car firms stalling on child safety? - car power window

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car firms stalling on child safety?  -  car power window
A two-year-
This week, a little girl died in Calgary at the energy window of a campaign --Practical vehicle.
When her mother was doing business, she left alone in the idling car, and she was unbuckled by a brother from the seat of the car (
Then who fell asleep).
This tragic death caused a problem.
Since the power window is now the standard feature of most cars, is it possible to make children safer?
Janette Fennell is a non-
Profit groups for children and cars (kidsandcars. org).
She wants all the cars to have power windows, which will automatically reverse if something is blocked.
Car manufacturers already use cars
Reverse mechanism of power supply
At some heights, accessories for operation-such as windows, sliding doors, and latches for suitcases --end vehicles.
She has not won the match yet.
But her lobbying efforts led to the United States. S.
Starting from the 2009 model year, the law requires automakers to use safer switches to start the power window.
Old cars, such as the 1996 Chevrolet suit jacket involved in the Calgary accident, have a toggle switch that responds to stress when the child is leaning on it or standing on it.
In the future, cars will be equipped with flush-
The mounting switch must be pulled up or out to lift the power window.
General Motors
Safer switches have been built in 2007 and 2008 cars.
Fennell has accused North American automakers of holding back on the design function of preventing child deaths.
In Europe, cars are made with auto-reverse electric windows, compared to North America.
Over the past 10 years, automakers in Europe and Japan have used safer lift switches to lift power windows.
Fennell's passion for the safety of children around the car comes from personal experiences.
She and her husband lived in San Francisco in 1995, when they were robbed at gunpoint and forced into the trunk of the car.
When the couple managed to get out of the trunk, they found nine of them --month-
Their old baby son is safe.
The kidnappers threw him on the front lawn and was still in his car seat.
"His life was spared," she said in an interview at her home in ridwood, Kansas . ".
The couple later discovered that many children died after being locked in the trunk of the car.
So they put together the urgently needed joint release and spent four years lobbying for new legislation.
"We make sure that there is a trunk release device on all the vehicles built on and after 2002, and the handle is lit up with phosphorus to make sure you can see it," she said . ".
Fennell kept hearing from her parents about other tragic deaths.
This allowed her to set up a national organization, children and cars, managed by volunteers, which collects data on accidents involving children.
She got a valuable partner, the Consumer Alliance.
The profit publisher of the Consumer Report magazine, which launched a campaign called child safety cars.
In addition to the window strangling, the campaign focused on the deaths caused by reversing in the driveway of the residence.
Of these deaths, 70 drivers were parents or close relatives.
Technology that automakers can help prevent such accidents, such as after
Many luxury cars already have sensors to detect obstacles.
"Every car should be made with the latest kids --
"Safety technology," said consumer organizations . "
Of course, it is still the responsibility of parents to keep their children safe.
This means never leave them alone in or around parked cars, even for a minute.
But Phil Edmunston, author of lemon, says it's not the answer to just blame parents for misjudgment.
Guide to aid used cars.
"Death or serious injury is too high a price, not paying attention for a moment," he said . ".
"We need mandatory safety features to protect children from these dangers, even if they involve the stupidity of parents.
"Fennell advises parents to always use the locking mechanism on the electric car window so that children can't play with them.
Finally, please note that after the car is closed and the key is removed from the ignition, the electric vehicle windows of many vehicles can be operated.
In many vehicles, they work until the doors open.
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