buyers' market for new cars - good car alarms

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-30
buyers\' market for new cars  -  good car alarms
Now may be the best time to buy a new car.
Two days before the end of the year, car dealers have been cutting prices and adding extra fees to clean up as many as 2008 of their inventory as possible.
The auto industry has been hit hard by the global financial crisis, with sales falling sharply in the past few months.
According to data from the Federal Association of Automobile Manufacturers, car sales in Queensland fell by 30 in November, with the worst performance.
Compared with 1% in the same month last year, it was 22.
National sales fell by 2 percentage points.
Sales in Queensland have also fallen by 7 so far.
6%, second
The worst number, after 7 in the north.
7 percentage points down.
The problem with the dealer is that the new stock is ordered a few months in advance, and the new delivery will only increase the dilemma of the car factory that cannot transfer the existing stock.
If slow sales were not enough, the two international finance companies-GE Money and GMAC-withdrew from the Australian market in October.
Last month, the Australian government was forced to step in and sign a $2 billion bailout with major banks to help finance new car deals.
There are some signs now that the latest bargains may work.
Sales of liftVolvo said December hit the best sales week of any month of the year after it announced a free fuel and service deal for all 2008 models.
Laurisa Mirabelle, Australia's public affairs manager at the company, said: "The industry is currently experiencing a recession.
"By introducing this drive-
Until 2010, we saw a recovery in the market.
We have a lot of people looking for bargains.
"The deal will continue until the end of the month, but she said there is no decision yet whether it will continue into the new year.
Mirabelle says manufacturers will seek to raise car prices in 2009.
Other manufacturers, including Toyota, Ford and Holden, are also providing terminal services. of-
When they tried to clean up 2008 shares, they traded this year.
Ford is cutting some of the thousands of dollars in prices, although some savings are only available if the company gets the money.
When buying a large amount of goods, the question is whether to know if something is a real bargain or just a repackaged deal that ends up with no real savings. The Red Book (www. redbook. com)
Online guide offers free advice on new and used car prices, including advice on potential tradein costs.
Max Perry, technical director of Red Book, said the conversion price is what consumers should pay attention to-the amount they actually pay after fees, taxes and trade --
Consider it.
"If someone trades in their car, they want to get as much as they can, but trade --
"Prices have also declined," he said . ".
But Perry says it is still a good time to start negotiations with car dealers.
"This is the best time for manufacturers who want to keep their inventory.
"No one knows how long the current financial turmoil will last, so he says those looking for new cars should look for something long term --term.
"My best advice is to get people to buy a car that can be used for a long time," he said . ".
"It has to meet their needs for three to five years.
"The trend of high fuel prices this year is that smaller, more economical car sales are better.
Consumer groups choose to warn against any additional costs that are not required or may be excessivepriced.
Extended warranty may be limited and fabric protection is better than cheap shops --
The products purchased and car alarms may be more annoying and will usually be ignored.
Additional features such as airbags and ABS may be good, but it suggests people understand the dollar value of all items and accessories, Choice said.
"With this information, you can negotiate better deals when you get to the showroom," it says . ".
The Queensland Motor Trade Association says many dealers have done a hard job this year because people have delayed any major purchases, although spokesman Richard Payne said there are signs that things are changing.
"We have benefited from tax cuts, lower interest rates and lower gasoline prices from levels 12 months ago," he said . ".
"The government is doing everything it can to stimulate spending.
At the moment, dealers are overstocked, so they want to restore the balance of inventory.
"Before the new year, you will have the dealers do everything they can to clean up some inventory.
Although this year is a bad year, Payne says annual sales are expected to hit 2006 levels.
"It's not all bad luck and pessimism-auto dealers are resilient," he said . ".
Buying a new car is not an easy decision, especially when the money is tight.
The biggest bet is to know if the price will rise in the new year or if there is any trade fair to continue.
"They will continue," Payne said . "
"There is no doubt about this.
"You usually see the new year sales of the plates of the previous year.
"It's a little early this year.
Canstar Cannex said the drop in gasoline prices could also help people get car financing.
Drivers can pay $20 a week on relatively cheap fuel, which can be used to help pay off any loans.
An average of $25,000 in loans in five years.
The interest rate is $8,086.
Pay interest.
An extra $80 per month will make the loan pay off nine months in advance and reduce the total interest paid by $1397. 22.
When it comes to finding a car loan, the research team says it's worth getting a loan in advance
Prior to starting negotiations with the dealer on the price, approved by the bank or credit union.
Loan arrangements for financial analyst Garfield Wright to finance through a dealer will usually be more expensive and connect consumers to a particular dealer.
"If you have financial preparation
"So you can have a proper conversation with the dealer about the price issue," he said . ".
"You have more control.
"Despite the global economy's woes, he says car loans can still get competitive interest rates from lenders.
"They may ask you more questions and you may need to pay a bigger deposit than before, but you can still get good financing through a car loan, he said.
Like the car itself, Wright says it's worth wandering around the financing options.
He is also optimistic that the deal will continue in the new year.
Since most dealers are working on commissions, Wright said, they need to continue selling in 2009 to earn revenue.
"You don't want to kick a person when he's down, but in this case they should be willing and flexible to offer discounts," he said . ".
"You won't get it if you don't ask.
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