car theft still major concern - best car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-31
car theft still  major concern  -  best car alarm system
Sometimes the old school system still works.
I watched my friend Hank pack his Lexus and drive home from Florida to read, Mass.
Earlier this month
His car had an electric lock and a factory alarm system, but he added another obvious deterrent-the club.
According to your age, you can (or may not)
Remember the expandable rod, which locks on the steering wheel, making it impossible to turn the wheel without breaking the windshield.
It's an old tool but like a hand
Power drill bit, it still works.
Hank's reasoning is solid.
"Even though I took out any important documents and electronics from the car when we spent the night at the motel, I still hated the idea of leaving a full load of cars in the parking lot.
Anything I can do to stop one
"It's worth it to me to be a thief," he said . ".
His reasoning makes a lot of sense to me, I went to a local auto parts store to buy one, and when the shop clerk sprinkled dust from the packaging after finding an in stock car part
Why write an old anti-theft system when car manufacturing commercial new cars provide vehicle tracking and recovery systems?
It is because the new car is still being stolen, usually through complicated methods.
Also because the LoJack company, which was founded in Massachusetts about 30 years ago, has just released its annual vehicle theft recovery report.
California, Texas and Florida ranked the top three in LoJack's recovery for the seventh consecutive year
Equipped with vehicles.
Massachusetts is ranked ninth, the only new English-speaking country in the top 10, but the representative in the Northeast is very good.
New York and New Jersey are ranked fourth and fifth.
The principle of the LoJack system is that there is a hidden radio transceiver that can be activated by the police.
In 2015, more than 90% stolen vehicles with LoJack were recovered, the company said.
My friend Hank's behavior is consistent with LoJack's theft.
Prevention suggestions for all car owners: 1)
Don't leave a key or key chain in the car, 2)
Close windows and lock doors, 3)park in well-lit areas, 4)
Use only reputable valets and 5)
Hide all the valuables.
From the classic 1956 Ford Fairlane to the 2011 Bentley Continental GT, the LoJack recycling was available last year.
In recent years, LoJack has expanded to help protect classic cars, fleet vehicles, construction sites, cargo loading and personal property.
However, thieves use so-
Known as the "mysterious device" to unlock vehicles and clone vehicles"
Change VIN (
License plate number)
On a stolen car and resell it.
Join the traditional ribs
Shopping strategies and the transportation of stolen cars overseas, as well as the risk of losing your journey, remain.
Other forms of theft include copying smart keys, using false identities and credit reports to fund the illegal sale of vehicles. The most-stolen-and-
Recovered model (ranking 1-2-3)
Honda Civic, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.
Among the more expensive cars, the most popular targets are Rover, Ford F-Series, BMW X-
Series, Chevrolet Camaro, Audi Q-Series.
Pat Clancy, who contacted law enforcement, said: "Every time a vehicle is stolen, it will have a far greater impact on the owner than the loss of property . ".
That's enough to make me happy that I re-joined the club instead of losing-vehicle club.
Pace Chevy has introduced a unique version of its 50 th anniversary edition of Camaro SS, which will be the pace car that Indianapolis 100 runs today 500 times.
As the team owner, racing celebrity Roger Pence, who is celebrating his 50 th anniversary, will be the pace of celebrity --
Although his team is seeking 500 title in 17 years, the car driver.
This is the ninth time Camaro has become a pace car and 27 times for Chevrolet.
Four equally prepared Camaros will beat the track, all with exclusive abalone white exterior and "100 Indianapolis 500" graphics.
SS pace cars have 455 hp under the hood without any modifications to performance. Self-
It's not surprising that Google chose 2017 Chrysler Pacific minivan as an important partner for self-development. driving car.
It's a new model that should have been around for a while and it has enough people and equipment in-house space that makes it a very useful consumer car. FCA (
Fiat Chrysler
Google's team will be provided with about 100 specially prepared vehicles to integrate its personnel, sensors and computing machines.
John claftz, former Hyundai CEO and current head of Google projects, said, "the opportunity to work closely with FCA engineers will speed up our efforts to develop a full self
Driving a car will make our roads safer and bring daily destinations to those who can't drive. ’’ … and 18-Wheelers? Don’t laugh.
Bosch and mainland suppliers are testing Lane keeping systems, intelligent cruise control with anti-collision capabilities, and designed to go beyond, according to Automotive News. the-
Road transport is safer and may be autonomous one day.
In theory, these systems will enable long truck fleets to save fuel by a distance of 30 to 40 feet. Etc.
Next Sunday, during a major street show on marl Road, the motor show's track heats up sharply (9 a. m. -2 p. m. )
Danvers Ford's annual exhibition on the 23rd from 8-
1, Brooklyn Ritz Anderson motor museum antique day from 10-
2. open to all vehicles at least 25 years old . . . . . . Also next Sunday, Lawrence's Commonwealth Chevrolet sponsored 3rd Annual pink motorcycle tours from dealers to Linzhi, NY. H.
The Daher family, owner of the Commonwealth motor group, also invited all New England fEl Camino owners to bring their vehicles to the event.
Sign up at 10. m. ; the police-
Escort the car to leave at 10: 45 . . . . . . And the Bezema car (
401 Providence Highway in Norwood)
Is it the venue for 12 Northwood Arena/New England Dragway South Union? 3.
It is open to antiques and classic cars and motorcycles, but the biggest attraction is a series of classic racing cars assembled by event organizer Lou Modestino, who is the true guardian of New England's short-term flame
Racing history.
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