms force owners to do.
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