cars 'possessed' in summercourt lock mystery - top car alarm systems

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-03
cars \'possessed\' in summercourt lock mystery  -  top car alarm systems
Residents said the lock-in system on dozens of cars was "owned" in Cornwall village, causing a child to be trapped inside the car.
People who live in summercote say their cars are locked and unlocked by themselves, and some will not start.
Affected Lin Howard says residents have replaced key fob batteries, but problems that started six months ago remain.
The most likely reason, says expert Mike Parris, is radio interference.
Local residents refer to the surrounding area of Xia Ting College as the "Xia Ting triangle "--
Named after the famous Bermuda Triangle
And said about 30 cars were affected.
MS Howard, school secretary, said a car automatically locked itself in with a young child, which was "very painful" for the mother ".
"Another driver was unable to start their car," she said.
They had to go home, go back to school, find someone to look at the car, and after a while the car started again.
Resident Wendy mahamm said: "I am driving to school in my car and the lock is driving --off, on-
Like it's possessed.
"I can't lock the car anymore because the alarm rings.
"We went to Andover and there was no problem there, but it started again when we came back," Kelvin Marhan added . ".
Mr. Parris of SBD, an automotive technology consultancy, said: "The most likely reason is accidental radio interference, which is not unheard . "
It could be caused by "almost anything wireless," such as an alarm system, a thermometer, a weather station, or a walkie talkie, "he said. talkies.
"Residents can try to record the situation when they are in trouble, the worse location, and anything that helps to determine the difficulty.
"It is well known that these things are difficult to determine," he added . ".
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