car remote starter installation! - car alarm remote

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-21
car remote starter installation!  -  car alarm remote
For nearly a decade, I have been enjoying the remote launch of the VIP snake in my car.
I like the ability to heat the engine and get the air conditioner running while I'm sitting in the driver's seat.
I wanted to provide the same convenience for my wife, and 5 years later she was licensed after seeing all the other improvements I made to her senior modern trajet.
If you are good at car sound, electronic equipment, modification and maintenance, it is very easy to start the system remotely.
You have to have your vehicle wiring diagram, which will help if an existing Vipers snake or DEI alarm has been installed.
For cars that have never had an after-sales alarm and use a factory anti-theft device, you need the anti-theft device bypass module of DEI.
I bought Avoli 30 3 system for her car, which is also a DEI product.
This installation requires heavy instrument wiring connected to the car ignition key switch.
Must be welded here.
I have attached the complete installation guide for avento 30 3.
The installation I performed does not include wiring of the door lock or door switch circuits as they are already connected to the existing VIP snake alarm.
It is very important to connect your home system to a 12 volt power supply and test all the required features.
I bought bitwriter in order to program some features more simply.
I simulated the door status, remote start, trigger alarm, and the two-way pager function of the remote control.
Braking off and neutral safety features are also important.
In order for the drying test, a neutral safety line must be connected to 0 Volt.
To test the brake off, just touch it to 12 volts.
Everything was fine and I decided to install or omit the following features: 1.
No parking light connection.
I find this feature annoying and I have revealed the fact that the driver came to the remote start-up vehicle.
Our home on the island is a bit dangerous. 2.
The engine status will not be monitored for remote startup.
I have a fixed crank time of 1. 0second.
Old cars like us have never sent out the correct voltage signal.
My car has never worked properly under the feedback signal.
Remove 4 Phillips head screws, 1 10mm bolt and trunk release cable on the lower cover to reveal the old VIP snake module and ignition line.
Car batteries need to be connected in order to do some tests.
The Vipers snake 50hv installed on the vehicle has a kill relay that prevents ignition if the module is pulled out rudely.
I bypass this kill by connecting the purple wire to black 0 V.
The battery 12 volt, accessory, ignition1/2 and starter line need to be identified here.
These 6 wires will be connected to the remote start relay module.
The key switch has a connector jack with 3 pairs of lugs.
A constant 12 V voltage always has a voltage.
This is the first and easiest to find.
In this car, there are red and orange wires in the middle of the connector jack of the key switch.
To find the other 4 wires, the key must be inserted.
Go to the accessory position and test with my multimeter and give the yellow wire.
Verification is necessary by closing and then returning the attachment.
This line is at the top of the connector jack.
The next step is the ignition 1 and the ignition 2 wires.
Turning the ignition key and probing the wiring harness gave me the pink wire as the ignition 1 Orange wire as the ignition 2.
The switching between the accessory and the ignition position verified my findings.
Both lines are at the bottom of the connector jack.
Finally, the starter line at the top of the connector jack.
This actually includes starting the engine.
Of course, the starter screw line can be disconnected temporarily, but it is difficult to get to the starter on this car.
Once Gray, the wires will now be identified to some real installation!
With the existing VIP snake alarm system, it is much easier to install.
The wires have been bugged there and well identified.
In order to avoid the fuse, it is important to disconnect the battery.
I used the same H1 12 pin jst connector.
I removed the pins that I did not use in the avail module.
Fortunately, dei made avail and VIP, so this connection is very common.
The lines highlighted in yellow are the ones I used when installing.
I connected the avini55l module with a cable in the dashboard.
This was removed from the brake pedal switch that fired 12 volts into the lamp.
Get 12 V voltage by stepping down the pedal, the test is simple.
The other side of the switch will have a constant 12 V voltage.
The Brown wire is connected to the 12 volt switch. VERY IMPORTANT!
If you have led parking and brake lights, you must remove the white line of the parking lights from the H1 connector!
LEDs generate feedback that actually disable the remote launcher!
I learned in a difficult way.
This wire is located on pin 1 of connector c21-
4 ecm module about the car.
In the park, the wires on this pin reach 12 volts.
Since the lines used by modern cars are very stupid, neutral safety features cannot be installed at this time.
I need to set a delay on the timer relay so that the neutral safety line is temporarily 0 volts to allow remote start-up, and then the relay powered from the park gear position will remain 0 volts.
Every sensible car manufacturer uses a voltage of 0 V to identify the gear in the ecm.
It is only when the key is in ON position that a modern engineer who slows down close uses 12 volts.
If the black/white safety line is not yet at 0 volt, the remote boot module refuses to start.
Fortunately, my wife has not yet turned off her car, like her mother, with gears with keys and open doors.
It's easy for a car thief to follow her. Sheesh.
After cleaning the windshield, I stuck the antenna behind the rearview mirror.
I wired the wires along the driver side column.
Since I have identified the necessary thick spec wires, I have welded the wires shown in the wiring diagram.
My 100 W soldering iron came in handy in this step.
To avoid any trouble, I disconnected the battery here.
Note that this step is the hardest, as it involves small spaces under the dashboard.
This step must disconnect the battery.
The red line of avyp2 with fuse and the red line of 12 V battery (
Middle of connector).
Avanti red white wire with fuse with 12 volt battery Orange wire (
Middle of connector).
I am an Avanti orange line on the yellow line of accessories (
Middle of connector).
I'm wearing the Avanti pink wire on the ignition1 pink wire (
Bottom of connector).
I am wearing the Avanti pink white wire on the ignition2 Orange wire (
Bottom of connector).
I have to cut off the starter wire now.
I am tied to the Avanti green wire on the gray wire to the key switch.
Avanti purple is connected to the other end of the gray wire running to the engine starter.
This line is at the top of the connector.
The last picture shows the convenient wiring diagram I did to identify all the heavy gauge wires for the remote start-up module.
Once I put the tape back into the connector and reconnect the car battery.
It is very important to start the car manually and make sure all circuits for oem wiring work properly!
I left a spare programming cable plugged into the avini55l module.
This will make it easy to adjust on a future date without having to write down the dash.
Related to this, bitwriter refuses to write when the system is in valet mode.
It must be in alarm mode in order to allow reading and writing.
The horn is simple to install.
Black line to 0 V chassis.
I did the following test after the car remote was started. 1.
Press the brake pedal to close. 2.
When the car starts remotely, manually insert the key and try to start.
This is to test the anti-grinding function.
Now, the wife has the ability to remotely boot with her veteran modern trajet.
We live in a hot climate, so turning on the air conditioner is a huge comfort when she actually gets on the bus.
She also likes the new two-way pager remote.
She likes beautiful things. Kudos to me!
The anniversary gift is not bad.
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