cells to systems - one way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-10
cells to systems  -  one way car alarm
Life processes creatures can breed creatures that have certain common life processes.
They need to do seven things to be alive.
Mrs. GREN is a way to remember them: sports --
All living things are moving, even the breathing of plants
Get energy from food sensitivity
Detection of changes in surrounding growth
All creatures are breeding.
Make more creatures of the same type
Remove wasted nutrition
Accepting and using foodIt can easily tell whether something is alive or not.
A teddy bear may look like a bear, but it can't do any of the seven things it needs to do in order to be alive.
The car can move, it gets energy from gasoline (
Like nutrition and breathing)
It may have a car alarm (sensitivity)
And it removes the exhaust gas through its exhaust pipe (excretion).
But it can't grow and it can't produce baby carriages.
So there is no life in a car.
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