cctvs, intruder alarms see brisk sale | allahabad news - times of india - top car alarm systems

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-04
cctvs, intruder alarms see brisk sale | allahabad news - times of india  -  top car alarm systems
Allahabad: as the police did not take action in checking for burglary and theft, businessmen and ordinary people have now chosen CCTV and intruder alerts for security reasons.
More than 300 cctv units have been sold in the past two years
Three months in town.
"It seems that the residents of Allahabad have lost confidence in these people --in-khaki.
Instead of relying on the police to secure their businesses and homes, they turned to hi-tech gadgets.
In fact, in the past 44 days, the police have registered 88 cases of theft in the city.
This led to a boom in CCTV sales (CCTV)
And the intruder alarm system.
"On average, there are two steals per day, and there is nothing wrong with the public's concerns," said a well-known businessman in the Minxing district, who recently installed alarm and CCTV systems in his business establishment.
Interestingly, a businessman on a Civil Line claimed that more than 70% of the merchants on the market had CCTV cameras and alarms installed.
"In fact, SSP Umesh Kumar sriava itself encourages residents to choose new security systems, including cctv and alerts.
Some big companies even want to install metal.
"The detector cannot do this because administrative permission is required in advance," the merchant said . ".
While it is often wise to deploy security guards, gadgets like CCTV and intruder alarm systems sell.
As awareness of electronics continues to rise, about 50% businesses in the Chowk and Katra markets have installed closed-circuit TVs to ensure safety.
Even the agencies that sell cctv and alarm systems acknowledge that "over the past two months, safety equipment worth Rs 50 has been sold.
Since December, sales of electronic security gadgets have registered 40-50% increase.
Dhanjay Singh, president of Mundera Vyapar Mandal, said: "Since the charts of theft and burglary are always on the rise, people, especially the business community, are buying security equipment.
The percentage of recovery in theft cases is limited to 17-18% and people
Traders and individuals-
Not to make sure the house, the business, or even go-downs.
"By installing CCTV, we can track the activities going in and out of our agency," said entrepreneur Rohit Shukla . ".
Saumya Kumar, who is in charge of security gadgets, said, "CCTV is the most popular gadget in the city.
In addition to the business community, the customer list includes educational institutions, retail stores and small families.
The number of small families seeking safety equipment is increasing every day, especially where the couple are working.
Police officials also acknowledge that the city of Sangan is gradually shifting to safety facilities.
"Most of the safe gadgets on the market are affordable.
Security gadgets can be convenient if they are integrated with a network connection, or they can be connected to a mobile phone, witness the event and the units or homes around it, "SP (Crime)A K Pandey.
"There is no doubt that people are more cautious about protecting their homes and business institutions.
"Using these gadgets, they can even monitor home help or staff at home and in the store," he added . ".
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