can gps prevent child abductions? - best car alarm with gps tracking

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can gps prevent child abductions?  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
Jaycee Lee Dugard was found 18 years after being kidnapped by a stranger, and his recent recovery has once again made parents think about how to protect their children.
That's one of the reasons behind the increasing number of child locator products that typically use GPS and cellular devices to help parents and authorities find missing children within a few yards.
Before entering the technology, here are some important statistics to put the problem in context.
Kidnapping of strangers is an American-commissioned rareA 2002 study. S.
The Ministry of Justice found that 797,500 children were reported missing within a year.
A lot, but most of them are not kidnapped.
203,900 of them are family kidnappings, which means that the kidnappers are related to children, often non-custodial parents.
About 58,200 are "non-family kidnappings", but that doesn't necessarily mean strangers are responsible for it.
115 children are victims of the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, a small proportion of the children reported missing (NCMEC)
The so-called "stereotypical kidnapping", including "people whose children don't know or people who know a little, hold their children overnight and transport them to 50 miles or more, kill for ransom or plan to raise the child permanently.
"Google's cloud service was interrupted. the mother of Connecticut, Virginia Beach, shot protesters and interrupted Harris (
Disclosure: I am an unpaid member of the NCMEC Board of Directors. )
The potential loss of 115 children per year is a national tragedy, but in the long run there are 74 million children and adolescents in the United States;
It's about 1 out of 644,000 or about the same risk as being hit by lightning.
That said, it does happen, just because most of the kidnappings are carried out by family members or acquaintances, doesn't mean they won't have a potential tragedy.
But it does mean that the "Strange Danger" is not the biggest threat to our children.
In fact, because there are so many children used by acquaintances and families, NCMEC has stopped using the term and now calls it "the wrong message" because "the child does not understand, adults do not practice (and)
This is not enough to protect children from potential dangers.
"Also, when a child is in trouble, sometimes their protector may be a stranger, such as a policeman, a mall security guard or a passer-by.
Nevertheless, parents and guardians still have a reasonable reason to consider equipping their children with a device to help them find them in an emergency.
On the one hand, these devices can bring peace of mind.
Parents are worried that their children have many reasons besides being taken away by strangers.
Are they gone?
Did they have an accident?
Will they get lost?
We are not only worried about children.
When the parents of teenagers are children, they are naturally worried, especially when they ride or drive.
To be honest, my kids are in their 20 s now and I'm still worried about them.
Technology has a variety of technologies that can help protect children, from devices that send out local alerts a few hundred feet away to very sophisticated dedicated GPS tracking devices.
It will not locate your child or transmit the signal, but the Amber watch (about $23)
Is a launch 115-
According to its manufacturer, the decibel signal can be heard outside 100 yards.
The child activates the alarm by pressing two buttons on both sides of the device.
It is actually a real watch with time, date and stopwatch features, with pink and blue color.
Search for a child's positioning alarm system will find many similar products.
These products can be useful for finding a child who is in a shopping mall or may be wandering on a trail, as long as the child knows to alert them before they go too far.
If a child starts an alarm before the kidnappers bring them into a car or remote area, they can play a role in helping to stop the kidnapping.
But screaming usually achieves the same goal, which is why NCMEC advises parents to instruct the child to "scream and create scenes if someone tries to catch them or force them in any way, go with them.
"Although the product and other products use the word" amber ", they are not associated with and are not recognized by the Department of Justice's Amber Alert program.
The Ministry of Justice restricted the use of the amber alarm sign, but did not restrict the use of the word "amber.
"There are several products on the market for dedicated GPS devices that use GPS to track your child and use cellular devices to inform parents where they are.
For all of these devices, their ability to determine the location depends on obtaining GPS and cellular signals.
Without a clear sky view, GPS may not be able to work indoors, around high-rise buildings, forests, or elsewhere.
Mobile phones are also known to depend on location.
In addition, these devices will only work if the battery is working properly.
Amber Alert GPS 2g for $379 plus $9. 99 to $19.
The service is £ 99 a month. It measures 1.
77 inch long by 1.
Width 68 inch.
78 inch deep, designed to fit into a backpack or on a child's wrist.
It can be programmed via network or mobile phone to send you SMS and email
There is a link to your child's location and map in the mail.
You can also use it to create "safe zones" or virtual boundaries.
If your child leaves that area, you and four other trusted adults will receive text messages and emails
Email alerts every 5 minutes until canceled.
It also provides you with a "breadcrumbs" location tracking so you can see where your child has been.
The device also has an SOS button that can be used to send help messages if your child is in any danger.
Speed alerts let you know if the device is moving at a speed higher than set.
This way you can know if your child is in the car and if so how fast it moves.
If your child should not be sitting in a car or public transport, the fact that your child is moving faster than walking can be a concern.
The parents of teenagers can use it to make sure they are not speeding.
There is even a temperature alarm to help prevent young children from being left in a hot environment (or cold)cars.
The battery of the device has a rated life of 12 hours between charging.
Another product is the world tracking terminal. It measures 2.
6 inch long by 1.
Width 4 inch.
79 inch deep and has a GPS receiver and a gsm sim card to transfer reports to the website or send notifications to parents via email
Mail or text message.
It's too real.
Time tracking, allowing parents to be alerted if the child leaves the virtual security zone.
According to a company spokesman, it also tracks the speed and height of the device, but if the child exceeds a certain speed, one function that will remind parents is "at work ".
According to the company, Enduro has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be tracked for one week at a time.
$295 plus $49.
Services including unlimited tracking are 99 times a month.
You can also use your own T-
Mobile or AT&T SIM cards, pay $20 per month in addition to your phone plan.
Other companies in this field include wireless, the United States. K. -
Based on lok8u and track mykids.
Mobile phone services have GPS tracking for all phones sold in North America, so 911 of operators can find users in case of emergency.
The same technology can also be used as a child locator or a friend tracker to track the location of the phone.
Add-on At & t, Sprint, and Verizon
On services that allow parents to track their child's mobile phone location.
FamilyMap will take action with AT&T and Verizon for $ escort fee.
$99 per month and $5 per month for Sprint home locator.
All of these services allow you to see what's real.
Time location on the map and get an automatic location alert.
Of course, with all of these devices, your child needs to take the phone with him and turn it on.
In addition to the services provided by telephone operators, there are some third parties
Party service where location can be tracked and reported.
These services include free latitude services from Loopt, Glympse and Google.
None of these services are child locator.
Latitude only gives a rough location on the map and does not attempt to determine the street address.
It's better than doing nothing in an emergency, but it's not as accurate as a dedicated child positioning service.
Glymworks is a license that works with Android phones and soon iphone and BlackBerry phones
Based on systems that allow telephone users to send emails
Mail or text messages that allow someone to track them for a specific period of time
No more than four hours in a row
Once you get the "Glympse" you can see the location of that person on the map and if you are moving you can see their path and speed.
This is a good way to track teenagers, for example, and they must agree to be tracked as a condition to borrow a car, but it is not very suitable to track young children.
Loopt is designed to help friends position each other, but it can be used to locate children.
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