car insurance questions answered - the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-05
car insurance questions answered  -  the best car alarm
Here are a few questions from people who want to buy auto insurance.
I hope this will also help to clarify your question!
I'm going to buy a used 1992 Honda Prelude for $2,700. 00.
How does insurance work?
Is the car price or retail price I pay a factor in how much insurance I have to pay per month?
The cost of insurance depends on many factors, including but may not be limited to: * the manufacture, model, decoration and year of the car * optional equipment in the car (
ABS, traction control, etc. )
* Anti-theft equipment in the car (
Call the police, Lojack, etc. )
* Other equipment in the car (
Fire extinguishers, first aid kits, etc. )
* Storage location * monthly mileage * round trip * age * driving record * gender * occupation/work * amount of insurance purchased * type of insurance you are buying * and more, you should get a quote from as many companies as possible.
As far as my age is concerned, what is the best price for car insurance?
What is the best car insurance for people under the age of 18?
I want a car but am not sure if I can afford insurance.
In this way, you can know in advance if you can afford it.
You can choose to only cover for minimum liability, no collision or full, that is, if you are willing to give up the money you have invested in the car, if you pay it all off, and don't care if you are prosecuted in the event of a serious accident.
Enter one of the sites referenced in the previous answer, enter your information and the car you plan to purchase (
It is enough to enter the year, make, model)
See what your price is.
Where does the Constitution say you have to have car insurance?
I don't need the sad story you heard on the news about a bad car accident, just answer the question.
Or buy services from other private businesses?
It does not mention the car or any other type of insurance or service in one way or another.
Because of this, the Tenth Amendment allows states or local governments to pass legislation on requirements or lack of requirements without violating the Constitution of the United States.
I don't care about anyone's car accident story either, it doesn't matter.
Well, since the car was not invented when the US Constitution was written, it is not in it.
I have a question to ask you though: how many times did you head before you asked this question?
I have a full time job in the summer, part time at school, and I calculated that by the time I graduate from high school, I should have at least $10,000.
A good car for college?
After many debates, I finally convinced my parents to help me buy car insurance so that I could afford to buy a car.
10 k, you really can't get much.
Honda Civic/Accord, Nissan Altima/Maxima, Acura TSX/TL, BMW M3, Dodge Charger, BMW x5.
Given that if you want something interesting, you need to get a 2000 pre and that maintenance is a problem given that it's been 10 years old.
You say you don't want a small contract, but it's probably the best you can do to save money and have fun.
My friend has car insurance in Arizona, she lives in California now, does she have to buy insurance in California?
So you do insurance in Az.
Cover her in California?
Whether or not California law accepts Az, she pays the insurance company in Arizona. Yes, she does.
She needs to get new insurance from California as it will be her permanent address.
Insurance is based on several factors, one of which is the location and inherent risk of the car.
Yes, I have to register and insure the car in California if she is going to live in California permanently.
Don't fall victim to bad insurance companies.
Choose the best car insurance provider.
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